Ill admit right away in this article that i believe i know more about this particular set of numbers than i will log here at this time. This is an odd disclaimer, but important to mention. My goal here is to show you that these numbers & their connection are important, lead you a certain length up this path, and leave you pointed in the right direction for your own further discovery.

It will not often happen that i ever feel compelled to have to leave anything off the table in this type of discussion. Secretz Of War.

One thing that should be reconciled here is that 2Pac was a student of many different spiritual systems & religions. At a certain point it can be seen that the end point is the same even though the paths are ‘many‘. Science & Christianity for example, 2 seemingly opposite spectrum belief systems eventually take the student to the same place, and in actuality Religion needs Science & vice versa to eventually make complete the bigger truth(s).

This is why there is much potential for downfall in adopting a “home team” mentality and devaluing the other systems, which in the end is a device to serve the Ego’s desire to be right and superior to others who in this perspective would be most definately wrong.

I remember seeing a spirited debate rise up on one of the popular 2Pac message boards as to whether 2pac considered himself a Muslim or a Christian at the time of his death?

I believe that the answer to this particular question is that he didn’t corner himself into accepting only one designation of any kind. Rather he studied many systems. Solid evidence for this can be seen when observing the list of books he read and expanded further from there by simply listening.

8 + 13 = 21

21 is the destination & for reasons ill try to explain as we go on, 8 & 13 is the preferred way to get there.

First lets look at the ways 2pac points us to 21.

As i get started these points may initially come across as coincidental, but stay with this line of deduction and hopefully it will transcend that categorization for you in the end.

A. On AEOM the 2nd Song is titled “All Bout U” This is the accurate spelling on the project ( Bout rather than About ).

A – 1st letter All

B – 2nd letter Bout

U – 21st letter U

12 21

The 21st Tarot card of the Major Arcana is The Universe. All Bout U

The 12th Card is The Hanged Man


Disc 2 track 1 ( 21 ) Can’t C Me

Disc 2 trck 12 (12) AIN’t Hard 2 Find

I believe that these 2 songs were titled in this way to mirror each other with perfectly opposite statements, and to do so in these very specific slots purposefully. ( 2.1 & 12 )

The 21st letter of the English Alphabet is U.

The 21st of the Hebrew Alphabet is Shin.

Why would the Hebrew correspondence be important? The why will be something i work on sharing as i continue to add to the site but the fact is, that it is absolutely connected & with this information you arrive at the entrance to the esoteric rabbit hole that exists in much of this genre of music (and beyond).

Here are a few pieces of supporting evidence showing the connection between the Hebrew Aleph-Bet and Hip-Hop music to hopefully keep you engaged in this mindset for now.

JDL extortion of 2pac & Eazy E

I know of the semi-official story given here and while this story doesnt neccesarily proclaim what i’ll get at eventually, it doesn’t do much to make the trail cold either, for now its worth remembering this odd connection between the JDL & rap music.

note – Eazy E isnt an incidental party here at all & i have plenty of N.W.A content planned for the future.

Next, lets do a clear correspondence rundown on the letter Shin-Sin as compared to where else we see it.

This graphic will also show that this same letter can be studied in many other language systems to similar results.

Lets compare to one we’ve seen before many times. This is only 1 of many choices available of course …

A slight aside.

Sometimes 2Pac made sure to throw up 2 at once.

This has an important Hebrew connection as well.

Shin is also represented in Poseidon’s Trident.

Even the plain old English version W (Double U) had a recent large scale power reference as we actually had a controversial president go by this one letter nickname. Shin

Washington DC , WTC, War, Wealth, White House, WW1, WW2, WWW ( World Wide Web ) … We could make a lot more circumstantial connections if needed.

One thing to notice : W a SHIN gton DC doubles up , at least as TON stands out as well & i know DC is with purpose as well.

One last note on Shin that may resonate even a little bit more with those who’ve read The White Book.

Hebrew is read from Right to Left. So one way to see Shin or Sin is as Nihs or Nis & this sounds an awful lot like Nas as you can see. Perhaps this is a contributing factor in why the final pseudonym used in TWB for Nas was “The Prophet“?

Editors note. What is The White Book? Its a book written by an author named as Makavelli and released in the year 2007. Is it legitimate? My vote is a no doubt yes fwiw.

Cant C Me

This would be one appropriate response to the simple proclamation of I See You.

Verse two, coming with that Olde E brew Meth-tical, putting niggas back in I.C.U I’m lifted troop, you can bring your wack-ass crew I got connections, I’ll get that ass stuck like glue – Method Man – The What – Ready to Die

Method Man with a clever play on words.

Olde E Brew = Old Hebrew

The following lyrics were a later response from B.I.G. after the fact” and could be considered a somewhat major faux paus.

What’s beef? Beef is when you need 2 Gats to go to sleep Beef is when your moms ain’t safe up in the streets Beef is when I see you Guaranteed to be in ICU, one more time – WHATS BEEF

Hopefully this has now begun to all tie together as the post has went along.

Now we are back to the original simple equation of 8+13=21.

8 & 13 is the best way to get to 21, while a more comprehensive explanation may have to wait for a seperate article, let me show you how 2Pac taught me this to be true before i had any other supporting information.

As you look for more hidden content in these albums yourself, pay extra attention to purposeful mis-spellings as they tend to guide the way at times.

The substitution of Z for S is one to be aware of in particular.

From The SUPREME ALPHABETNation of Gods & Earths *Assata Shakur prominent here as well

(Z)—Zig-Zag-Zig: from Knowledge to Wisdom to Understanding

SEE – RZA & GZA etc.

Follow the pattern here.


HEARTz OF MEN ( Stop at the Z )




KRAzy ( Stop at the Z )

Put them all together to get


And if you don’t know, now you know. TR

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