The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper – Bertrand Russell

Jay-Z has long been known to have held a consistent fascination with the number Four. As time has progressed the peculiar tributes to the number 4 coming from Jay-Z piled up & eventually gained a broader audience when he married someone equally if not more famous than himself who shared or at least was willing to adopt his same affinity & superstitious zeal for the same number.

This knowledge has long inspired discussion of occult related correspondences in certain limited circles.

Jay-Z choosing to title his most recent project 4:44 shouldn’t have come as much of a suprise considering the overall history, but something about that title has seemed to especially intensify the curiosity in many people. Those small corners of ever present talk about Jay’s favorite number & taste in sweatshirts has increased noticeably since this new album released.

Without specifically looking for it, i have seen many instances of people being compelled to work towards deciphering the hidden meaning of 4:44.

Maybe the catalyst for the increased curiousity is that this is the first time its been presented in triplicate like this & for this reason it engages our subconscious in a more direct fashion?

It used to be ….

And now it presents to us visually like this:

Looking at the above photo immediately recalls memories of the brief period when pagers ruled supreme.

The number 4 would be used to symbolize the letter h. For example you’d type 1 1 3 4 to spell h e l l.

4 4 4 in this sense would be h h h & as you start to learn as you advance your knowledge of the esoteric origins & uses of symbols ( including numbers & letters ) you become increasingly aware of the value of perceiving their “opposites“.

444hhh888 ( h is the 8th letter )

This symbology in action seems to have worked towards great success in some areas, especially if the measure of success is financially based

This is not the focal discovery of this article however, just an aside that came up while working thru the typing.

What i will soon propose about 4:44 will also bring us to a point rather quickly that will categorize Jay-Z as just simply attached to the number(s), but not himself residing at the mountaintop of any sort of importance to it in an overall sense.

Maybe it can be described that he is someone who has skillfully demonstrated an ability to recognize and use a hidden higher knowledge to influence certain energy in a way that positively affects his financial standing & artistic influence. However that will be for you to decide in the end.

White Jesus in my crock pot I mix the shit with some soda Now I’m black Jesus turn water to wine And all I had to do was turn the stove up Beast Coast, winnin’ at life, nigga, cheat code


Jay-Z’s guest spot on Rick Ross‘s ” The Devil Is A Lie” is a good place to start as it works right into discussion involving where Shawn Carter very well may have made his discovery & also catches him making a direct & verbalized descriptive reference to ‘it’ ( CHEAT CODE ).

While likely exagerrated for reputation enhancement , it is widely accepted that before Jay-Z succeeded in the entertainment industry, he was self employed in the drug trade.

Allow me to re-introduce myself My name is Hov’ (oh) H-to-the-O-V I used to move snowflakes by the O-Z I guess even back then you can call me CEO of the R-O-C, Hov’ – PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTJAY-Z

The abbreviation for OUNCE is OZ

This abbreviation is one that we are all used to and have seen enough that it just ‘feels right‘ and therefore we don’t think to question it when we see it. The Z seems somewhat out of place and not an obvious pick to follow the O.


Coincidentally, this is the starting point of OZ.

This picture immediately recalls a set of numbers when i see it. PHI = 1.618 and i show this to foreshadow another similar ratio is the key to unlocking 4:44.

Here is another somewhat related place that PHI happens to show up.

PHI is known by multiple handles, amongst them are The Divine Ratio , The Golden Ratio/Cut, and also GOD’s Fingerprint.

In case you ever wondered why that set of fingerprints showed up in that spot.

– Note – George Pryce claims that the fingerprint is his fingerprint & is visible due to the sandwich he had ordered being greasy. The Brown paper the sandwich was wrapped in, being the template for the Makaveli album brown paper design.

Pryce says this unlikely statement in a way that can be described as well intentioned and ‘tounge in cheek’ rather than with any feeling of overt negative deception.


My team supreme, stay clean Triple beam lyrical dream, I be thatNOTORIOUS B.I.G. – Mo Money , Mo Problems

28 grams in an Ounce

16 ounces in a pound

2.5 pounds in a kilo

These measurements build up from here and they build down as well, you have eighths, quarters, and a host of other specialized portions that above all else must be precisely accurate with no margin for error at every step down the ladder, except in some cases the last one to the user.

Jay-Z arrived at one specific measurement.

44.4 OZ

In long form Forty Four point Four Ounces.

He seemingly made specific mention to it in song.

From Kingdom Come

This is the part to pay the most attention to.

44.4 OZ = 2.775 LBS

Like PHI and 1.618, it would appear that there is something memorable about this number 2.775 especially when applied to other units of measure.

There are 1440 minutes in one day.

Knowing that 2.775 pounds is 44.4 OZ

Lets apply the 2.775 to days rather than pounds.

2.775 dayz is 66.6 hours

Much of the concerted effort i am seeing on YouTube and similar has been an effort to somehow correlate 4:44 with 666 , so there you go, but it gets much more interesting.

66.6 Hours is equal to :

2 days & 1116 minutes

Lets compare that to a famous date.

21116 vs

911 2001 and again after zeroes are cast aside

21116 versus

91121 an exact backwards match when the 6 & 9 are adjusted accordingly.

Was 9.11 designed to specifically correspond with the exact amount of minutes found in 66.6 hours?

Makes sense to me, especially in conjunction with the supporting facts such as this one involving the ratio used to get to 66.6 hours ( 2.775 )

.775 days is 1116 minutes


911 01

And also .775 is 7/7/05

The “Terrorist” attacks in London on 7/7/05 are often linked to 9/11/01 and this would seem to be the conclusive link.

* quick note 2.775 X 360 = 999

2 days 1116 minutes = 3996 minutes total.

– If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe. – Nikola Tesla

There are A Lot of ways to take these numbers & do fantastic things with it, but lets look at one that connects to the initial subject matter in a few interesting ways.


Year Zero never happened, meaning we went from 1 B.C directly to 1 A.D. This causes our perception of what year we are in to be slightly askew by 1 year, for example even though it is year 2017 as i type this, we are in the midst of the 2016th year A.D.

2017 years will not have passed until January 1st 2018. To readjust your perspective would show that Robert Zemeckis somehow actually did nail his prediction that the Chicago Cubs would finally win the World Series in the 2015th year. The common view is that he missed it by 1 year in the plotline of Back To The Future 2, but as you see this depends on perspective and i tend to think the Zemeckis way is the most accurate one to have.

Apply this same perspective to another BIG event not too long back, The Murder of Christopher Wallace AKA The Notorious B.I.G. on March 9th 1997.

Looking at the Calendar in the way of ‘Years Completed‘ makes it look like this …

3/9/97 becomes 3/9/96 or exactly a match for 3996 minutes leading to 66.6 hours, which we now see is a direct crossover of Forty Four 4’s.

Where was Jay-Z when all that happened?

First Biggie’s your man, then you got the nerve to say That you better than B.I.G. Dick-suckin’ lips, why don’t you let the late great veteran live? – NASETHER

Speaking Of BIGGIE …

The number 2.775 if alphabetized

Would be B GG E or pretty close to BIGGIE. Add to this his own taste in fashion …

One final note from here before i wrap this one up.

Hermes is the GOD of Weights & Measurements amongst other things.

One of his well known features is his winged helmet.

Which looks an awful lot like this …

And thats just the start of it, but that will be a seperate article.


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