Something strangely profound surrounds the life & career of Eric” Eazy-E” Wright.

One of the most fascinating avenues of research in my opinion is discovering what have been described as “synchronicities” within memorable events or someone’s life story.

In certain cases they accumilate to such a degree, both in number and increased improbability that they cause even a highly skeptical observer to ponder as to whether or not they were intentionally placed to possibly communicate another hidden message.

My first exposure to this phenomenon was from a synchronicity video asking if the Back To The Future movies had predicted 9/11. I personally found the video amazing & it has been highly influential going forward in my own work.

Back To The Future predicts 9/11

The BTTF video above could be at least doubled in length without losing much ( if any ) impact as many “wowsynchronicities didn’t make the final cut.

An example not in the video : lightning struck the Clock Tower at 10:04 pm or exactly 116 minutes before midnight.

Many of the numbers that were used in the BTTF trilogy just so happen to be numbers that have divine significance.

The first number that the majority of people think of when considering the film is likely 88 as it is required to accelerate to 88 MPH in order to trigger the time travel capabilities of the Deloreon. This is a good correspondence to lead us directly back to Eazy E.

Straight Outta Compton was released on August 8th 1988or 8/8/88.

The Album that is almost solely recognized as representing the exact birthplace of so called “Gangsta Rap” came to be on 8.8.88. Obviously the ‘uniqueness‘ of this date jumps out all on its own without me needing to expound further on it.

This one side of the coin by itself makes for an interesting factoid or piece of trivia. Choosing the 8th of August rather than the 15th or 22nd isn’t too remarkable in itself & can easily be attributed to the result of a consciously made decision based on many potential reasonings.

However, when you Consider the other side of this same coin, you’ll likely come to the same realization that i came to myself. There is likely a much bigger meaning to these numbers & the mystery lies in how the seperate parties came to this suddenly connected and perfectly in sync occurrence.

Circumstances what they are however, neither of the parties with the most sway in making this pair of corresponding decisions was around to comment on the direct meaning of the end result.

8 years and 88 days after 8.8.88 brings us to November 5th 1996, and this day in history bought us to what can be considered the death of so called “Gangsta Rap“, with a release almost as synonymous with the end as Straight Outta Compton’s representation of the ‘beginning‘.

The Seven Day Theory released 11.5.1996

8 years and 88 days ( 2 months plus 28 days ) after 8.8.88 & the release of Straight Outta Compton

Until 2Pac landed at Death Row in late 1995 there wasnt much surface history between the founding members of N.W.A & Tupac Shakur.

These 2 entities finally linked up briefly in 95/96 as 2Pac & Dr. Dre were highly anticipated yet short lived label mates.

Prior to this period 2Pac and Eazy E actually did cross paths in a meaningful way for a short while, but it wasn’t something heavily publicized at the time. This was due to Eazy using Treach from Naughty By Nature in a writing capacity for some of Eazy’s EP 5150: Home 4 tha Sick, and this brought 2Pac along due to his close affiliation with Treach.

Tupac may have very well been the actual facilitator of that working relationship.

The 8/8/88 & 8 years and 88 days later fact is one that i like a lot as even the most staunchly pessimistic observer would be hard pressed to find an avenue to dismiss it as simply ‘coincidence‘. With that as a foundational fact, the more that can be added to further the connection will make the odds of it being a random accidental coincidence astronomical in nature.

I generally try my best to create those tough decisions in the mind of the skeptic in my work.

Staying with the Number Eight for the time being ….

On THUG LIFE Volume 1 – Track 10, the song STR8 BALLIN‘ 2Pac raps :

” You shaking the dice, now roll em If you can’t stand pain, better hold em Cause ain’t no telling what you might roll You might fold, catch AIDS from a slight cold Nigga Best to live your life to the fullest “

2Pac has seemingly described exactly the strange and unlikely circumstances involving the death of Eazy E in these lyrics.

THUG LIFE VOLUME 1 was released on September 26th 1994 or 151 days before Eric Wright checked into the hospital for a respiratory infection, only to learn suddenly that he was in the latter stages of a full blown A.I.D.S infection.

EAZY was taken to the hospital on February 24th 1995. This is the 55th day of the calendar year.

A quick synchronicity sidebar about this date.

E is the 5th letter of the English Alphabet. So Eazy E or EE could be seen as 55.

The 5th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet is Heh representing H which is 8th in the English Alphabet a cross correspondence to 88.

Eazy had 2 easy visible links to consider when discussing Hebrew/Jewish connections. Jerry Heller & the JDL extortion plot.

Returning to the timeline and shedding an even more ominous aspect to the Eazy-E AIDS conspiracy theories, consider this:

In 1992 Eazy-E released an EP named 5150 :HOME FOR THE SICK, this was the release in which Treach & 2Pac were involved creatively.

Eazy-E was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Under the alias Eric Lollis (Lawless) , Eazy stayed in room 5105 ( compare to 5150 “Home for the sick” ).

* note – I came across this hospital room info on one of the official hospital type reports earlier this year. I was & continue to be astonished that noone had recognized this correspondence prior, at least in the way that could be found in many internet searches i conducted.

Eazy E died on March 26th 1995, the 85th day of the year ( 55 – 88 – or a little of both 85 ).

A few more quick and strange connections between Eazy-E & 2Pac.

Eazy-E released his debut album Eazy Duz It on September 13th 1988 exactly Eight years prior to the alleged death of Tupac Shakur.

Eric Wright was born on September 7th 1964 September 7th being the day that Tupac Shakur was shot in Las Vegas in 1996.

The year ‘64 jumps off the page as it corresponds to the hook of Eazy-E & N.W.A’s initial entry into the public’s awareness “Boyz N The Hood” which is often unofficially alternatively titled “My 64″ due to the aforementioned memorable hook.

8 X 8 = 64

Boyz N The Hood was the 1st track on NWA’s lesser known debut album “NWA & The Posse”, released November 6th 1987. The 2nd track is 8-Ball to stay present in the synchronicities involving the number 8, but this next synchronicity is much more elaborate.

NWA & The Posse released exactly 9 years prior to The Seven Day Theory.

The 7 day theory had a November 5th release compared to NWA’s November 6th release, but both were the 310th day of their respective years due to 1996 being a leap year this changed the date by one day.

11/6 is 55 days prior to the completion of a year.

Another connection to the 7 day theory lies embedded in the Boyz N The Hood song length 5:37.

53 days after 2Pacs death came the 7 day theory.


53 -> 7

310th day of the year exactly 9 years apart.

The number 537 also shows up in another interesting place.

Days between the 2 artists deaths.

Add this to the overall odds of the established 8 year & 88 day Straight Outta Compton to 7 Day Theory correspondence and we are closing in on astronomical.

This will take us the rest of the way.

Based on NWA & The Posse being 9 years exactly prior to the Seven Day Theory versus Straight Outta Compton and the Seven Day Theories 8 yr & 88 day offset i can do some deductive mathematics to see how many days seperate NWA’s 1st two album releases.

365 dayz minus

88 dayz equals


257 dayz difference

The 257th day of the year in a leap year ( such as 1996 ) is SEPTEMBER 13th which is the day that 2Pac found his exit.

* September 14th is 257th in a Non Leap Year & September 14th is the Birthdate of Nasir Jones, someone whom i plan to write a generous amount about in coming articles.

Now that i’ve been able to hopefully make “random coincidence” an unattractive choice to explain all of this away, i’ll wrap this up on this last synchronicity.

However, I do also realize something else. The complexities involved also make conscious human decision(s) an unlikely explanation for this group of correspondences as well.

So what connects all of these synchronicities?

Maybe the title of the post which is taken straight from the name of a song featured on EAZY-DUZ-IT can point us in a possible strong direction.

EAZY Chapter 8 Verse 10 i believe may refer to this:

LUKE Chapter 8 Verse 10

He said, “The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of God has been given to you, but to others I speak in parables, so that, “‘though seeing, they may not see; though hearing, they may not understand.’

Cause the boys in the hood are always hard You come talking that trash, we’ll pull your card Knowing nothing in life, but to be legit Don’t quote me, boy, cause I ain’t said shitEAZY – E * Boyz N The Hood.


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Eazy E Chapter 10 Verse 8 Video rundown.