Relating to the potential readers that may somehow end up here is the biggest goal i am always working towards in the continued creation of the content that makes it onto this website. In 2015, when i suddenly began “reading & seeing numbers everywhere” it wasn’t too long before i sought to share this incredible language on a bigger stage.

I am of the opinion that we all “know” this language already, but it is buried in our individual subconscious mind(s) in most cases. When i awoke i did do some new learning, but mostly i simply began remembering info that i had disconnected from consciously long ago. I was born in 1978 & this language that i began to quickly remember had its roots in time much earlier than that.

I made the predecessor to this website and almost immediately i was off to the races & consumed in a creative fever with that project. In hindsight it was clear that i had made the presentation of information on that site much too complex. I was seeing things so clear that i wrongfully assumed that i could make people see it how i was seeing it, especially if they had carried enough of an interest to have found the site and were attempting to engage with the info to begin with. The site got a decent amount of visits and curiosity, but it was a rare occurrence that i actually connected with a reader who was speaking that same language fluently enough to accomplish the kind of advancement of ideas that i had set out to accomplish. That led me to reboot and rebrand the site and with a much more robust knowledge of what didn’t work, change my approach and try it differently. My main purpose being to hopefully ignite that spark in a handful of others who may just suddenly “remember” this hidden language as well.

Numbers are largely universal in use & meaning across the world. I cannot readily communicate with a hypothetical group of people who’s singular primary languages are made up of an assortment of Chinese, Spanish, French, German, and Russian. In my case, i can only ask 2 of that group where the bathroom is and i could possibly annoy the spanish speaker for a good part of the afternoon asking him questions along the lines of “where is the library located” & “can you cut my grapefruit“, but this group as a collective would be pretty much devoid of communicative skills. The limitations would be due to the different languages spoken, but in the way of numbers & symbology this same group of people would conceivably be able to communicate certain ideas in a way that the others could understand.

I believe that the FreeMasons do in fact make mention of their teachings being capable of transcending language in this way.

There is a power to be found in numbers, or to be more accurate … There is a power that is accessible to “us” that is ‘locatable‘ using numbers along with other sacred knowledge. A generally solid understanding of numbers & mathematics is required to begin to solve this puzzle, but do not be mistaken & believe that one must be proficient in advanced and increasingly specialized areas of mathematics to solve this universal riddle.

This is all very vague to you i am sure, but to be honest it may be the most direct analysis of this “thing” on the entire internet right now.

This is a knowledge known by those in positions of power and used by them as well. This phenomenon was not created by man, but rather it could be described as being noticed, recorded, and utilized by the select few who have become illuminated into it or likely in many cases been born into the second hand knowledge via one of those few prominent families.

This phenomenon can be found heavily encoded into many of the most memorable works of Art across many diverse fields. While PHI – The Divine Ratio is involved, it isn’t the final correspondence that i am referring to. The History books also are a testament to this sacred knowledge. Many important historical events have many correspondences directly related to this true science encoded within the details of consequence. Some of these historical events were of the naturally occurring variety & some were seemingly man-made representations of what had been noticed in those previously noted natural occurrences.

In this article i will point out 1 prominent example from each chosen category in order to illustrate the connections within.

The best example of a concentrated man-made effort to mimic this divine occurrence would be the events of September 11th 2001.

This man-made event is laden with numerous correspondences to be examined and studied for further clarity. Numbers have many correspondences & so what may seem to be wholly unrelated on the surface within a jumble of official numbers, tally’s, times, & beyond, in actuality can all be related to a pretty specific set of numbers. If i could give an interested reader one strong piece of advice, it would be to go in and immerse yourself in all of the “official” data from that event as it is all pretty specifically tallie in my opinion.

This would include the history & facts to do with the WTC itself as i believe it was conceived & built specifically to be destroyed down the road & the end date was known before the groundbreaking. also study things like flight numbers, times of hijackings, crash times, casualties, passenger numbers, and so on. Anything that left a specific numerical mark.

Another man-made communication or encoding of this divine principle was the movie Back To The Future along with its sequels. Some very aware individuals noticed a large amount of these curious correspondences & using the label of synchronicities,  made a youtube video pointing them out. I imagine that many 1st time viewers clicked that video thinking that it was going to be completely ridiculous only to walk away pretty impressed & with a new sense of curiosity and wonder.


This man-made effort was done in the interest the art of cinema & also in the interest of achieving commercial success. The movie(s) feature a collection of specific numerical correspondences that are vital to the plotline. One example ill mention to illustrate their need to be specific & exact is the 88 mph figure used. The Delorean used was equipped with a speedometer that didn’t display as high of a figure as needed. Rather than change the number in the script to something like 75 mph and move the process along, they changed the car instead and built a new display for the speedometer, allowing for those scenes to include the closeup of that gauge.

The number 88 proved to be consequential enough to the plotline as to require & set in motion these changes.

Also notice that they didn’t simply change the Car used either. That is because items with ‘names‘ like cars have numerical correspondence in their names. For instance Marty McFly conjures a quick corresponding vision of 13 – 13 as i hear it because M is the 13th letter of the alphabet.

In Back To The Future 2 the WTC and Statue of Liberty make a quick cameo in the film. I believe that this furthers the prior point made about the WTC being a representation of this divine numerology even before 9.11 happened. Robert Zemeckis didn’t have a crystal ball or a real time machine, but he could “read” and predict what the WTC’s fate was likely going to be due to the details of its overall symbolic structure. This is the same reason that you can find a video of Prince predicting 9.11’s events a few years prior on stage in Europe. If you take that video in, you’ll notice that he actually mentions Osama Bin Laden by name as well, this raises the question “Whats in a Name”. The answer being similar to my previously mentioned Marty Mcfly example.

In the case of the BTTF franchise the encoding worked very well. While back to the future was a very good and fun movie, it has maintained a level of success and popularity that seems especially powerful & seemingly with no end in sight. The franchises monetary success is measured in the Billions rather than Millions. It also remains wildly popular with the generation it came out with, but additionally it has strongly appealed to newer generations as time has dragged on, including many that weren’t yet alive when the movie released in 1985. The movies notable anniversaries are celebrated by the large fan base & there seems no end to box-deluxe-collectors editions outside of an unlikely supply sided decision as the demand side doesn’t seem to wane. Robert Zemeckis has also ruled out any chance for the rights to ever be available for a reboot production and i do find that to be of interest if you really consider the reasons for that stance.

Back To The Future seems to have succeeded more according to its architect’s intent than 9/11 did. I do not think that the 9/11 architect(s) intended for the vast majority of their target audience to have no trust in the ready-made official narrative within just a couple of years. Compare 9/11 to Pearl Harbor and compare their eventual outcomes in the eyes & psyche of the american public & i believe you see one hit and one miss.

One number related comparison between these 2 events to possibly provoke deeper thought. Pearl Harbor happened on December 7th or 12/7. Also this date is written as 7/12 in most places. On 9/11 WTC towers fell ( in order ) 2-1-7 Compare to 7/12 .

To work towards the finish, i am going to jump back to Back To The Future and tie these 2 examples plus the forthcoming 3rd all together. I am going to draw your attention to the scenes in which Marty McFly is pushing the Delorean to 88 MPH or directly preceding it. The first time this happens the director has left some specific visual markers. The 1:16 time on the Twin Pines Clock. The 1:19s displayed on the stopwatches. 116 and 119 are different but yet similar, one of many examples of a visual correspondence amongst different numbers. First Einstein and then Marty will shortly travel in the Delorean at 88 MPH as the viewer is shown these numbers.

116 88

119 88

Later in the movie at its conclusion & the next time that 88 MPH is again reached in the Delorean, Marty leaves an oversized flaming eleven ablaze in the street. The camera pulls back to reveal a jumbo number nine in the form of a neon sign.  911 88 

This happens exactly according to the director’s cinematic vision and also with clearly specific creative intent, all of this happens at an exact moment that is recorded and central to the plotline.

This time would be 10:04 PM.

This time is used because it is 116 minutes before midnight.

116 88


Note – If you’ve read this far but not watched the linked video above, i highly suggest watching that now to properly see how the scenes i’ve described are framed visually.

You may be asking yourself where is the prominent 88 within the facts and figures of 9/11/2001?  Its there, you’ll find it if you look for it from more creative angles.

We’ve covered 2 man-made representations so far, one in the interest of commercially viable art and one in the interest of politics, government, and power.

I think that I’ve now been able to isolate a 3rd and this time a seemingly natural occurrence. The type that once upon a time, perhaps someone may have conceivably isolated, studied and later integrated into a specific action of their own choosing to decidedly improved results.

Last week Mexico City experienced an earthquake on the 32nd anniversary of another historically devastating earthquake in the same exact area. It jumped out right away that these 2 earthquakes were exactly 32 years apart and this strange fact was of course mentioned in all reporting on the event. The number 32 is an interesting correspondence by itself in a few ways.

The 32 Paths of Wisdom The world has been created by 32 ways and they form the 32 mysterious paths of the Wisdom according to the Cabal, formed by the twenty two letters of the Hebrew alphabet and the ten Sephiroth of the sephirothic tree, that are the attributes of the divine name.

In Buddhism According to the Buddhist tradition, the mother of Buddha observed 32 month of abstinence and had to be endowed of 32 qualities. That is why Buddha had 32 virtues.

In Christianity In the Gospel of Matthew, the expression “kingdom of Heaven” is used 32 times. The 32 mentions of the divine name Elohim in first chapter of the Genesis. The verb to liberate is used 32 times in the Bible.

When i incorporated the 2.775 ratio that i first noticed in the 4:44 breakdown on this site 4:44 Here , I discovered this:

32 X 2.775 = 88.8

Also when i think about 32 i think about MAGIC But when i remember that many historic languages ( including Hebrew ) read from Right to Left it also reminds me of AIR Or maybe this as well.

The Major correspondence that i see goes past the number 32 however, but within the result of taking it apart even further.

And there it is.

This number in itself 11688 is not the be all or end all answer to all of this, but it is a great set of digits to have in mind if anyone reading this were to look further into this universal puzzle, as it provides a great reference & head start. I’ll also say the Answer is “all there” in that number as well, but not until you can look at something like those 5 digits and with greater perspective see much more that 5 numbers.



This Blog usually is centered on Golden Age HIP HOP music and i will end with 2 notes to keep that reputation alive. Jay-Z’s choice of a release date for The BluePrint was no accident. *Google what Blue Magic exactly is sometime as well.

I don’t mean to insinuate that he knew that the WTC event was going to happen that day, but he knew it was a good date to use for encoding, much like the parties who organized that bigger event. 

Secondly and maybe more interestingly , but less explorable as of now.

Compare the DOB of Tupac Shakur  to the date of the recent Mexico City Earthquake. They mirror each other just about perfectly.

June 16 1971 or 6 16 71 Versus September 19th 2017 or 9 19 17

616 71

919 17


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