The original NES came into my life in 1988, right around the time i was 10 years old. Anyone who was into video games around that time likely will be familiar with the video game Contra.

Contra is a basic left to right scrolling shooter game in which you control a commando armed with an upgradable gun & are tasked with shooting your way thru endless waves of bad guys. Playing the game “straight up” is/was a very challenging task, but the games developer also included an equally well known Cheat Code that made this task much more do-able. When beginning a game from the main menu, if you were to press …

This would allow you to begin the game with 30 lives rather than the standard allowance of 3 lives.

There are many people who are still able to conjure up this code from their subconscious memory 30 years after the fact. Failing that, put an NES controller in their hands & the muscle memory may take over from there.

Allow yourself to suspend disbelief for a moment & to consider What If” something similar existed for the bigger “gamebka “real life”? If this were the case however, instead of a million players having easy access to the cheat code, it would be very likely be something that just a handful would know about.

The Contra code had been printed into Nintendo Power magazine & other similar publications during that time. A real life Cheat Code would certainly not be printed in NewsWeek or the Wall Street Journal. Those of you who study Freemasonry, Kabbalah, & the like are familiar with the concept of certain knowledge that only passes from “mouth to ear” and is never to be written down, this would hypothetically fit that description perfectly & may assist in the proper suspension of disbelief required to ponder this line of thinking.

Something so valuable would be protected knowledge reserved for the “haves” and not the “have-nots“. When i say the “haves”, i mean the ones that really really really “have”.

However, there would be one way for someone not in an influencial loop to come across this code, & that is to simply figure it out.

Now I’m black Jesus turn water to wine
And all I had to do was turn the stove up
Beast Coast, winnin’ at life, nigga, cheat codeJayZ from The Devil is a Lie

A few thoughts on the Alleged “CODE” :

In my opinion, this code occurs naturally all around us in Nature, Astrology, Significant natural events, & many other similar places of natural occurrence.

The potential ability to discover this knowledge by being observant & inquisitive is available to all.

As of this writing, the few that have primarily possessed this knowledge have made a sustained & concentrated effort to steer inquisitive minds away from “accidentally” stumbling across that particular trail of bread crumbs. As you can probably imagine, this would be easier to do with a primary controlling influence in areas such as early education & mainstream media, which is the case.

The select few that are aware of the nature of this code, seemingly then go about insterting/encoding various correspondences of the code into their own works to better ensure both immediate & long lasting successes.

Note that there are various workable correspondences that are used, but do know that they all lead back to the same simplified & concise “equation“.

Equation is my best attempt at description but do not limit yourself to that rigid classification, to you that may be a bad descriptor.

Where i’ve had my success in the study & unraveling of the code, is in this important realization.

The few who know this code utilize it into their various works, whether this be into one of the various classifications of the Arts or into acts/events that further solidify their influence or wealth.

Meaning that the student who knows there is “something” to look for can find it by studying & decoding the various “works” of a figure or organization that would fit the criteria as one likely privy to this type of information. If you are unsure of whom to study, simply follow the trail of wealth, influence, power, & sustained mainstream celebrity.

My current understanding of this code is that it is a naturally occuring divine phenomenon that has been re-created quite often into man-made ambitious endeavors.

This Code does not belong to any 1 language or culture & i couldn’t begin to speculate as to its original core visual representation. In my experience, a sense of it can be pinpointed best using numbers & specifically numbers of measurement. This may be helped along by the fact that numbers are a universal language.

I believe that the code has a close relation to the concept of linear Time, but cannot say that emphatically or with any kind of certainty.

One avenue to deciphering this code is to study timeless works of Art & the creators additional catalogue of work.

One example would be the work of Shakespeare. Still highly relevant & at the base of many seemingly unrelated contemporary Hollywood productions over 400 years after his “death”.

Another avenue will be to study signifigant Man-Made/Caused events & i will lead the conversation directly to what i believe is the single best example of an exquisitely coordinated man made attempt at a replication of the cheat code.

The events of 9/11/2001 stand out to me as the most heavily encoded study example available to the have-not interested in deciphering this code.

Keep this in mind, There is great value in keeping the “Official Story” in front of you while attempting to decipher the encoding, because after all, this is what ‘they wanted’ to be most solidly conveyed to the viewer as the details of permanent record.

As the average 9/11 student has dug into the details of the event over the years, they have inserted a lot of what they have deduced to be the truth in place of what the official record bears out & it is easy to be completely out of the habit of applying credence to those official counts & correspondences any more. Do not forget to bring those back into your sphere of awareness as you study.

There are numerous opportunities for encoding to consider. I like to deal with numbers & alphabets ( DO gain a familiarity with Hebrew & Greek ).

Also DO realize the ability that ‘they‘ have of making the stats/numbers what they want them to be. For example, a quick google search tells me that 412 emergency workers officially died that day, but perhaps in reality that number is 396 or even 418. Just know that if they want the number to be 412 that is what it’ll be. They are not neccesarily at the mercy of any fact checkers, nor do they have any sense of duty to be meticulously accurate. The number ( correspondence ) that fits their use is the only concern of any consequence to them.

I know that I used the ominous They, Them, & Their terms in that last sequence, but whomever they are is of little consequence to the study of the actual encoding & i dont mean to steer this article into trying to figure the detail of “who” out.

Take all of that into consideration & now i’m going to show you a quick set of coincidences that i believe transcend that description & put you into the right track of thinking to possibly figuring this thing out if interested.

Additionally i am going to insert a well known celebrity who has seemed to interact with this event in a certain manner to great benefit to himself.

On one hand you have the events of 9/11/2001 & on the other hand you have Shawn Carter bka Jay-Z. I personally do not consider Jay-Z to be a timeless artist on par with the likes of Da Vinci, Shakespeare, Machiavelli, or even Prince. Your opinion may differ & that is OK, but what i will concede is that he is someone who figured out the code ( no small task ) & also made the leap into actually using the code successfully to the point that he is one of those guys who’ve achieved tremendous celebrity, wealth, & even a fair amount of influence.

Consider the following timeline & sequence of events.

Jay – Z doesnt enter this timeline immediately, but as you’ll see he enters at the most important date & from there he displays noticeable undeniable instances of corresponding encoding.

You never thought that hip-hop would take it this far
Now I’m in the limelight ’cause I rhyme tight
Time to get paid, blow up like the World Trade – JUICY – Notorious BIG

FEBRUARY 26 1993

The date of the initial WTC bombing. Ramzi Yousef is officially credited as the Mastermind behind the attack.

Yousef was not immediately apprehended. He was not taken into custody until February 7th 1995.

This was 711 days after the 1993 WTC bombing.

The following info is important to know, Sept means Seven as it was originally the 7th month prior to July & August being shoehorned into the Summer section of the calendar by the Romans to honor Julius Caesar & Augustus.

To have Septuplets is to have 7 babies.

October – 8November – 9December – 10 were also similarly affected.

That said, Sept 11 & 711 essentially communicate the same message.

Its useful to note that Yousef was captured 711 days after the 93 WTC bombing, because soon you’ll see that everything involving the 1st WTC attack & the second version in 2001 are tied together neatly & contain an undeniable amount of foreshadowing.

The 1st WTC & the 2nd attack on 9/11/2001 are seperated by 3119 days.

When Yousef was captured & processed he was placed in the ADX Supermax facility in Florence Colorado. He was subsequently assigned a federal inmate number

Ramzi Yousef’s inmate number is 03911-000. In addition to being an amazing coincidence of repeating numbers, this inmate number is in itself highly unusual in that it is bookended by so many zeroes.

To take proper notice of the numerical connections here, lets look at the date of 9/11/2001. While looking at the year 2001 see that 2 + 1 = 3 & conclude that we can now visualize the number of 9113 as a viable representation of 9/11/2001. This is the only liberty youll need to take in this line of thinking.

3119 days after the 1st WTC bombing came 9113 & the person who has been deemed responsible for the 1st crime is inmate number 3911.

From here we can directly connect the numbers 3119 – 9113 – 3911 in a sequence of corresponding factors that could be easily viewed as planned choices of man-made origin.

To further the case of those occurrences being past the realm of random coincidence, consider that 2 of the flights involved in the 2nd set of WTC attacks were flight 11 & flight 93.

Additionally Flight 11 impacted the 93rd floor of tower 1 & flight 175 impacted tower 2 at 9:03 AM.

Enter Jay-Z

Ill start out with 2 of the better known connections involving Jay-Z & 9/11.

The original World Trade Center was a development spearheaded by David Rockerfeller. Obviously Jay-Z was well aware of Rockerfeller & found him to be a source of inspiration in the modeling of his own business pursuits. This is made evident in 1995, Jay-Z founded his own record label & named it ROC A FELLA records.

On 9/11/2001 The original Rockerfeller & Roc A Fella records directly cross paths in what would be a defining moment for both sides in regards to their legacy & history . On the same day that the WTC was attacked & destroyed, Jay-Z released “The BluePrint”. This album marked an important stage of Jay’s career as it is where he began to attempt to decidedly seperate himself from a crowded field of top stars in his genre & specifically in New York.

This was the album that featured “The Takeover” which was a rather specific power play vs his perceived competition.

While i dont neccesarily suggest that Jay-Z had any kind of specific prior knowledge of what else was going to be happening on that day in Manhattan, i do suggest that he did choose that specific date strategically in which to make that particular power play.

2 seperate large scale power plays were made on that same day, in my opinion the timing for both was conceived from the same little known & highly protected line of knowledge & i would also strongly suggest that this date was the factor and locatable by both parties simply due to the numbers involved.

Earlier when i referenced numbers of measurements, one such example would be a specific days date as this is a numerical measurement of linear time. This description also applies to many types of more standard measurement, but i point this one out as it isn’t the type of measurement that usually comes to mind right away. Outside of the “box” thinking is a huge advantage in this type of decoding effort.

Men lie, women lie, number’s don’t.” JAY-Z from The Blueprint 3

Plenty of people are aware of one or both of the Jay-Z & 9/11 connections i mentioned above. Those 2 facts alone would fall into the ‘Odd Coincidences‘ category & not compel me to include Jay-Z into this post, but of course there is more.

Revisiting the original figure mentioned in this article denoting the distance in days between the original WTC attack & 9/11/2001.


3119 is a prime number & prime numbers are incredibly important for reasons that can probably be explained better elsewhere & i’d recommend supplementing that knowledge with your own independent research.

I recommend that course of action because there is a lot i need to still learn about prime numbers & their “mystical” quality & i feel i would likely be a less qualified teacher on that subject compared to some of the other resources available online.

I do know this however, the number 3119 is the 444th prime number.

In 2017 Jay-Z released an album entitled 4:44 & that album has an overall running time of 36:11. It doesnt take too much of a leap to equate the similarities between the numbers 3119 & 36:11.

The limited amount of info given here about the Jay-Z releases are prime examples of the encoding process.

My strong belief is that while we very rarely pick up on these instances of numerical encoding in a conscious sense.

However, our subconscious minds are well aware of these encodings & this causes our attention to be strongly drawn to products or events that have been manipulated in this way.

This leaves a large % of people especially in tune to each unique instance(s) of encoding & opens an avenue for increased ability to be manipulated via our emotions, desires, fears, or prioritized attention.

In theory this encoding could be placed to simply influence us to buy a product we may normally not have otherwise have had interest.

Beyond that, it could also be placed to more easily influence us to allow something that we normally wouldnt consider to be suddenly acceptable ( ie: Patriot Act ) & it also could be placed into a distractive news story or source of entertainment, while leading our attention away from an issue that we should be paying careful attention to.


However you want to arrange them, this cluster of numbers isnt the “final” answer to the code, but it is putting you in a very good spot to begin your own search.

Once you do find it for yourself, you can increasingly be able to realize whats real & whats fake and after a period of pronounced astonishment, you’ll then be able to move onto bigger & better mysteries.

I will leave you with one more breadcrumb in this whole line of discovery.

11 years & 93 days AFTER 9/11/2001 brings us to 12/14/2012 & that is the day that brought us all to our TV’s once again as it is the day of the alleged SANDY HOOK School Shooting.