Before i talk about The WU-Tang Clan, i want to make a quick initial statement & a few important observations about 9/11/2001.

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone described my website as being “About 9/11”. This is somewhat correct, but in a different fashion than that kind of generalized statement communicates.

I believe that there is a divine knowledge that is naturally occurring all around us. I can’t begin to pretend to know any proper way to accurately describe it, but ill guess it has something to do with “Intelligent Design”.

My belief is that the 9/11 event can be accurately described as the most coordinated & comprehensive man made attempt at replicating the known details & measurables of whatever “that” is.

I believe that there is a strictly spoken knowledge of this language passed down to certain elite families & other “entitled” characters.

Sometimes people from these small pockets of people likely get together to fraternize in secret clubs & other strictly “invite only” organizations.

What the “official” 9/11 facts become due to cause & effect, is what i’d call a type of Rosetta Stone of “thatlanguage. The language is heavy in numbers, letters & other symbols. The officially reported details are a learning tool to not only find 9/11 “Truth”, but also if one were to also look beyond the planes & buildings, it can be used to find something much more intriguing.

That brings me to The WU-TANG Clan & also one last belief i hold about that carefully guarded “knowledge“.

Sometimes exceptional people not associated with those recognized few families who consider this knowledge a “birthright“, come into this knowledge in their own way.

From the slums of Shaolin, Wu-Tang Clan strikes again
The RZA, the GZA, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Inspectah Deck
Raekwon the Chef, U-God, Ghostface Killah and the Method Man.

The Wu Tang Clan’s debut album was released in the winter of 1993, i didnt discover it myself until May of the following year, right after i turned 16 yrs old. I was living in Denver & i must not have been buying the magazines much during that stretch, so this was represenative of the common lag that came with new music not associated with mainstream pop stars & how long it took to creep into a mid sized market.

ENTER THE WU-TANG ( 36 Chambers )

First off, you’ll be seeing the abbreviation WTC a fair amount as this article unfolds, and this may become confusing as both the Wu Tang Clan & the World Trade Center share the initials of WTC.

I’ll only be using these initials in reference to the World Trade Center, however, this is an important correspondence that i’ll ask you to pay attention to as i don’t believe this is accidental.

Im not suggesting that the Wu Tang Clan named their group to specifically mimic or pay tribute to the WTC, but i do strongly believe that both organizations went to the same original source when looking for a powerful name.

Ill get into this further below.

Enter The Wu Tang Released on 11/9/93.

A quick note to take into consideration, outside of the USA this date would be written as 9/11/93

Already this is a strong “base” visual coincidence. One that i am sure that i am not alone in having noticed, and it isn’t one that alone would compel me write this piece.

This will mostly serve as just a bookend for what im going to show you. That said, lets find more than just a matching date to serve as a good bookend.


The 11/9 release date is an obvious visual correspondence.

The year was 93 & this is hugely important as you’ll soon see, but also consider the number 93 in an overall sense.

Flight 93 was one of the highjacked planes.

Flight 11 hit the North Tower & the 93rd floor is reported as its primary initial impact point.

Flight 175 made impact with the South Tower at 9:03 AM.

The first WTC bombing also took place in 93.

As covered in the last post the first & 2nd WTC attacks took place 3119 days apart from each other.

Ill only ask the reader to make one slight visual concession for me & that is to picture the date of 9.11.2001 as 9113 (by taking the year of 2+0+0+1 to make 3).

In the last post these same 4 digits led us to a lot of places that transcended the description of “coincidence” in my opinion & i do hope you’ll check out that article Here if you haven’t already.

For this instance i just want to put those 4 digits into your consciousness to point out that Enter The Wu-Tang has an overall running time of 61:31.

9113 vs 6131

Its a small point overall, but with what im going to show you next, each of these small coincidences will amplify & become a big part of the overall picture.

Enter The Wu Tang came & then we were given a steady stream of different members solo albums & that was nice as there are some classic albums amongst those releases.

There is also strong supporting numerical encoding in each solo release date, but im not going to include each one here as it may overwhelm & cause math anxiety. I may do a full timeline down the road for those that are interested.

The event that became highly anticipated was the full group follow up to Enter The Wu Tang ( 36 Chambers ).

By 1994 & beyond i was buying all of the magazines and the 1st thing me & my friends did was scan the “upcoming releases” for that potential album.

I can’t readily remember if there were ever specific dates given that wouldn’t come to fruition & pass with no new Wu album, or if it was always the TBD (To Be Determined) tag that i saw, of which i did see more than a few times.

In this Golden era of Hip Hop, the follow up Wu Tang album became the most anticipated.

It did finally release & not until June 3rd 1997.

WU TANG FOREVER, a double disc follow up came shortly after 2pac & Biggie were gone to cheer up the shellshocked fans.

The lead single was famously TRIUMPH & looking back on that Video & Tracks content, it’ll be worth a renewed interest when i break down the HUGE correspondence that ive uncovered.

Which ill do now & then ill double back around to Triumph & some other temporarily shelved info.

As discussed before the first WTC attack occurred on February 26 1993 & the 2nd attack took place on September 11 2001. A distance of 3119 days.

WU TANG FOREVER released right in the EXACT MIDDLE of those 2 events.

This following fact is one that should force you to make a choice. Are you of the opinion that this date was chosen because the group had prior knowledge of what was going to happen on 9/11/2001?

Or … Are you able to look at it as interesting , but chalk it up to pure coincidence?

June 3rd 1997 was 4 years 3 months & 8 days AFTER the 1st attack.

It was also 4 years 3 months and 8 days before the 2nd attack.

Right in the MIDDLE with perfect BALANCE.

4 years 3 months 8 days on either side of WU TANG FOREVERS release was a seperate WTC attack.

Lets take a quick look at the Triumph video.

It begins with a Special News Bulletin cutting into regularly scheduled programming to announce that NYC was under attack by Killer Bees & also a man ( possibly Ol Dirty Bastard as relayed by the faux news anchor ) was threatening to jump from a tall skyscraper.

Upon closer review , the hooded figure is also holding a detonator & almost immediately upon seeing this, he in fact pushes it & an explosion ensues.

Ol Dirty says “Lets take it back to ’79” & then the song kicks off.

2 points i want to make about the choice of ODB & his quote.



“Lets Take it back to ‘79The 79th minute of a day is 1:19 – comparable to the debuts release on 11/9 & the foreshadowing ( warning ) about 9/11.

One more point from lyrics to a seperate track VISIONZ & one more question about the TRIUMPH Vid that i could use some feedback on.

Im picking one of many verses from WU TANG FOREVER to post here because of its specific mention, but i do want to point out that the whole album is a treasure trove & i highly suggest a renewed study of WU TANG FOREVER.


All In Together Now, follow me the Mister
Mef Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh
Death come in the scripture, 2001
Bring the rap Armageddeon, let it be known

Second is a question that ive been curious about for awhile & now maybe within the new context, there is an even more important answer.


Why do you suppose CAPPADONNA is wearing the Chain/Medallion that 2pac was wearing on the night he was ambushed in Las Vegas?

An even bigger question that maybe only The Rza or another member of the WU TANG CLAN could properly answer, How did you know about 9/11 beforehand?

I dont think that i’d be able to expect an answer as it kind of goes against the “RULES“.

That said. from what i know about the supreme intellect of the various Wu Tang Clan members, it doesnt very much suprise me.

Ill leave it here for you to further decode, but up above i did mention the curious coincidence of The World Trade Center & Wu Tang Clans shared initials.

I Cant really tell you why i think this happened, but i can leave you a BIG clue to help point you in the right direction.

From “THE WHAT” off of READY TO DIE & featuring METHOD MAN.

Verse two, coming with that Olde E brew
Meth-tical, putting niggas back in ICU

Thank You for reading this post.