“The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance.” – Jake Kotze re: Synchromysticism

This quote above very effectively explains what it is that I study at this website. I look into how 2 specific events are connected using measurements of time to evaluate a potential synchronistic relationship to each other.

I believe that there is a “formula” that can be found in the hidden & mysterious relationship between many events that are many times considered simply coincidental.

I’ve made progress in this “study” since I began it in the Spring of 2015 & not a day goes by that I don’t work on at least a few possible instances of matching events.

If you’ve looked around my website prior to this article, you’ve noticed a couple of things. First off, I do like to study personal interests of mine & I mention this to hopefully compel you to stick around despite the possibility that you may not be specifically a fan of Tupac Shakur or the other artists I have examined in previous writings.

The formula is the formula and it potentially applies to everything. I also believe that if you were to read through some of my work, you’d see that the study of the measurements & other symbolism can apply to an endlessly wide range of subject matter. I only mention this as I’d hate to lose potential interest simply due to a different taste in music or movies.

Next, you’ll see that I put a lot of emphasis on the events of 9/11/2001. I will avoid going into a long form attempt at trying to intricately explaining the “why” behind this belief. I feel that it is more of an inner knowledge that isn’t something I could accurately put into words in a way that would easily translate to everyone reading this website. I do have a feeling that if you are finding this site interesting enough to look thru the different posts, you might already have an inner notion of that date being transcendent.

I’ll say that I strongly believe that the events associated with that date happened very specifically on that exact date for a reason. It’s a much deeper underlying reason than simply that 911 is a long standing telephone code for “Emergency“.

I also maintain that taking in all of the symbolic, numeric, and other creative instances of detail(s) from that day & those events is one of the most useful types of “Rosetta Stone” for a long known hidden Symbolic Language that is purposefully impossible for me to provide description for here, but at the same time completely learnable by anyone who happens to be reading this right now.

This symbolic language is a known entity & it has been assigned many different names. The Green Language of Freemasonry, The Language of The Birds, and The Language of Light are 3 of many “names” I have seen it labeled. I mention those 3 titles in case you want to research deeper into it.

We all “Already” know it , but mostly in our subconscious minds. That said, when it shows up in an event/source , whether naturally or artificially via a “man-made” instance like 9/11/01, it communicates with us on a much more impactful level as our subconscious mind has suddenly been overwhelmed with knowledge that has been dormant for a long time.

To put a point on that and move along, how many of you began to slowly but surely “wake up” soon after 9/11/01? Many times specifically due to the peculiar nature of those events being the catalyst in changing your overall perspective as to what your previous long held & long accepted understandings of “reality” really were?

( Editors Note : I am writing this as a sort of “Starting Point” for people who come by my website & I do see a lot of potential for further addition to this primer, so please check back after awhile as it may be expanded early & often – Thx )