Ingersoll Lockwood was a Lawyer & Writer that was Born in 1841 & later passed away in 1918.

He did have at least one notable political accomplishment that stood out to me when reading his historical profile

In 1862 he was appointed Consul to the Kingdom of Hanover by Abraham Lincoln. At the time he was the youngest member of the US consular force and served in that post for four years. 

I can’t say how his Law legacy has held up to the test of time, but his written work was largely forgotten before being rediscovered in recent years.

Three of his works have garnered the bulk of this newfound attention.

A set based on the fictional character Baron Trump.

Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump.

Baron Trumps Marvelous Underground Journey.

And The Last President.

I will link below at the end of the article to a great video resource in which to gain much more insight on the great synchronicity between between these fictional works as compared with Donald Trump and many of his current family & career circumstances.

The Baron Trump books were influenced directly by Lewis Carrol’s Alice’s adventures in Wonderland.

An important aspect to Carrol’s Alice novels is the presence of her “Looking Glass“. It’s one step removed , but there is another aspect to this overall instance of synchronicity that goes by the title “Project Looking Glass” & this is also covered in the aforementioned video. I will also add a separate link for info here as well.

That is my attempt at giving a minimal background for anyone who may stumble into this article with no background knowledge on these subjects.

I’m counting on the idea that most people who’ve made it this far will already have some info on these different yet connected instances of subject matter.

That said, I’ll jump right into my recent discovery. I feel that this may help some further connect these 2 separate people in what I feel is a very interesting way.

Ingersoll Lockwood Passed Away on September 30th 1918.

Some time passed & on June 14th 1946, Donald Trump was born.

The 2 dates, one representative of Lockwood’s passing and the other similarly denoting the Birth Of Donald Trump, are separated by a specific number of days passed.

This number is 10119 days.

These numbers right away jumped out to me as I tend to automatically take in things like this both forward and backwards. I do this due to the fact that ancient Hebrew is read from Right to Left & many other mystical systems also incorporate this methodology and I believe most trace back to the same reasoning(s) as it is pertaining to Hebrew.

I always refer to the idea of Alice’s “Looking Glass” when I try to explain to someone the value of taking in this info both “frontward & backward”.

It is especially attributable here as that same “Looking Glass” reference already exists in this particular set of circumstances, not once but twice.

Both the Influence of Carroll’s Alice Books on Ingersoll Lockwood’s own works and the unmistakable peripheral presence of “Project Looking Glass”.

Returning to the number of days separating one mans death and the others “beginning“.

1 0 1 1 9 days

When looked through the Looking Glass and therefore reversed, these numbers become …

9 1 1 0 1 or an exact correspondence to the date of 9/11/01

When looked at in a full sense, that date was the catalyst for many of the events happening now ( See Q community ) and also for the spark of awakening that has led to seemingly abstract ideas such as these to be recognized and discussed in the first place.

I won’t go on to try to communicate exactly what that synchronicity means , I don’t know if it would be possible anyhow.

However I do believe that those of you who have “Eyes to See” can take the value of what it means to “you” and it’ll likely strengthen your understanding of what it is you are currently witnessing.

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