In the course of my studies regarding the WTC event on 9/11/2001 , I realized that to study that date you also need to take into account it’s “Sister” event as I do strongly believe it’s specifically & intentionally anchored to what we all remember on 9/11.

That “sister” event doesn’t take a whole lot of imagination to ascertain the connection. It is the first attack on the WTC via bombing that took place on 2/26/93.

It was 3119 days later that the Airliners were highjacked and shown on television to destroy the same WTC towers (plus one more) that had been targeted on 2/26/93.

3119 days can be seen as 8 years 6 months 16 days in another format dependent on how the calendar configuration comes together concerning leap years and the chosen starting point.

This will provide us with 2 possible “answers” regarding the Corona Virus & it’s “ground zero” date that is rapidly approaching, as I do believe that the YR – MO – DAY configuration is an important correspondence in its own right.

When I say “Ground Zero” event, I am referring to when an event with that kind of impact will be scheduled to be “Presented” to the mass public & many times this means that the alleged “impact” is largely tied into how it’s painted & framed versus what has/is really happening.

It’s the perception being presented and “perception is reality”.

That said, Don’t believe every(any)thing you see on TV.

Ill quickly use the 2 separate WTC events as an example of prior occurrence, but I won’t fully lay out my case of correspondences as that becomes quite robust as there is no shortage of examples to cite.

I’ve meant to write an article on this single subject in order to put all of that info in one place, but as of yet have not. However, the article I wrote entitled ” The Definitive meaning of 4:44 ” does go somewhat longer form on the subject.

Below is the layout of the 2 separate WTC event dates in question,

Here are a few verifiable facts about these numbers that will work somewhat to take them out of the realm of purely “Random”.

These same numbers will directly apply to the comparisons that I’ll be making to do with the COVID-19 Virus in just a moment.

Whether directly due to Christian religious reasonings or the symbolism involved in same, it is believed In astrology rich circles that The actual birthdate of Jesus Christ is/was … 9/11/3BC.

It doesn’t take too much of stretch of imagination to see how the dates of 9/11/2001 and 9/11/3BC correspond to each other ( 2+1=3) .

Additionally the “acceptedt” mastermind involved with the original WTC bombing in 1993 is Ramzi Yousef & he is incarcerated at the Supermax Prison in Florence Colorado.

His Inmate number is 03911-000

Add into this facts such as Flight 11 hitting most directly at the 93rd floor according to the official story & with the knowledge that many more correspondences can be found all around these 2 events to do specifically with the number 3119 and slight variations of the same.

3119 ( and additionally 8yrs 6 months 16 days ) becomes more than an anomaly, but a reasoning may/must exist behind this specific stretch of time as it exists or is “applied” to these connected events.

It is also very important to know this additional fact about the number 3119.

It is the 444th prime number.

My best understanding is that a “Big” event is purposefully “anchored” or “tethered” to a similar but smaller scale event for an important reasoning. Whether to do with simple “Superstition” or more likely based on the trouble taken in regards to planning and execution , it is done to create verifiable effect & is to do with an unknown to many “Science”.

Unknown to many , but perhaps not unknown to all as it could logically be something that is kept secret but for the highest level of alleged elite types and seen as an entitlement to the very small % who consider themselves as such.

Now to Fast Forward to the Corona Virus aka Covid-19 and how it may apply in the “here and now”.

First we have to identify the “Anchor” & as simple as it may sound I do believe that the anchor for what is happening now is a movie that recently has gone from “forgotten” to the top of the charts in all streaming formats in which it is available.

Many articles have been written about the “similarities” to today’s current (presented) situation and it has gained a second life of relevancy very rarely experienced by this type of media.

Something interesting about this particular movie is it has 2 separate “Premiere” dates. One for the United States Cinemas and one for Venice Italy. It isn’t entirely uncommon for something like that to happen, but many times the 2nd date is tied to the Cannes or Sundance Film Festivals.

Seeing Venice Italy struck me particularly … as after China , it was Italy that was suddenly the focus of attention to do with The Corona Virus.

Also it’s date in particular jumped off the page.

9/3/2011 or simply 9/3/11

Written in the format that a native Italian would use , this becomes 3/9/11

The US date of 9/9/2011 also is of increased significance to me as well, but as I went to write this today I had not been aware of the Venice release date as I don’t believe I’d used Wikipedia to verify on my last look into the release.

My overall belief is that this movie was the “Anchor” to what’s unfolding now. Just as the original WTC Bombing anchored the eventual destruction of the same target 3119 days later.

We are in this same range of days as it has to do with the currently reported “Virus”.

Beginning in chronological order with Italy who had the earlier initial release of the movie.

A quick picture to show that the first official graphic I found has a couple of interesting numbers involved.

Lower left corner “As of February 26 2020” it lines up with the comparative event of the WTC Bombing on Feb 26 1993 & also the first number of 322 deaths lines up with the infamous “322” of the Skull & Bones Harvard based “Secret Society” .

Here is a more current info graphic regarding the same information.

It would seem Italy or possibly “Europe” as a whole heading for the 2nd half of their anchored event on either 1 of 2 days. The Leap year layout causes the 3119 days & 8yr 6mo 16day correspondences to split by 1 day and I do not know which one would supersede the other in hypothetical symbolic importance.

Here are those 2 days.

And …

I would look for some “worst case scenario” escalation to be heavily worked into the Main Stream Media rotation on one of those 2 days. I wouldn’t completely discount the notion that the “reported” event won’t have happened as reported , but I do feel it will be heavily exaggerated and sensationalized.

Whatever your initial reaction would normally be if you were still fully stuck in that “sleeping” state of trust concerning media , it should be tempered and looked at logically for holes in the story(ies).

This brings me to the dates regarding the U.S. version of the same concept.

The movie came out here on 9/9/2011 and so our calendar dates to expect the news of the “falling sky” escalation move up 6 days as well. The Leap year differential is still at play here and so we also have 2 potential dates expect a “problem” that the “powers that be” will create as to then present us with their “answer“.

The answer in which 85% of the population will be clamoring for and outright demanding , despite the fact that a month prior they would have been largely unacceptable of whatever that newfound answer may be.

These are the 2 dates to expect in the US

And the next day as well.

Something “crazy” will happen or be announced as “absolutely inevitable” on one of those 2 days to spike panic to a point in which the aforementioned “answer” will be like music to the ears rather than a “health-based version” of the Patriot Act.

That’s the information I have and I highly suggest looking further into the time/number based information within this article as I know that there is “Magic” in those numbers & while it may seem like a “Dark Magic” that is only because it is being handled by “Dark” people.

I’d take a logical & detached look at what is happening as well. In particular with the Main Stream Media as I would think that “IF” this Corona Virus was really as deadly as the “worst case scenario” might suggest ( despite the evidence ) wouldn’t it be the MSMs job to foster a communication of NON-Panic and reasoned thought?

Why has MSM been actively and openly been calling for citizens to “Panic More” from the very beginning?

Logic can really conquer a lot when it comes to properly “seeing”.

Finally I’ll add one more “number” & symbology based instance of unlikely coincidence for anyone who might be interested in such things.

This is on the heels of the NBA joining the panic fray completely by suspending the NBA season.

There are odd connections to be found and one of them is only purely of the authors opinion. The Commissioner David Silver looks and acts like Nosferatu imo and seems to be actively engaged in a rivalry with Jeff Bezos as who can be the best quality super villain that the world has seen in a long time.

That said , there is a more measured instance of oddity to do with the NBA and one of their finest ambassadors who tragically passed in late January. Obviously I’m referring to Kobe Bryant.

This is just food for thought , but these are factual and verifiable instances added together that maybe can break the stigma of “coincidence” in your mind(s)?

In the Hebrew language ( highly important to all of these events )

KOBE and COVID translate the same exact way. As far as someone who only speaks Hebrew is concerned they are the same exact word.

A “new” CORONA Virus later to be given the moniker of “COVID-19” was isolated and identified on January 7 2020 , which is 19 days prior to the Helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant and many others.

Kobe = Covid and 19 days separate them ? Additionally as added above the 2 most prominent Logos to do with that connection seem to be very similar in design.

Earlier I talked about “Anchoring” and “Connecting” events that on the surface are seemingly standalone instances.

Does this go on more than we think?

Does it happen in various measurements of time?

“The past predicts the future”.