Until just recently I hadn’t made a connection between 2 events that seems worth making. I was independently aware of all of these circumstances but not their shared timeline.

I’m going to just jump right into it.

On October 5 2017 , Two separate & much talked about incidents took place. Separate incidents that can easily be seen as to do with the same overall narrative.

On the morning of Oct 5 2017 a New York Times expose’ all about Harvey Weinstein was released. By days end he had been effectively “Cancelled” & had resigned from his own production house.

Harvey “knew” the article was coming beforehand and he had come up with some strategies to weather the storm , but it was quickly evident that this would not be possible in this instance.

On the same exact day, Donald Trump made a cryptic remark that soon would become the catalyst for the QAnon movement.

Q didn’t show up as an entity that posted info until 23 days later , but this movement has its roots right here.

Due to the nature of what Weinstein represented and what Q was decidedly in favor of exposing & seeking justice against, it can easily be seen how these 2 events may be connected.

The coinciding of these 2 events isn’t much of a trick on its own, but the fact that they both seemingly have reached their next major measuring point on again the same day is very noteworthy.

Harvey Weinstein‘s saga has seemingly ended for now as he was sentenced to 23 years in prison on March 11 2020.

Additionally on that same exact day of 3/11/20 , it appears that a “Storm” of Biblical proportions may have in fact also kicked off.

March 11 was the day that Corona Virus interceded into everyone’s day to day life whether they wanted it to or not.

Kicked off by the Virus Announcement made by Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson along with the Immediate suspension of the NBA Season, quickly everything began to shut down.

3 of these 4 proposed milestones are solid and don’t require much imagination to see their validity.

Harvey Weinstein‘s Cancellation, subsequent Conviction, & Donald Trumps “Calm Before the Storm” comment are all verifiable and their importance easily assigned to the events mentioned above.

The only one that requires extra thought & is dependent on the readers opinion is whether or not the current unprecedented shutdown is the kind of event that would need to happen in accordance with the “Storm” as understood by people with a ( legitimate ) understanding of the QAnon movement.

That’s the question to be answered on an individual level now & eventually it’ll come with a clear understanding one way or another.

I deal with numbers and in addition to the dates lining up on these 2 separate issues like they have, I will point out the more minor coincidence of Q beginning his posts 23 days after 10/5/17 along with Harvey Weinstein receiving 23 years in Prison upon sentencing.

More prominent is the 888 day stretch that ties these things all together as another common understanding of the QAnon movement is that the Storm is going to be “Biblical“.

888 certainly applies in this sense. I’ll attach a link below of some 888 meanings in order for anyone interested to learn more on that front.

888 Symbolism