This could be seen as a part 2 or a continuation of my last article posted just a few days ago.

Part 1 of this research

In slightly expanded form what was discovered before is the seemingly connected timelines regarding the beginnings & endings of some news items that have garnered a high level of interest & following.

Q-Anon & Harvey Weinstein.

Those who have a legitimate understanding of both know how they interact with each other in shared relevance.

October 5 2017 marked a “Jumping Off” point for both.

Harvey Weinstein tried & failed to weather his own personal storm regarding a New York Times article released on this date. However, by the end of the day he had been forced to resign from his production company & was making known his intentions to seek counseling.

This kind of reaction had bought time in somewhat similar instances regarding other prominent figures in times past , but it was always a foregone conclusion in Weinstein‘s case that he wasn’t going to be able to “lay low” and let his negative headlines blow over.

Harvey Weinstein went from a Rich & Powerful guy to just a rich guy on this day in history.

Also on this same day In Washington DC , President Donald Trump with a wink & a smile made a somewhat cryptic statement.

During a photo opportunity with senior military staff, President Trump remarked that it represented “the calm before the storm,” but declined to elaborate on what he meant by that.

While the online persona known as “Q” didn’t officially “enter stage right” until 23 days later on October 28th 2017 , the “Calm Before the Storm” commentary is widely seen as the “beginning” of Q-Anon.

Both timelines start on Oct 5 2017

And further, both timelines came to another important milestone of activity on March 11 2020.

On March 11 2020 Harvey Weinstein was scheduled for sentencing after being convicted of 2 felony sexual assault charges on Feb 24 2020.

He was sentenced to 23 years in prison.

On March 11 the Q-Anon story also seemed to have switched to an important “gear“. It seemed that the “Calm Before the Storm” was officially over & many of the expected happenings had begun to come to fruition.

Just to bookmark what happened on March 11 in order to provide a point of timeline , it was on this day that Tom Hanks announced that he & his wife Rita Wilson had tested positive for Corona Virus.

This news was quickly followed by the same diagnosis concerning Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz & the subsequent suspension of the NBA season. From here forward everything quickly followed in the NBA‘s footsteps and shut down effective immediately.

The “Storm” was now upon us? Of the four separate events , this is the only one that depends on the readers personal opinion of events. Not that a “Storm” has begun , but perhaps the nature of the storm can be seen as subjective.

Between October 5 2017 & March 11 2020 elapsed 888 days.

Additional 888 meanings

Within the Q community , the “Storm” has long been tied to the stated idea that “It’s going to be Biblical”

In Weinstein’s case , those who believe in some sort of Karma based system can surely see the poetic justice involved in his complete fall from grace spanning 888 days.

We do however have another number that comes up multiple times in all of this that might be worth further investigation.

While “The Calm Before The Storm” mention happened on the 5th of October in 2017 , it wasn’t until 23 days later that Q initially posted.

In Weinstein’s case the number has shown up in a few other places that have drawn my interest.

Primarily with the Prison Sentence that’s been handed down to him being 23 years.

A couple of other more recent instances of Weinstein and the number 23 that I’ve noticed is that Weinstein was originally charged on May 25 2018 for the charges he was subsequently convicted of on February 24 of this year.

This was 232 days after his “Cancellation” ( 23 no matter which way you look at it )

Finally he was announced to have come down with the infamous Corona Virus on the 23rd of March 2020.

With Q-Anon , the most interesting instance of 23 is the 23 day separation between the “Calm before the Storm” comment and 1st Q post. Those who have a legitimate understanding of Q are fully aware that nothing happens on any kind of random schedule. The 23 day separation has some meaning, whether I’ve identified it correctly here or not.

Taking what we know about the number 888 and injecting 23 into that potential equation , the most interesting thing I’ve found was this.

888 + 23 = 911

We all have an innate understanding of what that number could potentially mean in regards to an “event” or perhaps just the importance and poignancy of a potential change.

Was the symbology used against our interests back on 9/11/2001 ?

Could it be now being used in a positive way?

Symbolism will be their Downfall” is another quote many here are likely familiar with, in my estimation there is nothing innately “evil” about these “unknown sciences” , but rather the intent is always directly connected to the person(s) whom are actively “using” it.

This brings us to another hypothetical milestone date of April 3 2020.

I will say here that I feel Easter weekend of 4/10/2020 thru 4/12/2020 also holds high importance to this whole sequence of events yet to unfold , but I also believe that April 3rd may well figure prominently in here as well.

Here are a few things about this particular date that jump out at me & may be worth a deeper look into via symbolism and also additional areas of potential importance.

April 3 is the 93rd day of the year & if you follow this kind of stuff you’ll know that 93 finds its way into many prominent places in many infamous events.

Some symbolic meanings for the number 93

One that does not show up here has to do with Thelema and Aleister Crowley.

Full Link

Here are a few more of my personal observations.

9/11/2001 ( 9/11/3 )

Flight 93 – Flight 11 hits at Floor 93

1st WTC Bombing 3119 days before 2001 destruction of WTC

Ramzi Yousef original WTC Bomber assigned inmate number 093110000 at Supermax Florence CO

Ramzi Yousef Inmate info – Under “Notable Inmates”

Possibly tied to 2 opposite fields of study? Religion and Mathematics

Jesus Christ is theorized to have a “true” birthdate of 9/11/3 B.C. According to the study of astrology

Link to Jesus Birthdate Info

And for those that fall into the more scientific side of things 3119 is the 444th prime number & this has its own laundry list of potential meanings.

3119 Mathematical Properties (Comprehensive)

444 symbolic meanings

My own interpretation of 444

Whatever the case may be, there are also many more interpretations of 93 into these infamous events. I’ll only use one more that I think is lesser known in the interest of brevity however.

SANDY HOOK occurred 11 years and 93 days after 9/11/2001. The reader can decide how heavily the numbers 11 & 93 played into the events of 9/11.

One other interpretation that I think may well be relevant is the alphabetical nature of 4/03.

Not the English alphabet but rather the Hebrew aleph-bet

The 4th Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet is D (Daleth ) like in English.

The 3rd letter in Hebrew differs from our alphabet, it’s G (Gimel )

The 0 (Zero) is simply a placeholder but it is also able to be seen symbolically as the letter O due to its identical visual representation.

4/03 becomes D0G , however in Hebrew ( much like in important aspects of Crowley‘s Thelema ) you are to read from Right to Left (backwards from what we are used to).

D0G becomes G0D

“It’s going to be Biblical”?

Because it’s as good of a place to put it as any & it’s also closely related. I’ll show you how an example of this was done in a more “official” and recognizable way to do with the USA and the English Alphabet.

If you know about US History , nothing too specific happened on 7/04/1776 to necessarily designate that as “TheIndependence Day. Some people have made it a passionate endeavor to highlight other days in the same general timeline that actually have much more to do with the overall accomplishment in 1776.

704 was picked for a reason and it’s a similar reason as what was was displayed above.

However it was done using the English Alphabet and reading in traditional (to us) Right to Left fashion.

7th – G


4th – D

704 = G0D

Now consider that 888+888=1776 and you can see how it may be very connected indeed.

A couple of final points to also consider while within this frame of thought regarding some of the decisions made when founding the USA.

The Nations capital eventually settled in WaSHINgton D.C.

This capital city is located half within Virginia and half with Maryland

Virginia – Maryland

Virgin – Mary

Finally if you take the letters USA and assign them numerical markers to show their place in the Alphabet you get this …

U – 21st

S – 19th

A – 1st

21-19-1 now compare those numbers to the date of 9-11-2001 minus the zeroes 9-11-21



Do You Believe in Coincidences?