I have found something very interesting regarding the timing involved with the process of which AGENDA 21 became “Official” to share with the readers of this post.

There is only 1 slight loose end to tie up in order to frame the proper visual context.

Did the new Millennium begin at the onset of the year 2000 or 2001?

Due to the absence of a YEAR ZERO , The 21st century started on January 1st 2001.

This means that 2000 years, two full millennia, would have passed at the end of year 2000 . In other words, the 3rd millennium would have started on New Year’s Day 2001.

Confident in this knowledge , let’s move ahead.


Agenda 21 is quickly becoming a known entity, at least in circles in which people are working to inform themselves outside of standard Main Stream Media. It is widely believed to be a major underlying aspect of many of the bizarre occurrences happening in recent times , such as the current ongoing COVID 19 shutdown.

The initial United Nations publication of the ACTION PLAN for Agenda 21 took place on April 23 1992 & this was an instance that for all intents & purposes made it “official“. This date is in advance of the actual conference that spanned from June 3 to June 14 in Rio De Janeiro later in that same year.

Lets look at 2 quick instances of perfect timing to do with this publication.

First off, April 23 1992 was 8 years 8 months & 8 days prior to the end of the actual Millennium.

This is done with purpose. There is at the very least a belief involved that this will add to the success of the overall initiative.

I also strongly believe that it goes past just simple superstition as the types of people involved in this kind of decision making & planning process happen to be the most powerful people in the world currently & thus likely have access to knowledge that most of us do not.

Here are a couple of other correspondences to do with the number 888 that can be found in time measurements.

One full 24 hour day contains 1440 minutes.

888 minutes before midnight is 9:11 AM

This is potentially an obvious root correspondence for the timing of the events of 9/11/01. It should be noted here that this event also did occur during the first yr of the Millennium.

Another way to find an interesting result is to look at how many minutes make up 8.8 hours.

528 minutes is equal to 8:48 & this is 8.8 hours.

8.8 hrs or 528 minutes before midnight is 3:11 PM .

In regards to the COVID 19 issue, March 11 ( 3/11 ) was the day when everythingchanged” in such a way that it rearranged everyone’s lives drastically. Prior to that day there were plenty of people who don’t bother with MSM at all & were pretty much just living their normal routine.

On March 11, two things happened that quickly began the domino effect leading to the rapid global shutdown.

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson announce they both have tested positive for Covid-19.

A couple of hours later, the NBA shuts down suddenly right before tipoff & with fans in seats at multiple arenas across the country. Everyone is sent home as it’s revealed 1 player has tested positive for Covid 19 (Rudy Gobert).

These 2 separate Covid19 related announcements are of course officially recognized as two things that happened completely independent of each other, but It is interesting how those 2 allegedly random events happened to so efficiently cut across such a wide range of potential widespread interest & in the process become much more real as it became so immediately impactful to separate ends of mainstream entertainment.

Following is another way that all of these “Crazy 8’s” take form in different measures of time.

A very familiar spread of numbers showed up when I changed the measure to show how the Agenda 21 publication matches up to 9/11/2001.

112 months 19 days

Can be compared straight across to the 9/11 date sans slashes & zeroes.

112 91

911 21

This also matches straight across to some other very important USA based correspondences shown here. Do You Believe In Coincidences part 1

In the process of researching this particular post , I also had many other dates and related official timelines to look into and how they all connect to each other & the major world events that are directly involved with them.

AGENDA 21 Conference 6/3 – 6/14/1992

Official initial publication of the Patriot Act.

Also the Official committee start & Report publication of the 9/11 Commission.

I’ll mention here that all of these different instances seem fit a similar pattern as shown here once deciphered properly.

I am however trying to work on avoiding inadvertently overwhelming with this kind of information in single posts as of late. That said, I’ll limit this post to looking at this one correspondence for now , but do know that there will be a 2nd & possibly 3rd part upcoming soon that looks into the measurements mentioned above.

Thank you for reading & I hope you find this to be another step in the right direction towards debunking the idea that everything is simply a coincidence.

The words Conspiracy & Coincidence seem to be tightly related in the way of minimization & devaluation when it comes to thinking that doesn’t match the MSM narrative.