The National Basketball Association has thus far been intimately involved with all of the oddest aspects of 2020.

At each bizarre turn the NBA has shown up prominently, and in the most unexpected & unlikeliest of ways.

On January 26th 2020 the world was shocked to hear that Kobe Bryant was amongst 9 people who died in a Helicopter crash in Calabasas, California.

Also killed in the crash was his 13 year old daughter Gianna Bryant.

Below are the “Officialmeasureables to do with that fateful moment of impact. Those of you who are like me & like to dig into the story that the numbers tell will likely see a few familiar anomalies within these specific official details.

I do see specific symbolic value in both the reported time of impact & also the elevation figures, both in feet and meters.

I won’t work those out here though as to not lose any potential readers to Math Anxiety. There is a lot of other non number related strange phenomena to examine regarding this event.

First, it needs to be mentioned how the sudden timing of this news story effected the Main Stream Media news cycle.

The Impeachment hearings had been dominating the news just prior to this tragedy & were still ongoing when this occurred.

The impeachment hearings had odd timing all along as Nancy Pelosi had seemingly strategically delayed the continuance of the hearings from the House of Representatives onto Congress.

“The articles were formally delivered on January 15, 2020, and were presented on the following day.”

January 15th was also a key date as this was the same day that the first eventual patient who would become the first official COVID-19 Case on US Soil had arrived back into the country from traveling to China.

This perfect storm of issues would end up very much including the sad end of Kobe Bryant and the other 8 lives lost on Jan 26th.

The prosecution’s opening arguments and presentation of evidence took place between January 22–24.

Trump’s defense presentation began on January 25. 

On January 26th, the MSM pushed the Impeachment Defense off of the face of the news in favor of reporting on the Kobe Bryant tragedy.

COVID-19 … which had previously been a story that was getting a small amount of coverage after the Impeachment prosecution coverage had been exhausted , now fell off of MSM’s radar all together.

This would be a prime cause as to why a significant % of the US population was caught off guard when Covid-19 came to the US. Unfortunately a significant % of us don’t go looking for news as much as they simply digest some of the news that happens to find them. I don’t think this % is represented by many who might be reading this , but it is good to keep in mind how that dynamic still works.

The first strange thing many of us noticed with the Kobe Bryant Helicopter crash, were instances of what could be described as Predictive Programming.

Such as this cartoon released in 2017 which showed a pretty literal representation of it , even if just in Crude animation form. There were also strange NIKE commercials & along with a fair amount of similar instances that had many people at least temporarily stunned by the synchronicity of it all.

These for me were good markers to take a deeper look.

There were many tributes that sprung up almost immediately for Kobe and the other passengers.

It was during one of the NBA memorials that I first learned of LeBron James strange pregame rituals. Despite this seeming like a very one of a kind or personal OCD habit , it turns out that many players do this same ritual prior to pregame ceremonies.

Many have theorized that what is happening in the lower left square is a representation of 666 being done with the hands. I can’t confirm or deny that , but it seems to make good visual sense to me.

Here is an interesting 666 related fact to do with the NBA as a “whole“.

June 6 1946

Or 6 6 46 … which I look at as one of two ways. Either just 666 as it was the 6th year of the 1940‘s or if you’d rather keep the 46 in the year slot, I’ve often looked at Four as a symbolic 6 as F is the 6th letter of the Alphabet. So this could be seen as 6/6/66 as well.

As far as Four being symbolism for 6 , this is what occurred to me when Jay Z released 4:44 … to me I see 6:66 due to this same interpretation.

Related to Jay-Z , in the top right hand box Lebron is making the infamous ROC-A-FELLA Diamond Hand Sign.

These sketchy rituals LeBron does is a huge tie-breaker for me in why I can’t ever consider him as being better than Michael Jordan.

MJ also played a small role in 2020‘s bizarre timeline as right during that time when many of us were feeling the escalation of Cabin Fever, the excellent 10 part MJ Docu-series was serendipitously released to help us through that stretch.

It was during the watching of “The Last Dance” that I discovered an anomaly that opened up the possibility for LeBron to potentially win back that tie breaker.

The time elapsed between Jordan’s first comeback in 1995 and his last comeback in 2001 was oddly specific as well.

One might say to split the difference and just go with the tragic hero Kobe Bryant as the NBA’s G.O.A.T.?

It was Kobe’s 666th game in which he scored his career best 81 pts. It even managed to be 66% of his teams total points that night.

I don’t know how this keeps happening?

Moving on from the 666 symbolism, but keeping that same train of thought. There were other suspicious factors about Kobe’s bad end as well.

He passed away on a Satanic Holiday. One that is inclusive of the “Sacrifice of a Female Child“. This does make one think of his 13 year old daughter who passed away on that same day.

This Holiday is timed as such due to it being 5 weeks and 1 day after the Winter Solstice.

Gianna Bryant would have turned 14 on May 1 2020 or 5/1 2020. May 1 is known as MayDay . This date is commonly associated with the Bavarian Illuminati which was founded by Adam Weishaupt on 5/1/1776.

To me it also brought to mind the terminology “MAYDAY” as it might happen to connect to a Helicopter crash.

Another Kobe Bryant tribute that took place almost immediately was at the 2020 Grammys. The Grammys happened on the night of January 26th , the same day Kobe passed away.

Alicia Keys (top right) was one of the primary performers to pay tribute to Kobe.

Here we see her making that same Hand Gesture as seen from LeBron earlier, during her performance.

The Stage tribute did remind me very much of a VooDoo type ceremony and so I did include a little bit of a further examination of this within this graphic I made back at the time.

I don’t know what should be considered & how by the fact that all of this took place just hours after Kobe had died? Not to be macabre , but I don’t believe the bodies had even been recovered from the hillside crash yet when the Grammys were taking place.

Next, there are KOBE’s seemingly direct connections to the whole COVID-19 issue.

Kobe’s Black Mamba Logo is a doppelgänger for the World Health Organization logo as shown above.

To me this seems important in a way to do with potentially “Ritualistic” activity.

Above the Logo comparison is another anomaly that after having existed for close to 2 months on Google Translate after Kobe passed, was seemingly programmed out of the website as we got further into the quarantine shutdown.

If you go to Google Translate now and try to recreate this result, it will no longer happen. An additional Hebrew character will now show up in the Hebrew side of the text.

However for quite a while it displayed just as it does above. I was not the first person who discovered this translation and if I’m lucky I was maybe in the first 100 people who made a graphic or mention about it. It was a well known and an often tested result that got some traction online from different angles of discussion & so this does make me believe that someone at Google probably went in and changed it up just a little bit after the fact.

What it is showing in the translation box is that probably due to the word Covid not existing in Hebrew Lexicon prior to 2020 , it is so close to how you would write Kobe that it would be essentially considered to be the same exact word to someone who only speaks/writes in the Hebrew Language.

Hebrew is ultra-important as likely most of you reading this know already, but I mention it just in case I might have an occasional reader who isn’t locked into that fact & may believe it to be an arbitrary choice from amongst the many known languages of the world.

To further this coincidence into a view that make it harder to dismiss as simple coincidence . It’s at least a complicated coincidence in my opinion ….

It was 19 days before Kobe’s death on the 26th that CoronaVirus was first isolated as being the specific problem involving the very first wave of sick patients in China.

19 days later Kobe would die and as we’ve seen in the Hebrew Language , Kobe and Covid were indiscernible from each other.

Kobe – 19 days

Covid – 19

The NBA as an organization played another hugely significant role in the COVID-19 shutdown. The NBA was one of 2 major dominoes that fell , which in turn led to the immediate shutdown of the USA in almost all facets.

On March 11th the NBA suddenly cancelled games that had yet to begin right before tipoff. In many instances with fans already in seats waiting for the games to begin.

This in addition to Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson revealing that they had been diagnosed with Covid19 earlier in the day, were the 2 big dominoes that started the chain reaction.

Here again was the NBA right in the middle of the big worldwide MSM news cycle.

This part is purely my editorial opinion, but I do think it is also important to note that the NBA commissioner Adam Silver is a modern day visual representation of Nosferatu. This, imo adds a certain inescapable ominous feeling to everything in this post.


David Stern the iconic predecessor to Adam Silver actually passed away unexpectedly on Jan 1 2020 to kick off this bizarre year for the NBA. David Stern was known as a tough commissioner, but did not have the same nefarious look to him. Stern died 19 days after an unexpected Brain Hemorrhage. Another 19 for those who track numbers.

March 11th the NBA shut everything down as Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz had tested positive for Covid-19. Earlier that same day Rudy goofed around that he was spreading his “cold germs” by touching all of the microphones in the press conference area in an exaggerated way.

I mention this because it does come off to me as if the NBA has been strongly asserting themselves into this news event in a particularly strong manner. In a way that could be meticulously documented.

The NBA decided to suddenly shutdown 45 days after Kobe passed away in January. Everything else soon followed suit. The NBA had set the expectation for not only the other sports leagues, but even other industries completely unrelated to spectator sports.

This brings me to the latest round of chaotic 2020 events. Another tragic death , this time George Floyd of Minneapolis.

Minneapolis was once the home of the team that immediately pops to mind when discussing Kobe Bryant, the LA Lakers were formerly the Minneapolis Lakers.

This is where they get their iconic name as Minnesota’s state nickname is the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

The Minneapolis Lakers most famous player was another George in George Mikan. The Lakers relocated in 1960 and in 1989 Expansion finally provided Minneapolis a new team, the Minnesota Timberwolves.

George Herbert Walker Bush’s Secret Service handle is famously “TIMBERWOLF“.

That one could just be a coincidence, but considering everything else going on i think it’s important to consider.

The Team did start up at the same time as his presidency, so that does add one more element of potential connection. Bush was president beginning in 1988 until 1992 & the Minnesota Timberwolves came to existence in 1989.

Back to George Floyd , quickly into this story another serendipitous NBA connection emerged.

Stephen Jackson a longtime NBA player who had some notable incidents both off and on the court ( see: Malice at the Palace ) but also a player who was known to be a potentially important piece on a team geared towards winning a championship & a good teammate, revealed a highly personal connection to Floyd and was a part of spearheading the protests and rioting that have followed & continue on as I write this.

In my last post : TWINSANITY – Are We being Duped again.

Some Jackson connections were established that I will leave the link for rather than go over again in depth.

A quick synopsis though, it was found that SJ considered GF such a close friend that they referred to themselves as “Twins” this is furthered along by an unmistakably strong visual resemblance as well.

It should be noted here too that no NBA player that I can think of personally has shown to take that kind of kindred connection as serious as Jackson. Following Ron Artest into the stands while in Detroit certainly showed this.

In the last article we also ascertained that Stephen Jackson’s father was a high ranking FreeMason by SJ’s own mention on a 2016 Instagram post.

The below image is also reported to be the tattoo which covered most of George Floyd’s chest.

Another highly Masonic piece of symbolism & so I think it may be reasonable to consider that this commonality is perhaps one of the principle reasons that the strong kindred relationship maybe existed as it did?

Here is another odd numerical detail that currently is just hidden away in the Derek Chauvin paperwork. It could be coincidental, it I’ll let you decide if it may have symbolic value.

At 8:24:24 Mr Floyd Stopped Moving

Maybe it’s just me , but once I saw that My mind immediately shuffled to here:

Also of note in that same paperwork.

At 8:08 PM 911 was called

This all took place 119 days after Kobe’s death on January 26th.

This is what I mean when I stress looking at the “official” details as recorded in these cases. All of this is very oddly specific and certainly not immune to human error in its recording, but I am of the opinion that the official details become official for a reason in many cases.

In closing, it does strike me that at every step of the way in this Bizarre year that is currently only half way over, a strong and unexpected connection to the NBA has emerged.

A perhaps unintentional MSM news cycle disruption in January that due to being a 3rd addition to a perfect storm of coincidental news worthy factors , creates a recipe for an uninformed public due to the MSM’s tendency to pick and choose what it’s going to publicize?

The surprising first major domino of an unprecedented USA shutdown that really was a world shutdown. For one day the NBA became the gold standard on who to look to for guidance on what may or may not be a legitimate world crisis?

Finally, a surprise world stage cameo from an NBA player, while the US is teetering on a very tenuous & racially charged situation that is right on the brink of potentially resulting in country wide protests that are in many cases destructive and even violent??

A commissioner who looks like The DR EVIL version between mini-me and regular Dr Evil?

It all seems very odd to me.

I am optimistic that one day soon, all of this nonsense that has infiltrated 2020 will be overcome and also hopeful that a disclosure may follow that in the not too distant future.

A disclosure in a sense that tells us regular citizens exactly why and how & by whom everything got turned unnecessarily upside down?

I can’t escape the idea that possibly we are going to find out that Kobe Bryant , his 13 year old daughter & 7 other equally important people were actually killed in order to perpetuate a bigger narrative in the interest of some very foul people.

If that were to play out like that , it would be something to see.