Over time things tend to reveal themselves with more clarity. The key is to stop every once in awhile to take new stock of where & what you have everything reconciled as in your way of thinking.

9/11 never seemed anything but suspicious to me as it happened, but my thinking at the time was a lot more towards where the MSM was telling me it should be, than where it eventually got.

By the time the Anthrax narrative got some good traction & it was revealed to me that i didn’t have to be Tom Brokaw or Tom Daschle to be at risk, rather my junk mail just had to share a facility with their alleged poisoned letters … I was just as hypnotized by the MSM fear narrative as are many of the people we pull up next to now who are sitting in their car alone wearing a mask.

Also I was told on my local Denver News affiliates that it was a “when” and not an “if” in regards to the hypothetical rash of upcoming Suicide Bombings that would soon begin rocking the mid sized American city that I called my hometown.

I think that was the “News” report that left me feeling the most shaken by the presented current world circumstances at that time.

The Suicide Bombings never happened, but it took me a few years to start making my way towards a better awareness of what was really “going on“. While those solo driver mask wearers do tend to get under my skin now , I do remember that I was locked in much like they were once upon a time.

Also in 2002 , I was still of the mind that Bill Clinton had been a pretty good president, much better than who we had been stuck with at the time (W).

I also was well aware of the possibility that Clinton’s wife would perhaps be the first Female President of the U.S. one day & this didn’t hit me in any kind of particularly bad way.

I don’t think I’d be going door to door handing out literature on her behalf, but I was mostly ok with that potential future. I was really only half-interested at best.

9/11 still sat strangely in the background of my mind , but before too long I probably went weeks or even months at a time without really even thinking about it.

Also during this time I was aware of Bill Maher and once in awhile I got a kick out of his show “Politically Incorrect” depending on who the guest(s) were.

That said it wasn’t appointment TV for me & neither was his show Real Time w/ Bill Maher when it found its way to HBO , but it crossed my vision a few times when I had the TV tuned to HBO for The Sopranos or maybe Da Ali G Show & the channel has been left there afterwards.

My view of Maher was that he was just an OK comedian & the movie he’d starred in had looked to me like the kind of movie myself & my cousins had made in middle school when we had gotten access to a camcorder for a few days during summer break.

So good for him that he was making it now, by way of his talk show format. Really though I didn’t think much about Maher past just being aware of him.

I also didn’t ever take time to consider the behind the scenes relationships between the political world and the entertainment industry. My focuses were elsewhere at this time & in a way ignorance is certainly bliss ( for awhile ).

Finally, let’s talk about Barbara Olson as she is the main character in this post & does strongly connect with all of the other elements I just touched upon.

She died on 9/11 while a passenger on American Airlines Flight 77 that allegedly hit the Pentagon at 9:37 AM.

I say “allegedly” as I believe this is an important place to update & take stock of ones official self belief.

The instance of a Plane hitting the Pentagon has since been called into question many times and there are various layers of doubt to do with this aspect of the official story.

Could the HiJacker Hani Hanjour really have piloted this plane in a way that many if not all experts say is absolutely impossible? Coming in just off the ground with such precision?

Why were all videotapes from various surrounding surveillance sources immediately confiscated? Gas Stations , Hotels , and all other variety of surrounding businesses were visited that day by govt agencies to collect potential videotape that has since never been seen again.

Wildly varying eye witness accounts , light poles sheared on approach , and also an interesting story of highly suspicious inactivity in enforcing the Washington DCno-fly zone” involving Dick Cheney.

The Pentagon official story has more holes than supporting facts & it’s not close.

So, I think it’s important to consider all of those details that have since emerged and potentially reset or update your own personal belief of what may have most likely happened here.

I’ll bring this up again at the end of this post as it pertains to my own updated takeaway.

Also, there are a couple of interesting symbolism/numerical oddities I noticed as I typed this out, but I’ll be brief here.

Hani Hanjour – H is 8th letter of alphabet so HH looks to me like 88 or perhaps even 888 if you apply his full “titleHiJacker Hani Hanjour

Flight 77 had a total of 64 people on board & only 53 were paying passengers.

The passenger totals on all of the 9/11 flights have always struck me as very odd. They don’t make much sense when you look at any kind of travel average resource. Of course it is my opinion that the official numbers here have been created to fit the sought after symbolism.

64 dead on the plane. 8×8 is 64

888 pilot 8×8 dead.

125 died in the Pentagon allegedly

In Hebrew H is the 5th letter in HEH

HiJacker Hani Hanjour could be seen as 555 if looking at it from a Hebrew perspective.

The plane hit a famously 5 sided building in the Pentagon and 125 people died within that 5 sided building.

The 125 day of the year is 5/5

5×25 is 125 as well.

5:25 on a clock is shown via the hour hand and minute hand both bring on 55:5 . Worth Remembering at least , since we just had another big event happen on 5/25 this year – Memorial Day.

If you look close enough you might see.

So it could be a bunch of 8’s or a bunch of 5’s that was encoded within the symbolism there , or both?

Barbara Olson was a known TV/News Personality at the time of her death on the illfated Flight 77.

She was also an author. She did not like the Clintons and in fact was very aggressive in attempting to point out their corruption on a bigger stage via her TV appearances and also her writing. She did not target Bill Clinton more than Hillary , in fact she was equally critical of both ( rightly so, I’ve long since realized ).

Hillary Clinton was especially upset about these books and in particular about the 2nd one that Olson was doing pre-release publicity for at the time of her death on 9/11.

Hillary Clinton wasn’t simply outspoken about her disdain of Olson or of Olson’s upcoming book in an attempt to hedge its credibility, she was trying to actually block its publishing.

Barbara Olson was however carrying forth with the publishing & in fact the book was completely done as she boarded flight 77 on 9/11/2001 to fly to California.

She was flying to be a panelist on Bill Maher’s Show Politically Incorrect in order to publicize her books upcoming release.

I can’t say for sure what the travel booking procedure was on Politically Incorrect w/ Bill Maher , but it’s almost a certainty that the show or network provided specific travel arrangements & covers those costs.

What kind of influence could Hillary have potentially wielded in maybe having had an effect on Olson’s travel arrangements? It’s established that HRC didn’t care for Olson and didn’t want her book to be released as HRC was getting ready to embark on her own solo political career.

It’s been established over and over again since 2001 ( and before ) that HRC doesn’t seem to have a self imposed limit of severity on how she may choose to deal with a potential roadblock on the path of her own personal rise to power.

In the time between 9/11/2001 and current day , many of us have updated our stance as to whether or not there was prior knowledge of what was about to unfold on the morning of 9/11 & this then leaves the underlying question of “who knew?” rather than “did anyone know?”.

I think many/most of us can agree that HRC would be amongst that small group of figures having pre-knowledge, in almost all hypothetical configurations of groupings.

In my case at least, Bill Maher isn’t still simply a pedestrian comedian who hit it big by changing his format , he is now seen by me as someone snugly connected into this underlying political & entertainment enmeshment or partnership.

Rewinding things, but with a more updated scope of understanding.

Did Barbara Olson get this great national spot on Politically Incorrect to promote her upcoming book & by some cosmic accident unfortunately get booked onto a plane that would soon plow into the Pentagon?

Were all of these tragic yet serendipitous to herself only coincidences playing out while HRC was focusing on new business card designs and completely oblivious to everything about to happen on 9/11 ( the official narrative ).

Could a very advantageous invitation to Maher’s show have been simply a sudden and creative way to make a Public Relations problem disappear?

I don’t have a smoking gun email or other form of communication connecting HRC & Bill Maher or his shows network ABC to post here, but is this all that far out of what we could easily perceive as a possibility?

Does anyone think to themselves as they read this “HRC wouldn’t do that” or “Bill Maher/ABC wouldn’t involve themselves in that“?

I can’t speak for anyone else, but in my opinion HRC would do something like this w/o much hesitation at all. I also don’t much envision a scenario in which ABC or Maher’s moral turpitude would prove to be a derailment in this hypothetical chain of events.

When the official story looks like the least likely scenario, it’s usually a good time to readjust your takeaway.

Barbara Olson‘s book did in fact release posthumously & it did well in that it was on the New York Times Bestseller list for 3 months after its availability in October of 2001.

However it caught America at a different time & this is an obvious and notable distinction.

Post 9-11 it wasn’t just unfashionable , but really it was a venture that came with severe consequences to publicly be critical of anyone in a prominent political position.

HRC was a state Senator for New York by this time & according to her own PR team, she had basically singlehandedly raised NY from the ashes of the terrorist attacks that took place in the fall of 2001.

It’s still incredible to me now, how just a scant 15-20 years ago it was a career death knell to criticize ( an awful ) President in George W. Bush.

The Dixie Chicks found this out , from top of the charts & the Grammy’s to pioneers on the wrong side of the yet to emerge Cancel Culture. For not being patriotic based on their much too public questioning of Bush.

Now in 2020, it is obviously beneficial to your entertainment career to dedicate an inordinate amount of time to criticizing the President & even more than that, as there really are no limits to what many entertainers will say or threaten.

Having a day long meeting with the Secret Service is now seen as a great career move. It’s bizarre and it reminds me both how short people’s working memories are & also how quickly we can go from one bad polar degree to the other, when balance is what should be sought.

To finish up the main topic here, perhaps Barbara Olson was booked on a plane that some people knew would never get to where it was going?

Perhaps this was because of her choice of political enemy and the creative resources that this politician had available to her in the entertainment industry?

This is all possible and to me at least it very much seems more likely than what the history books currently report as having happened.

What about when you add in the element that is also an ever increasingly popular theory.

The theory that no plane ever hit the Pentagon and that instead it was a missile or similar type of projectile?

Where did the plane go? How about the 64 people allegedly on board? What about the Author on her way to sit across from Bill Maher on his nationally syndicated TV show?

What really happened to that person who wrote that unpopular book?

The potential scope of revelations to do with the last few generations of our countries history (and beyond) are staggering to think about.

Here’s hoping for a high level of disclosure, sooner rather than later.