Earlier this week I posted This Article looking into some very interesting date measurements comparing the separate & unrelated tragedies that befell Rodney King, Trayvon Martin, & George Floyd.

These tragic occurrences are understood to be entirely independent of each other , but whether by coincidence or some other reasoning(s) they in fact appear to be connected via different integral aspects of their timing in relation to each other.

For this update I’m going to specifically discuss the bizarre relation of time elapsed regarding key aspects of the Trayvon Martin & George Floyd incidents.

One of these measurements I did fully identify in the last article , but the other updated measurement that I didn’t see initially is going to turn out to be the key correspondence that ties all of this together, at least into a place that makes it challenging to simply dismiss as coincidence.

With this update I’ll try to make the case that the deaths of Trayvon Martin & George Floyd are absolutely connected. There is a certain underlying precision connecting these 2 events & it is a perspective that is not something that will show up on Main Stream Media.

The initial time difference was found and identified in the original post. I’ll reset it here as I believe that while it is impressive on its own, when considered along side the 2nd newly refined measurement … it’s impact is much greater.

This is a comparison of the Birthdates of George Floyd & George Zimmerman. Zimmerman being the man who killed Trayvon Martin on Feb 26 2012.

George Floyd of course being another very recent tragic figure. While these cases have similar underlying societal aspects, they are not known to share any personal connection whatsoever.

George Floyd was born on October 14 1973

George Zimmerman was born on October 5 1983.

Their births are separated by 9 years 11 months & 21 days.

9 11 21 is an obvious matching visual representation of 9/11/2001

It is also a directly matching correspondence of the abbreviation U.S.A. & the very specific process involved with the Presidential Inaguration ritual that occurs once every 4 years even if an incumbent wins.

This is explained in better detail Here if interested in expanded details.

It’s important to keep in mind that the George Floyd event was already flush with Twin Towers symbolism prior to any kind of consideration applied to his birthdate as it compares to the George Zimmerman D.O.B.

He was quickly revealed to have a well known best friend in Stephen Jackson who then recalled that they considered themselves “TWINS” due to both a reportedly strong friendship & also an uncanny physical resemblance.

He was killed in Minneapolis which is famously considered one of the TWIN CITIES along with St. Paul MN. This is such a part of the cities identity that they named their MLB team the Minnesota Twins. These and other avenues are explored more in depth here Twinsanity – Are we being Duped again? .

There is an additional strong time based correspondence that I’ll mention here in case you don’t decide to take in the other post as well. The Events of 9/11/2001 suddenly began at 8:46 AM as this was the specific time of day that Flight 11 collided with the North Tower of The World Trade Center.

8:46 is also the very specific amount of time that has been officially recorded to represent the duration of George Floyd having had his ability to breathe severely compromised by evil cop Derek Chauvin. This amount of time isn’t simply buried in incident reports, but rather has been adopted as a Rallying Cry and thus is repeatedly in the public’s field of vision. One of many examples is Dave Chapelle‘s surprise special using that measurement as it’s title.

When I stumbled upon that correspondence in the last post , even I was momentarily taken aback by this measurement. I mention that because i find unlikely & very meaningful connections like this every day & have been doing so for the last 5 years. I became largely desensitized after about the first year of this newly acquired sight.

It does take something extra for me to find one that makes me realize my work is done for the day & once I found that particular correspondence, I immediately decided it was time to wrap up that post as I didn’t think I could possibly uncover anything that would trump that find.

However, in my haste to publish … I missed the other connecting measurement that greatly helps in completing this overall picture.

Throughout my website you will see various posts in which I do my best to point out Time Measurements and/or instances of other similar symbolism that relates directly to the number 888.

This particular number seems to be a reoccurring theme that I don’t actively seek out specifically, rather it is just “there” in many important places naturally and completely outside of my influence past just the ability to uncover it and share it with the reader.

9 11 21 connects the 2 George’s, Floyd & Zimmerman.

What connects George Floyd and Trayvon Martin?

Trayvon Martin was killed on 2/26/2012

George Floyd died on 5/25/2020

In the last post I had noticed & subsequently inserted a graphic showing that these 2 dates were separated by 3011 days & I suggested a potential surface connection to the date of 3/11.

March 11 being the date that the worldwide quarantine was initiated , I thought this might be good “food for thought” , but I do recognize that type of correspondence to be in the realm of abstract & I much prefer working in & hopefully finding certainties.

The 3011 days number didn’t immediately jump out at me as it had once before Here .

However, earlier today I was able to refine this rough 3011 day number into a correspondence that shows much more specific measurement.

3011 days is also equal to 8 years & 88 days

This means that it is a fact that according to the respective concrete official narratives that George Floyd was killed exactly 8 years and 88 days after Trayvon Martin was killed in 2012.

It is also a fact that George Floyd was born exactly 9 years 11 months and 21 days before the birth of George Zimmerman who later went on to kill Trayvon Martin 8 years and 88 days before the murder of George Floyd.

Taking into account how these completely unrelated events are connected by this very specific and meaningful set of numbers via time measurements that can not be possibly manipulated while still maintaining accuracy. This leaves me with 3 possibilities to suggest for the reasoning.

1. It means nothing. It’s just a series of unlikely yet random coincidences. While perhaps interesting , these connections are meaningless and purely a fluke as they relate to the measured elapsed times.

2. There is a larger narrative being perpetrated here by man-made sources. These events are therefore being pre-planned to happen on certain days of very specific distance in relation to each other. Whether this is to serve as a “calling card” ( after all isn’t it “symbolism” that is predicted to be be “their downfall“? )

OR perhaps there is a more expanded purpose past just being a “calling card” and in fact the timing and/or encoding serves a working purpose? Perhaps there are certain sciences and knowledge that are largely unknown except by those few who are born into the right crib or later on those that might get a tap on the shoulder from the right kind of person.

It is known that certain occult knowledge is to only be communicated “mouth to ear” and never to be written down except perhaps encoded in metaphor, analogy, and other symbolic representations. This type of presentation is what is referred to as being “hidden in plain sight”.

3. The 3rd possibility is directly related to the aforementioned second perspective. The 3rd possibility is that these things happened purely by intelligent design as many times strife is required for large scale change.

The safely kept hidden knowledges that do in fact exist, were not invented by the Freemasons, theblue bloods” , or any other kind of governmental agency or secret society that may happen to possess these knowledges currently.

The “Time” & numerical correspondences that I tap into specifically are naturally occurring & to my certain view at least … this is due to intelligent design (God by whatever representation you may prefer , there are many “right” answers).

There are certain patterns that exist naturally & some of them have shown to serve specific purpose in their interaction with us people. One such pattern that is in the public realm of knowledge is the Divine Ratio or PHI.

This pattern interacts with our subconscious mind & Leonardo Da Vinci knew this, he applied it with purpose to his work as he knew this would draw our attention a specific kind of way as we associate this pattern with divine aesthetic beauty & this happens without needing the initial effort or cooperation of the viewers conscious mind. This ratio directly interacts with the subconscious mind & this happens even if this persons conscious mind is completely focused on other things.

The Divine Ratio is just one pattern of many (although I believe they are all intimately connected) I’ll ask the reader to consider the possibility that some of the reoccurring patterns I’ve shown on this website due to their consistent presence in very notable places … that these reoccurring number based measurements are in fact visual markers of much more secretly known patterns that have similar effects as does the Divine Ratio.

While Da Vinci‘s usage of PHI was proven to interact with our subconscious mind in the way of aesthetics and perceived beauty. Additional patterns may well exist & their potential invisible interaction can also influence our subconscious minds in different ways too.

PHI effects our vision in its interaction with Beauty and Divine Balance. This could be seen as having to do with Love at its most base level. Many or perhaps all of our emotions can be traced back to one of 2 sources, Love & Fear. If PHI can be applied to interact with our subconscious in a way of LOVE , certainly FEAR based emotions can also be similarly stimulated on a subconscious level with likely much lesser knownRatios“.

By no means is the inclusion of this kind of pattern simply limited to 2D visual art pieces. It is in great writings that never seem to go out of style despite being of great age, it’s in Cinema & not just the classic movies. I don’t think that assertion would surprise many of you.

It is something that can be woven into many different forms of Media & that certainly also includes the news and the events they choose to place their focus upon.

We are very used to the terminologyMain Stream Media” and have said it so many times that the curious label it holds has been normalized.

The Material or Form used by an Artist”

This is an instance of something being “hidden in plain sight” via normalization.

Most of the people who read my website wouldn’t consider it all that well hidden , but the vast ( yet shrinking ) majority of people don’t make any conscious connection to what its accepted label implies it to be.

In my view there definitely are applications of unknown to most ratios similar to the Divine Ratio & these can effect peoples perceptions in various ways.

Perhaps it can be encoded into a government proposal that a clear minded person would normally reject automatically due to its potential negative effect on their own lifestyle or livelihood.

However due to the hypnotic nature of the proposal , which has usually been immediately preceded by a man-made created event to artificially necessitate the reasoning behind there being a proposal at all …. this hypothetical proposal doesn’t draw the intuitive instant reaction that it would from a clear minded person.

The deck has also already been stacked in order to manipulate the common persons free will as the Man Made Narrative in question had also been encoded in its handling via the Main Stream Media on all assortment of 24 hour News Networks.

The Hegelian Dialectic graphic further describes this well known form of manipulation that many of us are already somewhat familiar with.

While obviously already highly psychologically manipulative in its structure , I do believe that a process involving encoded symbolism is used in concert with it as well.

This really might best explain why we all know people who we consider smart and also possessing good common sense in many situations, but they just cannot begin to entertain the idea that the News & some of the politicians are being intentionally disingenuous over and over again.

It’s important to remember here that the 24 News Cycle on TV did not exist like it does now before 9/11/2001.

The “News Ticker” that runs on the bottom of the major networks now at all times did not exist at all until 9/11/2001. It was a specific creation for that event and it never went away. People are being besieged at all times and from all angles when hypnotically watching these networks.

During the COVID-19 (non) event this has trickled into other non news networks programming on a large scale. Both Animal Planet & Nickelodeon have been force feeding many hours of Covid19 content into their schedules & this has been expanded to the civil unrest involving the George Floyd incident.

All of this “Programming” could very well be & likely is loaded with this same kind of encoding as described above using Da Vinci and his Art as an example.

2020 has been a bizarre year, I think we can all agree on that assessment.

It does very much seem like things are headed for one final “showdown” and that the “bad guys” are pooling all of their resources in an attempt to go down swinging.

I personally have no doubt that their efforts will be in vain & that just as aggressively as the effort began over the last few months to manufacture this bizarre fear basednew normal” into a sort of collective agreement, that it will be transcended in the end just as aggressively from the side of resistance.

As many of us have confidently discovered in recent years , it does seem that “theyneed our permission to actually do these things that “they” know is not really in our best interests. There are Universal Laws at play here 105 Universal Laws and they must be adhered to.

That is all I have for today , but I did offer 3 potential reasoning for the strange time connections involving Trayvon Martin, George Floyd, and George Zimmerman & I should offer my personal opinion on those.

1. Coincidence

2. Man Made events using intentional representations of divine mathematics.

3. Intelligent Design: The Genuine article & based on the concept that you many times have to Destroy before you can Rebuild.

I know it’s not coincidence, but I’m locked in pretty well and I don’t think It would be possible for me to revert back to when I was more of that kind of mindset on these types of things. I know that may not carry thru for everyone else though & so I hope I did a decent job of presenting information in a way to nudge you away from that (imo) limiting kind of mindset.

I do not believe it’s the 3rd option either. When Intelligent Design is at play it happens in a way that can be described as undeniable. If you look at it from the right perspective you can find order out of the chaos.

The 2nd option of a man made attempt to mimic intelligent design as it applies to our collective subconscious mindset , this seems like the winner. This group(s) of people often adopt that “Order out of Chaos” slogan , but they’re still human and this is a far cry from option 3.

Current events have seemingly consisted of a repeating cycle of ridiculous events that are being championed and propped up by a similarly ridiculous group of public figures who seem to have exaggerated their credentials in order to create an illusion of expertise and authority that should not be in question. It hasn’t been very convincing to my view.