I have just recently noticed a very strange series of synchronicities having to do with the events that have been dominating the increasingly bizarre MainStream Media News cycle as of late.

I have already been looking at many of 2020‘s most impactful events from alternate perspectives that are largely based in symbolism & this is a similar approach, but still quite different than my usual content.

Lately I’ve been thinking specifically about the ongoing events that began in late May with the killing of George Floyd In Minneapolis.

Minneapolis was the immediate epicenter, but the unrest quickly spread to different areas throughout the U.S.

Before long another extraordinary situation began to unfold in Seattle, Washington.

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone ( CHAZ ) was established by protesters on June 8 2020. This bizarre series of events unfolded quickly as inexplicably there was very little resistance offered by local officials & authorities. In fact, the most accurate summation is that it was simply allowed to happen.

While the potential connections I am going to discuss now may initially seem beyond belief, do consider how unbelievable the official reported news based facts that I’m using for comparison already seem to defy conventional reality.

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” – Dorothy Gale

Hearing someone refer to Seattle as “The Emerald City” on a news report yesterday is what got me thinking. I had previous knowledge of this nickname, but I hadn’t thought about it for a long time. Last week I had done a lot of thinking about the famous nickname of another major U.S. City.

On the Minneapolis side you have “The Twin Cities” & on the Seattle side you have “The Emerald City“.

I didn’t expect it to go much further than an initial correspondence, but soon the matches just kept coming.

This is what I found …

The TWIN Cities

I’ve written a lot about this curious “Twin” symbolism that showed up prominently from differing angles in the George Floyd case.

Twin Cities being more impactful than simply a nickname to Minneapolis , but rather I’d say it’s very near & dear to their collective identity. One place this shows up in is the naming of their MLB team The Minnesota Twins.

Interestingly “Twins” was soon revealed to be a self proclaimed long time nickname used between Floyd & Retired NBA player Stephen Jackson.

Due to the enormity of escalation involving the George Floyd event, I also made comparisons to its potential connection to the symbolism of the “Twin Towers“.

The Wizard of OZ has its own instance of a pair of twins becoming reduced to one prominently included in its plot. Many of us became so familiar with this scene at such a young age that we may have missed its symbolic nature.

The Wizard of OZ‘s Twins are more in line with how George Floyd & Stephen Jackson considered themselves “Twins“. This was described by Jackson as being a natural description due to having had such a close relationship along with looking strikingly similar.

When Dorothy arrives in OZ the Cyclone has put her wayward house on top of The Wicked Witch of the East & she is instantly killed. The Munchkins are overjoyed of course, but right away they communicate to Dorothy that she is in imminent danger as she will soon have to deal with the Wicked Witch of the West for what she has unintentionally done.

The Book offers additional context in relation to their relationship. The Wicked Witches of the East & West were not in fact related , but they had “leagued” together & had become partners all the same.

The book points this out in a fashion as if to nip the potential for confusion in the bud right away as it may regard the depth of their overall relationship.

I took this to indicate that they were so similar in both nature & appearance that someone who didn’t know better would think they were sisters or very possibly “twins“.

So now we are left with a situation in which 2 nearly identical people have suddenly become 1 or twins having become one.

The Twin Towers are destroyed & in their place is the newly constructed single tower.

In Back To The Future , the Twin Pines Mall becomes The Lone Pine Mall.

In Minneapolis George Floyd died tragically & Stephen Jackson remains to grieve his self proclaimed Twin.


Seattle has long & famously been known as “The Emerald City“, although the reasoning for it is somewhat generic.

The handful of online resources I’ve accessed to get clarity on that question, have all had the same response.

The Wizard of OZ synchronicity is acknowledged right off the bat in each instance, but just to mention that there is no known direct connection to the famous book, but rather it is nicknamed simply due to how “Green” everything is due to their large annual rainfall. This is also the reason attributed to the State of Washington’s nickname.

Washington State is nicknamed “The EverGreen State” this brings to my recall former 1st Lady Hillary Clinton whose Secret Service code name is “EverGreen“.

Could HRC be a symbolic match for the Wicked Witch of the West?

Right here I was going to mention Bill Gates & his own potentialWizard of OZ” symbolism due to his Seattle connection & in the process of doing some supporting research, I found that someone else had already made some of these connections long before me.

This is a pretty bizarre find in my opinion.

This book is on Amazon & attributed to “The Hillary Clinton Fanclub” rather than a specific author.

If you go to Amazon and find this book, it will link you to another handful of similarly adjusted classics. Each with Hillary being the heroine & Trump being the villain.

It looks to perhaps be just a self published fan fiction type of book. What I found odd was the Date it was published as this has been available since June 19 2016, nearly 5 months before the 2016 Presidential Election.

While it makes some sense that someone who has very strongly specific political views might publish a series of re-booted classics with Hillary Clinton as the heroine & Donald Trump as the Villain.

However this only makes much sense to me if it was published after the 2016 election when I’m sure there were plenty of “hurt feelings” due to those unexpected results.

It would seem to me that the kind of energy & vitriol needed to take on this kind of project(s) wouldn’t have existed in June of 2016 as that kind of hypothetical author would surely still look at Donald Trump & see a “speed bump” on the way to HRC’s upcoming White House appointment.

I do find this interesting & would love to know the actual source of these books.

Getting back on track though, it is still good to note the potential Bill Gates connection.

While not on a Vaccine publicity tour like Bill Gates, another super-villain like ever present character also deeply associated with Seattle is Jeff Bezos. Amazon was founded in Seattle & he also maintains a primary residence in that same area. This could also be another player in these connections.

The Emerald City is not only is home to Chaz, but it turns out it also shares connections with many of our 2020 main characters.

When this comparative thought 1st came to me, all that it involved was the 2 cities nicknames, a working knowledge of that Twin symbolism & how the George Floyd event & fallout had a healthy dose of it in its details.

I didn’t think that I’d get much further with it , but shortly from there I found a necessary & unlikely 3rd ingredient.


If you think you have a symbolism match for both OZ & The Emerald City, it’s a must that a Yellow Brick Road directly connect these two places, otherwise you’ll only have a couple of interesting coincidences.

When I first began began to look for a long shot potential correspondence for the famous road, I had no idea that a quite literal one would immediately show up. This is the exact moment I knew I’d have a long post to write.

The YellowStone Trail which counts “The Emerald CitySeattle as an origination point seems like something that one of the 4-5 Seattle based websites that I viewed regarding nickname origination might at least mention? If nothing else at least as a “fun fact” but I guess it’s maybe too obvious to notice?

The YellowStone Trail ( compares almost exactly to Yellow Brick Road ) obviously owes some of its namesake to YellowStone National Park which lies directly between Minneapolis & Seattle.

 In the early days of the Yellowstone Trail (generally before the advent of numeric signs and highway designations), the route was identified with yellow bands painted around trees and telephone poles, yellow arrows painted on barns, yellow painted rock piles, and so on.

This road really lived up to the spirit of the Similarly named Yellow Brick Road made famous in the books & later the film.

It went through Minneapolis Minnesota & connected it directly to The Emerald City of Seattle.

While some of the original identifying route signs & garages remaining , The YellowStone trail has mostly given way to newer infrastructure.

In Current day Minnesota The YellowStone Trail roughly follows Highway 212. The red line below marks Highway 212.

I underlined the number 212 up above as it is immensely important in both a symbolic and alchemical sense.

To my immediate view (and hopefully a few others who happen across this site) finding out that not only did a historic road named The YellowStone Trail directly connect The Twin Cities to The Emerald City, but that this historic road has now given way to Highway 212 … this told me that something very strange is indeed going on with the way that current events are unfolding.

I truly wish I could explain the full alchemical importance of that number 212 in a couple of paragraphs, but in fact the reason I created this website was to hopefully eventually teach realistically a “few” people about the magic that this number points towards & it’ll probably take a lot of content to help accomplish that goal.

This is a good opportunity for me to however offer one pertinent & related correspondence directly having to do with 212 that does show its alchemical impact on a more visual physical plane.

212 degrees is the temperature at which water boils.

This is an important chemical reaction , but only at a basic level, but do keep in mind that is a symbolic marker of what this number is a part of as you escalate your understanding. That said do make mental note of the number at least as it’s relation to being the temperature at which water boils for the time being.

I’ll leave this be as I don’t like to give the impression that I’m withholding something that I could possibly share , it’s just different than that & I hope one day you’ll know exactly what I mean by that description.

However one quick notable supporting fact for anyone, but especially for birds Highway 212 is 948 miles long.

Right now we have 3 principle connections. The Emerald City of Seattle & The YellowStone Trail are so strong in their literal correspondence that i imagine it would be the MinneapolisTwin Cities symbolism that I might have the most people currently on the fence regarding.

I think that the type of reader I tend to attract to this site probably does have the sight to see the prominent twin symbolism in the George Floyd event & can at least somewhat recognize the potential for the Twin analogy being specifically present in the inciting incident of the Wizard of Oz.

Hopefully you’ll allow me that temporary benefit of the doubt as I work on strengthening the case against simple coincidence with some other odd connections I have compiled here.

This first thing is probably something some of you will see potential value in & some may not , but it’s been floating around in my head and id rather go ahead & offer it for consideration & not just wish I did later.

I like to look for hidden truths or meaning in words. Fans of Jordan Maxwell might be versed in taking apart words this certain way to find certain truths.

I’ll give a few examples to better explain.

DepressedDeep Rest

Intimacy– Into me you see

Sometimes the truth is hidden in plain sight, so well we don’t notice it & therefore becomes less objectionable.

GovernmentGovernTo Rule or Control MentMental

Government could be seen as a very open & honest statement of intention to Control Minds.

To apply it directly here, Dorothy lands in MunchkinLand.

Very specifically a Land of Munchkins or “Little People”

Looking at Minneapolis, Polis means “City.

For me at least it is not much of a stretch to hear Minneapolis & take away MINI CITY.

Munchkin Land – Mini City

Very much saying the same thing if a certain kind of perspective is adopted.

For a comparable instance showing this same kind of simplicity , we can consider Indianapolis. This was actually a direct inspiration for Charles Hoag who is credited with naming Minneapolis.

Indiana means Land of the Indians & Indianapolis means Indian City.

I know that may seem too abstract or even too simplistic to some, but I do think it’s important & highly interesting as well.

Next we have Judy Garland who famously played Dorothy Gale in the 1939 Film adaptation of The Wizard of OZ.

Born in Grand Rapids Minnesota , also home to the Judy Garland Museum.

I wouldn’t have guessed that Judy Garland was a native Minnesotan prior to looking into potential further connections for this post.

It’s a swell state, Minnesota,” Garland said after her trip. “I’m proud it’s my home, and I know a few hundred thousand of us who feel the same wayJudy Garland after returning home from making The Wizard of Oz


To Qualify Minneapolis as a potential representation for MunchkinLand it should be looked into if The Twin Cities indeed have a history of notable Tornadoes as geographically some places are much more susceptible to this weather phenomenon than others.

The grouping of States south of Minnesota comprise a prominent section of something called “Tornado Alley” & this is in large part due to the flat plains that mostly cover these states, but I’ve never heard too much specifically about Minnesota regarding Tornado Activity, but I also wasn’t listening too closely.

It is worth noting that both Kansas & Nebraska are just South of Minnesota. Dorothy came to MunchkinLand via a Tornado out of Kansas & the eventually revealed actual Wizard of Oz came by way of Omaha Nebraska while getting lost in his Hot Air Balloon.

Minnesota is not only located very closely from where these Wizard of Oz characters hail, It also does in fact turn out to be very Tornado prone.

The Twin Cities area does in fact have a long history of being a potential Tornado hotbed just like their neighbors to the South.

I’ve isolated a few of the most notable instances.

The most recent major Tornado to specifically target Minneapolis (1 dead 48 injured) was on May 22 2011.

9 years & 3 days prior to the George Floyd Incident.

Shortly before that on June 17 2010 there was an official report of 48 separate tornadoes in the area.

3 dead and 45 Injured.

This was 9 years 11 months and 8 days prior to the George Floyd Incident.

And finally …

The last F5 Tornado to have swept through Minnesota did so on 6/16/92.

27 yrs 11 mos 9 days prior to the George Floyd Event.

All of these Minneapolis Tornadoes produce measurements that at the very least are a highly coincidental match for the reoccurring 9/11/2001 set of numbers.

Just to quickly specifically point out the 9 yrs 3 days measurement in case it doesn’t initially look familiar in relation to 9/11. It was an oddly reoccurring figure in the official numbers of that day , two of the most prominent were flight 93 & the South tower being struck at 9:03 AM.

Ill add this additional number match here at it continues the number pattern established by the Tornadoes.

L. Frank Baum Author of The Wizard of OZ died on May 6 1919 or 36911 days prior to the George Floyd Event in Minneapolis.

Some additional correspondences for context below.


As happens many times when a film is adapted from a book, the film version makes certain timerelated necessary cuts of plot points that were very central to the overall story in the book.

Dorothy still comes crashing down in MunchkinLand in the book version, but there are some big differences about their description that doesn’t make it into the movie.

In the book the munchkins favorite color is Blue and past just being their favorite color this is the color of all of their clothing & also the color of their surroundings.

Meanwhile living in the county south of Munchkin County were the QUADLINGS.

The Quadlings were very similar to the the Munchkins in appearance & demeanor, but with one big difference. They all wore Red & their surroundings were Red as well.

Applying this quirky yet important aspect of the book to current events isn’t too challenging. This exists on Twitter for sure, but really everywhere that interest in current day politics exists.

And conversely

The first & best way you can instantly deduce someone’s political loyalty is the color of their sign, shirt, hat. or the color scheme of their Twitter profile. It’s very ever present.

Additionally a literal geographic match is present if assigning Minneapolis, Minnesota to correspond directly to MunchkinLand in Munchkin County. (Map Below)

A map showing Democrat run Minnesota reveals …

Republican Run Iowa is directly South & additionally all four of the states south of Minnesota on this map are considered to be classically RED states that very rarely are considered to have much potential for flipping during a presidential election.

I’ve personally not usually been too interested on which political party currently runs which state, but as of late the fact that Minnesota is a Democratic state has been a hugely important factor concerning what just happened in the Twin Cities.

In addition to that, due to the vast differences involving Covid-19 reopening & places most marred by rioting & looting being very predictable based on the political affiliation of their leadership …. this has been of increased importance across the country as of late.


I am going to add a couple more potential lesser known correspondences from the book & then offer a few thoughts in closing as this is becoming a very long post from what was just a quick passing thought over the weekend.

In the Book the Wicked Witch of the West sends Wolves, Crows, & also Bees after Dorothy and her traveling party.

The Wolves again make me think of Minnesota.

Minnesota is famous for their population of Eastern Timber Wolves. It’s not their state animal only because they’ve chosen not to have one at all. It’s almost unanimously agreed that this would be the choice for that kind of designation.

The Minneapolis based NBA Basketball Team is even named The Minnesota Timberwolves.

Way back up top I mentioned that Hillary Clinton‘s Secret Service Code Name is Evergreen & this is a perfect match for Washington State, with it being known as the Evergreen State.

George Herbert Walker Bush had a secret service nickname of TimberWolf.

The Wicked Witch of the West also sent Bees after the group of travelers. In a year of news almost as bizarre as this post you are currently reading, along came this headline in the midst of the Covid19 outbreak.

I’m biting my tongue for now on just a few more similar correspondences to be able to wrap this post up. The problem has been that whenever I decide to research a new aspect of the Wizard Of Oz Book or Movie and compare it to 2020’s ongoing news cycle, more connections come up.

I have mostly been away from the News over the last 3 days, so if I see something that definitely fits here well enough that it should be prominently featured, I will add it in. This also does seem to me as an ongoing process as it seems like If we are just in the middle of the movie right now.

So “What” is this?

Is it proof that someone like me can connect just about anything to a theory they are thinking they see? No matter how high that challenge may be?

Is it some grand planned out series of correspondences by the “powers that be” in order to somehow present us a full cycle of unbelievable news stories that we’ll see as oddly comforting due to a subliminal underlying story in which we are virtually all comfortably familiar with? Meanwhile they are inserting agenda(s) that would usually take multiple generations using a more believable pace?

Or could this be something very strange happening due an event of collective consciousness?

The Wizard of OZ May be a good source subject to consider the possibility of this type of phenomenon against.

The Wizard of OZ is acknowledged as being the current most seen movie in Human History.

The movie didn’t show up until 39 years after the first of the 14 book series. Which the Library of Congress has declaredAmerica’s most beloved Home Grown Fairytale”.

Could Collective Consciousness be possibly taking this esoteric work and applying it to current events in an effort to wrap this story up in hopefully an ending like the movies, in which the “heroes” find out they had what they sought all along?

This is obviously a pretty abstract area of study, but there is something to it in my opinion. It gets seen from different perspectives at times as well.

Some people notice something they call “The Mandela Effect” and it’s seeming ability to bend reality. I know that some of the people who read this site are familiar with “Project Looking Glass” & this could be in that same vein of “science“.

One last term I’ll put out there for research if your interest has been piqued at all by this, and that is Synchromysticism. I highly recommend looking into this area of study.

It’s fascinating and may look quite familiar to this theory that I’ve offered.

The best source for high quality work on this subject is from Synchromysticism pioneer Jake Kotze & he can be found on Youtube & Vimeo as @seallion. Vimeo is the place with his much more comprehensive library of content.

If you happen to run into him , will you let him know I’ve been trying to get his attention on IG for a long time, it would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading