I’m noticing an undeniable pattern in many of the events coming to a head in 2020. I’m hoping to show enough clear instances of repetition of this pattern as to take the reader past the threshold of perceived coincidence.

It’s all about the number 888 w/ an assist from the number 23.

Two notable events that serve as the foundation of this timeline took place on October 5 2017.

President Donald Trump made an memorable yet vague comment about that particular day, describing it as the “Calm Before the Storm“.

Meanwhile on this same day across the country in California, Harvey Weinstein was abruptly “Cancelled” after failing to withstand a storm of his own, one that had begun with a The New York Times article that very morning & concluded with him stepping down from his production company and out of town by days end.

23 Days after the cryptic “Calm Before The Storm” comment , the first Q drop appeared on October 28 2017.

Much speculation had been given to the full meaning of that comment, but even more so it became a question of when this “Storm” would arrive?

The answer was 888 days.

888 days later brought us to March 11th 2020.

Many notable events happened on this day to bring these various elements of a Perfect Storm into play.

Tom Hanks announced that he & his wife Rita Wilson had contracted CoronaVirus. Hanks status as an “everyman” type of celebrity caused people to almost feel like they knew someone personally who had this virus.

Curiously, Harvey Weinstein’s own personal Storm was right on schedule 888 days later as well.

Weinstein was sentenced on 3/11/20 to serve 23 years in Prison. The two narratives that had both began on October 5 2017 had come to their major transition point on the same day in 2020.

Just as the appearance of Q had been on a 23 day delay to the “Storm” comment, Weinstein shared this number 23 in common to that timeline in years sentenced.

This is important & I’ll show how down below.

A few hours later, It was revealed that Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz had now also been diagnosed as having tested positive for the CoronaVirus.

The NBA responded by immediately postponing operations indefinitely, citing the virus as the reason for this decision.

This included any game that had yet to tip off that evening & led to fans already in attendance to be sent home.

This was the beginning of the “Storm” as the NBA & Hanks announcements kicked off the Quarantine in real time.

To tie this together with 2020‘s other major news event and to challenge the idea that it is all coincidental, we can add the case of George Floyd into the equation.

On May 25 2020 George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis by a police officer named Derek Chauvin.

This case has its own fascinating set of circumstances outlined in some additional posts on this website, but for the purpose of this writing I’ll highlight one aspect that very much fits the context here.

George Floyd born on October 14 1973 is reported to have been born 9 years 11 months & 21 days before George Zimmerman who’s DOB is listed as October 5 1983.

This is an easy to see comparison to 9 11 2001 (21).

The match with the George Zimmerman birthdate is very odd and while not yet obvious, this 911 reference does directly tie into the 888‘s being discussed.

The other end of this match really makes the idea of coincidence hard to believe.

George Floyd was killed 8 years & 88 days after the killing of Trayvon Martin.

We are left with at least 3 major events corresponding to this perfect storm of 2020, all having to do with the number 888.

Also we have some seemingly unrelated occurrence of the 911 symbolism intertwined as well, but it’s not quite unrelated.

888 + 23 = 911

888 days of Calm + 23 day delay in first Drop / 911

888 days of Weinstein’s exile + 23 year prison sentence / 911

9 yrs 11 mos 21 days before Zimmerman & 8 years 88 days after T. Martin

It’s a formula , but what kind of formula?

It’s maybe best described as Alchemy that primarily interacts with our subconscious minds.

The presence of this curious 888 day stretch of time found in all of these separate ongoing narratives isn’t where this run of coincidences ends & perhaps we can understandwhy” if we can see what that number may signify to those in the “know“?

Here are some things about the number 888 that are not evident using our normal face value takeaway.

9:11 AM is the 551st minute of the day.

One thing that i hope to highlight here as it is of paramount importance is what I call “Negative Space”.

If you & 1 more similarly “seeing & understanding” person are in a group of 100 total people looking at the time 9:11 AM, it can be safely assumed that in all likelihood the other 98 people see that time & simply reconcile it as time stamp of varying importance based on their immediate circumstances and personal schedule.

Due to the events of 9/11/2001, a few people may note a light to moderate feeling of synchronization due to that 911 symbolism being a “take noticenumber now due to that infamous day along with it also being the first phone number we likely knew of in our youth.

The 2 people with eyes to see will have a different takeaway. It’s about seeing the Negative Space that is already there.

This is applied as a direct law of Satanism above, but I don’t want to necessarily paint it in such a foreboding nature as it’s important to learn this in order to know what to look for & how to train yourself to see it.

Let’s see what the 2 people in my hypothetical group of 100 may well see & be able to use to communicate as it’s a cypher that exists all on its own & needs no outside application.

9:11 AM is exactly 888 minutes before midnight.

888 is a known Divine Number

Since the number 888 is directly associated w/ the above meanings , in this case “The Christ“.

It’s opposite would be considered the Anti-Christ or at least a direct symbolism of same. This is one primary way an opposite is represented.

The 9:11 or 551 minutes is representative of the direct opposite to the 888 energy and/or symbolism.

Once you find an instance such as 9:11, it has a funny way of having the same effect in other circumstances despite seemingly only sharing surface details.

Moving from 9:11 AM to a simplified counting measure of 911 minutes.

The 911th minute of the day is 3:11 PM

Take note that it was on 3/11 that the Quarantine kicked off due to the aforementioned perfect storm of activity. What I would describe as a man-made instance in this case.

3:11 PM is 8 hours & 48 minutes before midnight.

And 8:48 IS 8.8 hours when ran through a calculator.

3:11 PM on a clock also communicates 8.8 hours of negative space.

9/11 as a date also fits this same process.

Many have noticed & mentioned that 9/11 as the 254th day of the year, is 111 days prior to the end of the year.

This is one instance where I’ve seen many people pick up on the potential importance of negative space.

What I haven’t seen yet is the further reconciliation of that 111 day measurement.

The Ceiling number for a year can on one hand be 365 or potentially 366 if it’s a leap year, but it can also be something else that lines up w/ more traditional mathematics.

In this case it would be 999, your first inclination may be to assume it to be 1000, but the zero isn’t a fully authenticnumber“. It’s considered a place holder, so 999 would be the greatest pure number between 1-1000.

999 minus

111 equals


888 (again)

You’ll notice I interchange the units you’d find on a calendar & the units found on a clock. This is ok & in fact encouraged as while these measurements give differing bottom line results, they operate in a very relatable cyclical fashion to each other & it all comes out in the wash w/ similar patterns.

A quick explanation of what I have come to believe is the importance of these measurements as given in the examples above & their continued correspondences.

I am of the mindset that these naturally occurring patterns exist everywhere & with everyone, not just Big events in History & the Media. I also consider this proof of intelligent design, the kind of proof you can check an infinite amount of times as it ties together important events in anyone’s life.

While everything may seem random on the surface, I’ve often been given for example someone’s birthdate, a close relatives birthdate, & maybe the date a very memorable personal to them good or bad thing happened in their life & the measurements can usually find a pattern as to how these things are not just due to random happenstance, but rather on schedule.

I look at what I do as trying to identify synchronicity in how it shows up in relation to linear time. It is like throwing a bucket of paint on the invisible man.

If you learn to see this kind of symbolism and begin comparing the dates you were born versus the dates of your kids birthdates, wedding day, or lots of other notable events … you’ll increasingly see that it’s not so random after all.

I mention this as it would seem that there is a very small % of people who know these secret or occult sciences & not only make sure to protect this information from everyone else, but use or apply this knowledge to manipulate many aspects of what goes on all around us.

It’s not the knowledge or symbolic language that causes what could be considered evil circumstances, it is generally the intent of the people manipulating these neutral intent forces who are responsible for the outcomes.

This extremely long running game of “keep away” is rationalized by these people in many ways. It’s considered a birthright in plenty of cases or something reserved for only those who ascend to the very top ranks of a secret society. Even this is more up to human social politics than a pure sense of worthiness as it’s the already existing top tier who decides whom that might be,

There are reasons why it would be dangerous for certain knowledges like these to just be publicly posted on a Wikipedia page, as people of less than a certain level of emotional maturity & moral compass would quickly negatively affect themselves & others. It would be like giving the car keys to an 8 year old in many cases & that’s what this verse communicates.

However, it also isn’t meant to be kept solely to this minuscule % of people as if it belongs to just “them“.

Over time it has evolved into exactly that type of situation. No longer concerned about simply making sure a potential candidate is worthy & ready before teaching , but rather just considering everyone but themselves to be the “swine” referenced above, in order to justify and rationalize their long standing decision to keep it exclusive only to themselves.

Not only keep it to themselves, but also purposely steer people further away from the ability to learn it naturally by manipulating the education system and media.

Additionally this knowledge has long been “used” to manipulate the many & benefit that same few.

While these patterns occur naturally as mentioned, in a fashion that I’d describe as divine in how it connects what many might consider random happenings into a perfectly weaved design of specific synchronization.

Order out of Chaos

The misuse & manipulation of this knowledge shows up in man-made events that are designed to mimic & blend in as if they were of the naturally occurring variety. This mimicry is attempted by what many who read this site might recognize as encoding certain symbolism into the details of the events to make it seem as if it was the result of Intelligent Design or God. This is how our subconscious mind “reads” these events.

These details are then delivered to us many via primarily the Main Stream Media . I know I’m heavy on numbers in my breakdowns, but this symbolism can be presented in many other various forms as well.

This is basically “Playing God” or I’m sure in many cases this has evolved into a commonly held belief amongst this small % that they are effectively “Being God“.

Since this small % is of course the ones in charge of the MSM & commonly accepted History, these same preferred narratives are played to us over and over again.

The controlling factor is that while this symbolic language has been largely unrecognizable to our conscious waking minds, our subconscious mindsknow” and interact with this lost knowledge. We are all fluent in this symbolic language at some level in our subconscious minds.

I said it “has been” largely unrecognizable to our conscious minds, because as many of us know this has been changing over the last 20 years or so for a rapidly growing % of people.

There has been a mass awakening happening & it is resulting in these symbolic themes to begin to be more and more consciously recognizable in their continued repetition, along with their continued appearances in the most divisive and unfortunate news stories.

It would seem that this would bring us to 2020.

The Storm would seem to be the old guard doing anything & everything to reestablish the kind of system that has been in place for a long time. It’s a desperate all-in that has seen the launch of all available resources & an abandonment of the idea that the narrative should retain some semblance of believability.

When i see the phrase “God Wins” in the drops, to me this is a very basic statement of absolute undeniable fact.

This group of people who have been keeping secret a divine knowledge as if it belonged to just them & also essentially weaponizing the same knowledge against the same people who have an equal right to it.

This same group of people have it in their minds that they might be able slam the door on an unavoidable time of mass awakening?

If they’d take a step back and look at the bigger picture, they might see how ridiculous that idea actually is.