On the morning of January 26th 2020, Retired NBA great Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant & 7 others died after being involved in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California.

This Helicopter crash happened the same day as the 2020 Grammys & by the time that the Music awards show aired that evening, a tribute to the Nine victims had been worked into the program.

The tribute itself had struck some as odd & In a post I’d published in June 2020 , I had pointed out that one strange aspect had been the primarily white wardrobe chosen as It had mimicked what one might expect to see In a voodoo ceremony.

The Calabasas tragedy and the 2020 Grammy’s both happened on the Sunday one week immediately prior to Super Bowl LIV.

I do believe that I’ve found some interesting information that may In fact bring clarity to what could be seen as a much more sinister overall happening.

Super Bowl LIV took place on 2/2/2020. This is obviously an interesting date as there is certainly potential significance in the fact that this date breaks down quickly & easily into 2-2-2-2.

February 2nd is also the 33rd day of the year & in a leap year like 2020, this is also 333 days before the end of the year.

When first taking all of this into consideration , the date of the Super Bowl was what 1st inspired a deeper look as I generally deal with matters of “Time“.

What I found out additionally about this date ended up taking me in another direction for the time being.

Kansas City defeated San Francisco in the Super Bowl, but my interest had more to do with this …

It’s a known quantity that the Super Bowl annually attracts an immense viewership. This includes many people who won’t watch any other football at any time the rest of that given year.

The Halftime Show has long been a spectacle that reflects this huge expected viewership.

Jennifer Lopez & Shakira headlined the Super Bowl LIV halftime show.

The JLO VooDoo/Santería claims have been floating around publicly for quite some time & have originated from various sources who at one time or another carried on a personal or professional relationship with JLO.

Prior to writing this post, I had never specifically looked into whether or not Shakira had these same types of rumors swirling around her background & not surprisingly she also has a similarly longstanding reputation for being a practitioner of Santería.

Taking into consideration the tragic deaths of 9 people in the prior weeks Calabasas Helicopter crash. In addition to both of our co-headliners alleged connections to the “Dark Arts“, let’s consider the Holiday that 2/2/2020 landed upon.

February 2nd is for OYA. Here is some more about OYA:

Right away , there is something startling here as it potentially pertains to the prior weeks tragedy.

OYA is known as the “Mother Of Nine” as she gave birth to 9 children but all were stillborn.

9 people died in the Helicopter Crash that included Kobe Bryant.

The Helicopter Crash was caused by a “Heavy Fog” that reportedly moved in “suddenly“.

OYA is the “Owner of Winds & Storms”

& “She brings change, wanted or not, into the lives of humans”< A New Normal? >

This part is important as what I’ll contend is that what began with Kobe took us right into the Covid-19 quarantine ordeal.

Speaking of which re: OYAShe often wears a mask because she likes to protect her privacy” and this is represented in the illustration above as well.

OYA’s army is made up of “egun” (spirits of the dead) and she uses violent winds to blow away everything in her path.

(Calm Before The Storm)

OYA wears a full skirt made of up to 9 different colored pieces of cloth.

Lives in a porcelain sopera which has either 9 different colors or a variation of dark burgundy and brown hues.

“Her number is NINE, so her initiates often wear 9 copper bracelets”

Once again NINE people died on the Helicopter crash the week prior, which was then paid tribute to during the Grammy’s with what appeared to be a Ceremonial VooDoo performance that same night.

And then 1 week later we had what appeared to be a follow up Voodoo/Santería performance performed at the Super Bowl Halftime Show by 2 women who would seem to qualify as high level practitioners of the same aforementioned “Dark Arts”.

There is a lot of Symbolism to take apart from their performance, but one of the more memorable instances was what some people thought was simply a misdirected political statement at the time.

What it would come to more clearly represent was in fact the upcoming Quarantine due to Covid-19.

Of course, the most memorable part of the performance was Shakira’s tongue & this is also something that brings back a lot of results when searched in concert with Santería.

Tongues have long played roles in Afro-Caribbean religions like Santería. The Symbolic engine of speech, a tongue can be used in many such faiths to try to get someone to remain silent”.

There is also interesting precedent in the 1 week gap between “events” , In this case the Helicopter crash & potential Grammy ritual leading into the Super Bowl 7 Days later.

In 2012 “A Lot” of people were looking forward to the Mayan Calendar end date on 12/21/12.

7 days earlier on 12/14/12 the Sandy Hook School shooting took place.

When I noticed the 7 day gap separating this incident & the seemingly unrelated event coming up a week later.

I looked into many similarly shocking and allegedly random tragic events to see if there was another notable “event” either 1 week prior or perhaps after & I found many notable examples of this exact scenario playing out many times over.

I’ve pointed out a couple of notable and memorable pieces of symbolism from the halftime show in this article, but I do think it contains much more and would encourage those interested to take another look.

Super Bowl 54 Halftime Show

A proper ritual of this fashion would strive to gain maximum viewership.

The Youtube clip above currently has 191 million views & as for when the event was live, I also noticed a suspicious statistic regarding “in the moment” viewership.

As I’ve mentioned in a few other posts, I believe that “official numbers” are a key aspect to communicating information & these numbers can easily be manipulated to portray intended symbolism.

Why isSymbolismso important?

It’s important because it interacts with our subconscious minds on a deeper level than you’d be comfortable knowing.

Much like many of the “official numbers” I have pointed out having to do with 9/11/2001 , the number in this headline can be whatever “they want it to be“. There is no serious governing authority that demands accuracy & actually means to strictly enforce that demand (see US 2020 elections).

What fits the intended symbolism is what becomes part of the history books.

The actual viewership could be less than 99.9 million or it could be more , but even then if the number “they want” is 99.9 , it’s what it will be.

99.9 Million —– 66.6 million

< Also OYA’s number is staunchly NINE – 999 – The Helicopter Crash happened at 9:06 AM as well – 96 >

When attempting to identify this oft-occurring symbolism , it is very important to remember to take things in backwards (mirrored). This is part of being “Hidden In Plain Sight” & also supplies always useful “plausible deniability” into the equation. There are also other reasons for this, but this is a good primer on the “Why” of its application.

Just as this began with Kobe/Grammy’s before connecting to the Super Bowl , we are also led out to at least (likely numerous) one connection on the way out of the Halftime show.

This ball was always meant to get rolling onto the Covid-19 Quarantine, Election Day, and beyond.

The coveted “Lead-Out” program spot went to the Season 3 premiere of “The Masked Singer“.

This helped it gain 23.7 million viewers for the show immediately following the Super Bowl.

23/7 or July 23 in international format is 204th day of the year

This was the 24th episode of the series in total. There is a reason for this, but at the risk of losing anyone to math anxiety I’ll leave it be here for now … although I’d recommend keeping in mind that “Law of Reversal” here as well.

In addition to the name “The Masked Singer” and having a full audience of mask wearing people, the show itself is just very bizarre.

There are identify “Clue” vignettes that are custom made for a symbolism scavenger hunt and it’s a fruitful search both there and throughout the show as a whole.

While not the same “kind” of show as portrayed in the movie “The Running Man“, the overall feeling of it is very much similar in my opinion.

Post Super Bowl “Masked Singer” full episode

This show could easily fill out a part 2 , but I think I’ll leave it here as an optional look-through.

Although I did screen shot a few pictures to get the “feeling” of it in order to show it here.

The show has a strong “Seattle” theme in both its intro and with one of the contestants “clue” packages despite this celebrity being famously from Cleveland.

Seattle’s upcoming place in world events led me to take notice of this.

Planting a flag at The White House for reasons unexplained within the context of the show.

Nick Cannon walking out with “Secret Service” types, who later put on bunny ears to race a turtle?

Cannon will later wear a plague mask for his walkout on a show that aired the last week of February 2020.

Insane masked audience members who regularly carry themselves in a bizarre manner when a camera happens to point in their general direction.

Interesting Hollywood montage in which the Hollywood sign is destroyed by the masked performers.

A very strange show that people who like to find bits of (barely) hidden symbolism , will surely enjoy looking into.

Setting aside “The Masked Singer” and to wrap up what I feel to be the main connections made in this post.

I do believe that the correspondences leading Kobe to OYA, The Super Bowl & onto Covid 19 begin to solidify In a way to show what I would call legitimate connection.

My goal is always to attempt to put something together in a way that may lead even the slightly skeptic person to see things in a new light & that this will hopefully lead to this person potentially making the next discovery in the same chain of correspondences. The one that solidifies it even further.

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