I did a deep dive into this same subject matter back in late 2015 or possibly early 2016, shortly after I’d begun to see “Code” in many measurable events throughout history.

During the 1st year of this new found ability I was more scattered as I was taking in so much at once, but this initial “Creative Fever” turned out to be the foundation for the skills I have been able to develop & subsequently transform into a more focused state by way of repetition and time.

Back in 2015 the Holly/Valens plane crash had immediately struck me as being a highly important event. On my first go round I had primarily attempted to compare the connection of the Plane Crash that took the lives of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and “The Big Bopper” with the song American Pie that served as a memorial to this tragedy.

American Pie being alternately known as “The Day The Music Died” was written & performed by Don McLean.

I’ve kept that initial focus & have now also included another similarly tragic event that I believe to be intimately related in a way that defies exact explanation. The 1977 plane crash involving Southern Rock groupLynard Skynard” that claimed 6 lives, including 3 members of the band itself.

I’m not necessarily implying that anything sinister was at play here, in the way of someone(s) sabotaging these planes on a certain schedule to create the symbolism based correspondences that exist.

While plane crashes are many times not accidental as claimed & do in fact involve malicious human intent , I look at this set of examples as quite possibly being a sequence of “naturallyoccurring coincidences that when viewed from the proper perspective may in fact provide a slight look into the anatomy of synchronization via intelligent design.

There is a persistent illusion that things happen randomly & by “chance”, but this simply isn’t the case. I’ve continually and consistently found cyclical patterns based on linear time that invisibly connect many relatable events In both well known history & just as often, personal history that likely only has specific significance to an average person and their small close circle of friends/family.

Hopefully I can show you what I mean using these well known events as an example.

The Anatomy of Synchronization or Synchromysticism

The Plane Crash that serves as the foundation for this study occurred on February 3rd 1959.

Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, & J.P. Richardson bka “The Big Bopper” perished along with the Pilot in the plane crash.

Additionally there were some other prominent names intimately involved in the sequence of events that led to the tragedy.

Buddy Holly had chartered the plane due to their tour bus having had intermittent mechanical problems during a 24 day24 city tour that they were currently in the midst of, additionally it’s been reported that the Bus had no working heat & this had all taken place during an especially cold winter stretch of weather.

J.P. Richardson had asked Buddy Holly band-member Waylon Jennings if he could have his seat on the plane due to illness and had been granted permission by Jennings to take the ill fated seat.

Buddy Holly‘s backing band was known as “The Crickets” and as a collective they were billed as “Buddy Holly & The Crickets”.

Waylon Jennings would later surge to “OutlawCountry superstardom of his own in later years after having been spared from the crash in that serendipitous moment. Jennings would later pass away in 2002 & we’ll re-visit this soon.

Ritchie Valens who was known to have a long standing phobia of flying had decided for whatever reason that he would much rather take the plane to the next town, rather than the disastrous tour bus.

This led to an infamous coin flip involving another member of “The CricketsTommy Allsup.

While not quite as famous as Waylon Jennings, Allsup went onto enjoy a long & critically acclaimed career in the music industry himself.

He passed away in 2017 and made some cryptic statements about his impending death before it happened. We will work our way back around to this as well.

It was initially thought that Allsup had in fact passed away in the Plane crash as he had given his wallet to Valens in order for an expected piece of mail to be picked up at the hotel that the plane passengers would be arriving to in advance of the Bus passengers. This wallet was found amongst the wreckage and for a short time in the immediate aftermath it was erroneously reported that Allsup had also perished in the crash.


In 1971 Don McLean released one of the most famous songs in American history in “American Pie”.

It directly references “The Day The Music Died” & how this seemingly affected American youth culture.

This song represents a great instance of a work of art being very well timestamped.

Usually the only date you can count on finding readily available is the official release date, but in this case it is additionally known the exact date that the album version of the song was recorded.

Additionally & especially interesting in this case, the date & details of the first live performance are also a known quantity.

This single was released on OCTOBER 24 1971

It was recorded on MAY 26 1971

And it was first performed on MARCH 14 1971

The date of 1st performance really jumped out at me when I first saw it back in my initial study.

AMERICAN PIE was initially performed on PI DAY 1971 as 3/14 is the date which symbolizes 3.14 PI.

It also caught my attention how McLean is insistent on this fact and has went out of his way to dispute what he sees as inaccuracies in claims to the contrary.

This part does strike me as if he “purposefully” chose that date as it is important to him & his creative process in relation to this song in particular.



I’m going to introduce this last element before going back and pointing out how all of it seemingly connects In many instances of correspondence using measures of TIME & other symbolism.

On OCTOBER 20 1977 at the peak of their Popularity , the band Lynard Skynard was involved in a plane crash that killed 3 band members, their manager, & 2 more passengers. It also severely injured many of the surviving band members & other passengers.

Amongst the deceased was Founding member, Lead Vocalist, & primary lyricist Ronnie Van Zant.

The plane crash occurred while traveling from a show in Greenville, South Carolina to another show in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The crash occurred just 3 days after Lynard Skynard had released their newest album “STREET SURVIVORS” on October 17 1977. This album would be their highest charting album and was destined for that distinction even if the plane crash hadn’t added additional interest.

The Album would eventually go double platinum and features a photo of the band engulfed in flames on its cover artwork. This was released in stores 3 days before the plane crash. Amongst its many memorable tracks was the classic song “THAT SMELL” which had a stand-alone single release on November 23 1977.

The Single for THAT SMELL released exactly 2222 days after AMERICAN PIE released in 1971.


I’ve laid out my 3 principle events.

A. Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, & Big Bopper plane crash along with taking note of survivors Waylon Jennings & Tommy Allsup.

B. Don McLean’s performance, recording, & release of all time classic “American Pie” memorializing the 1959 plane crash.

C. Lynard Skynard 1977 plane crash killing half of the band, including frontman Ronnie Van Zant. Occurring at the height of their fame & artistry, 3 days after releasing their highest charting album.

Let’s see how they compare & contrast to each other.

DAYS between 1959 & 1977 Plane Crashes.

6834 days.

On its surface nothing too spectacular jumps out at you, but it was me running this number again for the first time in about 4 years that led me back down this rabbit hole with comparatively much improved command of these measurements.

If we take the 6834 DAYS and translate it into MINUTES instead, an interesting result shows up immediately.

(days & minutes are both cyclical measurements that have a close relation to each other & so it’s similar to a translation of language versus the potential initial takeaway that it would be an apples-oranges comparison)

6834 minutes is equal to 113.9 HOURS

113.9 corresponds to the base number(s) of where I find much of the magical symbolism that I come across.

Additionally & this is important.

3119 is the 444th PRIME NUMBER.

This is a secret of known importance , but only known by few as its highly protected knowledge.

It can be figured out independently however & I am one example of this possibility.

Below is one more example.

It can produce “Magical” results.

But back to the 2 plane crashes.

3119 or 9113 & other variations of same has a strong tendency to show up in very important places if looked for from the correct perspective(s).

I’ll mention here my own THEORY of this number.

I believe it to be one of the primary “actionable codes” (symbolism) to do with how synchronization works. I believe it to be “naturally occurring” via intelligent design. I also would contend that this is something that was identified & began being studied long ago.

This is a “hidden science” that is only passed down in extremely limited circles & even then only in a way that can be described as “mouth to ear” & never written down in a direct manner.

It is also encoded into various artworks of widely varied manner. This is done many times by the “good guys” in order to pass down this divine knowledge to those with the “eyes to see” it in future generations. It’s about more than just this one prime number , but I do believe this is one of the most important ones as would apply to the “world of action” in particular.

These patterns are of naturally occurring description (proof of God imo) but they are also known of by that select few people who go to a lot of trouble to protect the knowledge while simultaneously steering us further and further away from “accidentally” stumbling across it. As opposed to the “good guys” referenced above, this self believed “elite” would represent the “bad guys” aspect of both history and the NOW.

This “Bad Guy” element “encodes” this symbolism into their “man made” events in order to trick our subconscious into believing that these planned events ( Ex: 9/11 – Pearl Harbor – Mass Shootings etc ) are in fact “acts of god” due to the “counterfeitdivine symbolism that has been inserted by these “planners“.

Our Subconscious is fluent in this Language of Symbolism and while our conscious mind has long been nearly completely oblivious, we have as a collective made great strides over the last 20-30 years.

The symbolism I’m picking up in the events referenced in this article seem to me to be more of the “genuine article” despite the unfortunate circumstances. Man made encoding is much less intricate than the real thing but this is a theory in progress. This may well be a mixture of intelligent design and man-manipulated encoding.


Those of you who have followed me for awhile already know that I often mention quite cryptically that 218 is the number of the Alchemist. It took me awhile to isolate the 218, but I do believe this has been in my lexicon since some point in 2016.

The Symbolism language is all about correspondences & many of those correspondences lead back to 218. This includes everything I posted above about 3119.

I can’t do a paint by numbers explanation of how this “is” but in your subconscious mind, you already know it like you know the back of your hand & so hopefully you can tap into it via repetition of examples.

Despite my self belief in the idea that I could probably do a good job communicating the subject in a step by step process, it’s “Against The Rules” as inexplicable as that may sound.

If I were to try to write an article walking you through it , I’d open myself up to some bad karmic wrath.

Additionally, despite my self perceived ability to be able to walk the reader through it, if I were to attempt it … it just wouldn’t “work” for reasons inexplicable to me. It’s got a mystical quality that cannot be “worked around” unfortunately.

That Said …

218 IS most definitely the NUMBER OF THE ALCHEMIST.

Time Elapsed between the release of AMERICAN PIE and the 1977 Plane Crash

Remember in BACK TO THE FUTURE Marty McFly Accelerated to 88 MPH on the 12th of November to Travel back to 1985?

2188 – 8812

That is one good “Coincidence” showing the 218 symbolism here is a better one below.


12 yrs 8 mos 21 days

21 8 from either perspective.

*NOTE* It may seem that this 218 business is vague through & through , but this isn’t the case. Once you “know” what 218 “is” you’ll see that’s its an important portion of a very exact time based EQUATION & clarity is indeed established.

12 yrs 8 mos 21 days is but one CORRESPONDENCE (key) another correct way to look at this stretch of time would be 4646 days.

Briefly see this number like ALICE might in the LOOKING GLASS.

4646 becomes 6464

8×8=64 , so one could see 6464 as (8×8)(8×8)

Bringing it back to 4646 or even keeping it as 6464 you could also get this result by changing perspectives.


576 is 9.6 hours or 9:36 (Tesla)

I show these different workarounds to stress the importance of correspondences.

Some noted symbolism to do with the number 46 below.

46 Symbolism – Complete

Viewing it in REVERSE one last time 6464

This is an interesting aspect.

311 is the 64th PRIME NUMBER


8.8 hours BEFORE MIDNIGHT is 3:11 PM

3:11 PM is the 911th minute of the Day

Quarantine Began on 3/11 <2020>

3:11 PM is 15:11 on a 24 HR Clock

15th letter is O

11th letter is K

15:11 = OK but in reverse this would be KO

OK = Good

KO = Knocked Out

OK is a stick man ( on side ) hieroglyphic

KO is the same stick man with his head literally knocked off = KO’d

This is all pertinent symbolism & should give additional emphasis to the importance of correspondences and a glimpse into how deep the study of symbolism goes (to great results).

Looking into Don McLean‘s various song date markers some more.

Time between first performance of AMERICAN PIE on PI DAY and the recording of the Album version gives 73 days OR …

2 months 12 days

212 degrees is when water BOILS creating STEAM.

This is Important in the world of ALCHEMY.

* Think of the WITCH melting (steam) in The Wizard of OZ, The Steam Engine Time Machine in Back To The Future 3, or even MICKEY MOUSES “Debut”.

So Far Don McLean seems to be following an ALCHEMICAL Formula.

(Below) Time Elapsed between First Performance and Commercial Release – 224 days.

The 224th day of the Year is 8/12

21 8 is the NUMBER of The ALCHEMIST


OCTOber used to be 8th month as OCTOgon is an 8 sided geometric figure.


OCTO 24 is akin to 8/888

Much like Kobe Bryant wore Jersey Numbers 8 & 24 in his Laker career.

Is DON MCLEAN a Conduit or is he really good at this Language of Symbolism?

Finally the SINGLE version of the Song comes in at 4:11

Here is something about 4:11 & maybe it’s even a reason why this number was assigned to be the telephone number for “INFORMATION” in the U.S.

4:11 PM the 971st minute of the DAY

4:11 PM would also be seen as 16:11 on a 24 hour clock. ( compare 16:11 to 9/11/1 )

971 minutes is equal to 16.18333 hours

The DIVINE RATIO or PHI is 1.618033

DON MCLEAN has in effect produced a SONG which would go on to be a certified timeless classic named American PIE , first performed on PI DAY (a fact MCLEAN is adamant about having reported correctly).

The SINGLE is Timed perfectly to CORRESPOND to PHI as well.

The one readily famous example that I can give in which an artistic venture perfectly incorporates the aspects of PI & PHI in perfect symphony together is this below.

In addition to the PI & PHI correspondences.

The song has been encoded with 212 ( degrees ) and release on the symbolic date of 8/888.

This well may be a good peak into a certain kind of divine formula for legitimately timeless art.

TIME ELAPSED between PI DAY 1971 and 1977 PLANE CRASH ( BELOW )

2412 Days

Again let’s change to Minutes

2412 Minutes is equal to 40.2 HOURS

The next correspondence down from 40.2 is particularly interesting to me.

40.2 Hours is also equal to 1 day & 16.2 hours

This further breaks down to 1 day 16 hours 12 minutes.

1 16 12 compare to 9 11 21 (2001 sans zeros)



Law of Reverse – Looking Glass

TIME ELAPSED BETWEEN 1959 PLANE CRASH & PI DAY 1971 – 1st Performance of AMERICAN PI in PHI-ladelphia btw (very clever McLean).

4422 pretty easy to see potential for 444 here.

444th PRIME being 3119

4422 minutes is equal to 3 days & 1.7 hours

317 ~ LIE ( reversed in symbolism language)

Does that make 317The Truth“? Just one thought on it , also reminds me of “The Book of ELI”.


PI DAY 1971 (1st performance of AMERICAN PIE by Don McLean) really does appear to serve as a HUB or center of measure for many of these connected events.

(Below) Time Elapsed between PI DAY ’71 & the Death of WAYLON JENNINGS who gave up his seat on the PLANE that crashed in 1959 to JP RICHARDSON aka THE BIG BOPPER.

30 years & 330 days333

WAYLON JENNINGS passed away 8882 days after the LYNARD SKYNARD plane crash. This in itself is interesting to me in a few ways to do with symbolism.

1st off, having 888 to begin the number thread is pretty good, but not quiteFour of a Kind” like 8888 would be … 8 8 8 2 with the 2 being the “odd duck“.


I’ve long been of the strong opinion that in the world of symbolism a 2 is interchangeable with an 8.

This is because the 2nd letter in the Alphabet is B & a “B” is a visual8when viewing the language of symbolism.

This shows up in H2O (water) inspiring imo HBO as a corporate label for the popular channel.

Calling back to something I mentioned above in how the single THAT SMELL (from Lynard Skynards album released 3 days before their plane crash) released 2222 days after AMERICAN PIE released ( 2222 – BBBB – 8888 ).

TIME ELAPSED between THAT SMELL ( a song about DEATH it should be noted ) and the passing of WAYLON JENNINGS ( below )

8848 DAYS

This is an important measure to commit to memory.

48 minutes is .8 hours.

88 hours and 48 minutes would be accurately noted as 88.8 hours.

It could also be seen accurately as 3.7 days.

3 & 7 shows up a lot in these events, a few times that I’ve written about and at least a half dozen more times In my parallel research that I haven’t moved to the article.

One prominent 3 & 7 combination that should be taken into account here is that PI DAY aka 3/14 is the 73rd day of the calendar year.

AdditionallyAMERICAN PI was first performed on PI DAY 71, which was the 73rd day of the year. DON MCLEAN then recorded the album version of the song exactly 73 days later on MAY 26 71.

It’s becoming evident in my view that Don McLean May have really put a lot of thought into this whole sequence of events.

TOMMY ALLSUP has an additional interesting detail regarding his eventual death on JANUARY 11 2017. ALLSUP’s son reported that his father had LONG claimed to know the exact day he would die.

He mentioned JAN 11th in prior times when mentioning this belief, but had never added a year to his statement.

In December 2016 while in poor health, he revealed to his son that this day of expected passing would be JAN 11th of the upcoming year 2017 & claimed to have known this all along.

It seemed to my takeaway that he believed he had gained knowledge of this date around the same time and likely due directly to the events having to do with the plane crash in 1959. TOMMY ALLSUP is the man who LOST the coin toss to decide who got the last seat on the Plane that would crash shortly after take-off.

Tommy Allsup did in fact die on 1/11/17 as he had predicted.

Tommy Allsup lived 21161 days after losing the fateful coin flip.

21161 compare to 91121 (9-11-2001 sans zeroes)

I often point out on my twitter posts that if you take the letters USA in alphabetical order like this …

U21st S19thA1st

You are left with 21 19 1




This is also why Inauguration takes place (no exceptions) on 1/20 at 12 noon.

1st month 19 completed days 12 noon of next day.

1 19 12

There is SOMETHINGimportant” about these numbers and ALLSUP’s fall into this category as well. Further intriguing due to the claim that he had long made about knowing his exact date of eventual death.

One last example I’ll point out here that covers both an instance of the 91121 number string and also 888.

TIME ELAPSED between PI DAY 1971 and the Death of TOMMY ALLSUP.

Another highly interesting connection to PI DAY 71.

Converting DAYS to MINUTES as we’ve done before.

16740 minutes is exactly 279 hours.

This also translates to 1 week & 111 hours.


Also correctly it could be broken down to 11 days & 900 minutes

119 ~ 911 <Looking Glass>

Bringing back up the 279 hour correspondence

The 279th day of the year is OCTober 6

Applying the OCTO(GON)BER symbolism , let’s look at this as 8/6 ( Eighty Six’d – double meaning )

8/6 ( AUG 6 ) is the 218th day of year.

218 is the number of the Alchemist.

Being 86d is not good ( kicked out or thrown out – banned )

Would the opposite side of the Same coin (8/6 – 218th being opposite) be the opposite extreme? In this way a positive thing rather than negative in being 86‘d?

Same logic as LIE possibly causing 317 to equate to “The Truth“.

One final oddity I happened to notice as I was wrapping this post up is this … in 1994 I became suddenly aware of a Rock band named WEEZER when they released a hit single titled BUDDY HOLLY.

The HAPPY DAYS themed video was immediately a constant presence on MTV during the waning days of when they regularly played music videos.

The Single for BUDDY HOLLY was purposefully released by the band on what would have been the singers 58th birthday.

The 58th day of the year is 2/27 & this is also a day having to do with PI.

22 divided by 7 ( 22/7 ) is equal to PI ( 3.14 )

Additionally 5/8 is the 128th day of the year & in leap years 8/5 is the 218th day of the year. Both instances communicating the number 218 which is the number of the alchemist.



As often happens, my perspective changes & I learn more as I write these pieces. I usually come into writing them with about 50% of the information that ends up being added to the finished product as I research more while I write.

I also try to make a concentrated effort to get to a completed article on the same day that I start an article as I have a bad habit of not going back to finish posts that have a significant amount of work done on them. A look at my saved drafts would bear this out unfortunately.

What I learned as I wrote this one to completion or at least to an agreeable stopping point is that perhaps Don McLean is a master practitioner of ALCHEMY?

Or is he a conduit for an important work brought down through him that additionally had all of the divine symbolism earmarks organically woven into the details that ended up encompassing the work?

This is the same discussion that applies to the Back To The Future movies & Director/Writer Robert Zemeckis.

BACK TO THE FUTURE predicts 9/11

Is it done knowingly or via the subconscious mind and it’s “connection” to something that defies tidy explanation?

This I don’t know & perhaps it will turn out to be something that can only be described as unknowable?

If I can figure it out , I will write about it here.

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