The Hollywood Masonic Temple, now known as the El Capitan Entertainment Centre and also formerly known as The Masonic Convention Hall, is a building on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

The “Official” backstory of how the Hollywood Masonic Temple became the location where Disney premieres its movies & Jimmy Kimmel Live is broadcast from goes like this …

By the Late 70’s, the Hollywood Masonic Temple was consistently mired in financial difficulty. Masonic membership was down & by proxy so were the member dues & this caused them to have to get creative in their operations. This included renting out some of their ground floor space to a restaurant in order to make ends meet.

By 1982 the Masons couldn’t afford to make the repairs needed to keep the building in good standing with Fire & Seismic regulations. Due to this they were forced to sell the building to singer Rosita Labello.

Labello began an Opera & Theatre company from this building, but struggled to get it up and running & only a few operatic productions were held there before she sold the building back to the Masonic Lodge at some point prior to 1986.

In 1986, Detroit developer James Hoseyni signed a 20 year lease with a 3 year option to buy the building at 2.7 million dollars. It’s not implicitly stated if Hoseyni exercised that option to buy, but it is reported that Hoseyni led a 1.5 million dollar renovation in 1992. This does at least make clear that he was still involved with the building 6 years after first making the scene.

These renovations involved making it possible to house a 250 seat cabaret, 500 seat Jazz theater, & an 800 person dance club. In September of 1987 the building was reopened as the “Hollywood Live Entertainment Pavilions”.

Hollywood Live” lasted only a short time.

I’ll pause here to mention that I find this historical biography to be highly suspect.

It is not a normal thing for a Freemason Lodge to essentially “Go Out of Business” due to membership decline. This isn’t even a normal happenstance in locations that have much less population to draw from & much more in the way of factors that could potentially cripple a local economy.

It is very hard for me to believe that the lodge in Hollywood, Los Angeles would be any kind of a serious candidate to be an outlier in this way.

I also am confident that readers of this site would also have a hard time believing that Hollywood would be the one place that interest in Freemasonry would dwindle & become expendable by existing members when looking for places to cut corners and save money, causing a mass exodus of members to simply quit and move onto other ventures.

Following this historical timeline from Wikipedia would suggest that the Masons sold in 1982, but it’s then firmly stated that they then reacquired the property at some time prior to 1986.

The circumstances in which Hoseyni takes at least semi-control of the property, is left purposefully very vague.

There is no reason to suggest that the Masons don’t still own a primary stake in this building, or more accurately “Buildings” as we’re about to see.

After the “Hollywood Live” performance center & dance club quickly shuttered it’s doors, this is when Disney enters the picture & becomes a more permanent fixture with the Hollywood Freemasonic Temple.

The current title for the Hollywood Masonic Temple is now the “El Capitan Entertainment Center”, it is similarly named to the structure it is connected to.

The El Capitan Theatre is a fully restored movie palace at 6838 Hollywood. The theater and adjacent Hollywood Masonic Temple (now known as the El Capitan Entertainment Centre) is owned by The Walt Disney Company and serves as the venue for a majority of the Walt Disney Studios’ film premieres.

I’ll jump back into the “official” timeline of how this all came to develop, but I do feel that this is a good place to state an opinion on what this very well could “mean”.

Those of us familiar with the concept of Predictive programming & similarly aware of the countless Instances of highly suspicious examples of this process can likely see the potential occult benefit of premiering these same blockbuster movies in a literal Masonic Temple.

Some who are reading this might also be familiar with the “Hypnotic” aspect of cinema & how this figured into the carefully chosen name of “HollyWood”.

Hollywood” is a reference to the Holly Wood that was used by the “Druidmagical practitioner as a wand to focus powerful wishes.

Hollywood is built upon a culture whose foundation is built largely on magic and witchcraft. Mickey Mouse even holds in his hand a wand and sprays magical stars just before every Disney movie.

This brings us back to the Disney connection which came into clarity very soon after “Hollywood Live” quickly went out of business.

Late in the 1980s, Disney purchased a controlling stake in one of Pacific Theatres’ chains, leading to Disney’s Buena Vista renovating the El Capitan Theatre by 1989. This theater became Disney’s flagship house.

They spent $14 million on a complete renovation of the structure, restoring much of the building’s original decor as well as the theater’s original name. El Capitan reopened in 1991 with the premiere of The Rocketeer.

This will be the first place in which I’ll show some of the number symbolism that usually are the focus of my work.

The Rocketeer is reported to have begun filming on September 19 1990 & its last day of filming is reported to have concluded on January 22 1991.

I took specific notice of the inclusion of these start & end dates as it is rare for this specific information to be included in the standard biography of a movie. In my opinion, this usually means that there is special intended significance in the way of symbolism involved.

The movie premiered at the El Capitan – Hollywood FreeMason Temple on June 19 1991 & later enjoyed wide release on June 21 1991.

The symbolism that caught my immediate interest was that these dates reveal that the movie was premiered exactly 148 days after shooting wrapped.

I similarly noticed that The Rocketeer has a running time of 1:48.

These numbers being a perfect match caused me to look for potential additional “meaning” involved.

14.8 hours Is 2:48 PM

This is the 888th minute of a day. It is also 9:11 before midnight (negative space)

The 148th day of the year is May 28 or as written In the US format 5/28.

528 minutes Is 8:48 and this is equal to 8.8 hours.

8:48 AM is 911 minutes before midnight.

I am sure there are enough instances of encoded symbolism to do with The Rocketeer to populate Its own dedicated article, but I do think those already listed show enough to keep the overall curiosity strong.

However, there is one additional glaring bit of symbolism involved with the date of Disney’s flagship premiere.

This initial El Capitan premiere occurred exactly 3119 days before the millennium date of January 1 2000.

That is 3 total instances of the 911 symbolism being encoded into the “Negative Space” of this initial Disney Masonic Temple premiere.

This 9/11 related symbolism is very much showing up more often than can be considered simply coincidental.

Disney soon also took a bigger interest in the adjacent building that had served as the main dwelling of the Masonic Temple.

From the November 18 1995, Toy Story premiere until January 1, 1996, Disney rented the Masonic Convention Hall, the next-door building, for “Totally Toy Story”, an instant theme park and a promotional event for the movie.

In July 1998, Buena Vista Pictures Distribution ultimately purchased the convention hall to continue using it as a promotional venue. A Disney Store location opened next to the theater in the El Capitan Building in 1998.

“Toy Story” premiered at The El Capitan on November 18 1995 before moving on to Wide Release as of November 22 1995.

As many people know, the Yale based secret society known as “Skull & Bones” holds sacred the number ‘322’ for reason(s) that they purposefully do not offer explanation towards.

Toy Story’s premiere happened on the 322nd day of 1995.

The movie has a running time of 81 minutes and March 22nd or 3/22 is the 81st day of the year.

While on the subject of Skull & Bones, I’ll bring up Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise as it’s a relatable theme.

The 1st in what has blossomed into 5 films & counting was the “Curse of the Black Pearl”.

This incarnation has a running time of 143 minutes.

143 minutes is equal to 2:23 & this is simply 322 In reverse.

That movie premiered at the Disneyland theatre rather than the El Capitan. It premiered on June 28 2003 while everyone else had to wait until July 9 2003 to see the film.

It’s good to remember here that numbers or more correctly the “symbolism” involved, is not inherently “evil” & while it should be noted that while it may be powerful, the responsibility of its usage falls squarely on the shoulders of the human(s) involved and their own specific “intent”.

The folly of the few who have access to this advanced knowledge regarding this secret science, is that they want to “control” & this reveals itself to be what we’d identify as “evil” Intent.

I know some people who immediately feel as if it is a bad omen if presented with one of these “infamous” numbers during their day to day activities & unfortunately this is the exact preferred reaction in the view of the “few” who know these sciences. This is why & by whom many urban legends and superstitions were manufactured in the first place.

Returning to the El Capitan theatres timeline …

The next big Disney Event was the June 21, 1996, premiere of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

This premiere took place 217 days after the Toy Story premiere.

217 is important.

It’s so Important that the WTC towers fell 2-1-7 on 9/11/2001.

The last one toppled over even though the plane never got around to hitting it.

2/17 is the 48th day of the year & 48 is a hugely Important number to become familiar with in the study of the symbolism language.

48 minutes is equal to .8 hours.

Additionally 2:17 is equal to 137 minutes & in quantum physics 137 is known as the Cosmic Number. It’s considered a highly important piece to the overall puzzle of reality & is as of yet not sufficiently solved.

137 is also the 33rd PRIME NUMBER

Below is from Wikipedia page for the number 137.

Very interestingly though we can also connect this premiere to more recent events at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Primarily, the fire that engulfed the cathedral on April 15 2019.

8333 days separate this movie premiere and the fire in 2019.

This is also equal to 1190 weeks & 3 days. Displaying another direct marker to the number 3119 shown above.

3119 is the 444th prime number.

8 x 333 = 2664 & 2664 minutes is equal to 44.4 hours.

These things tie together in many ways & it’s not just from one event to another. It’s a larger overall pattern if you pull the camera back correctly.

Paris was also In the news in 2015 for the Charlie Hebdo Terrorist attacks in which 137 people were killed.

Again the “Cosmic Number” and a direct correspondence to 217 via 2:17.

The Charlie Hebdo incident took place 1248 days before Notre Dame burned.

1248 minutes into a day Is 8:48 PM & 8:48 is equal to 8.8 hours.

On the other side of the coin, the Paris terror attacks took place 7084 days after the Disney premiere of “The hunchback of Notre Dame” & 7084 minutes is equal to 4 days 22 hours & 4 minutes (444).

There is another well known usage of symbolism regarding those numbers 4-22-4.

The 4th letter of the Alphabet is D

The 22nd letter is V.

So 4-22-4 could be easily translated as D-V-D.

Taking it one step further in a way to show how many layers of correspondences exist.

In Hebrew vowels are minimized.

DVD would coincide with DiViDe.

Not too long after The Hunchback of Notre Dame premiered, the El Capitan’s full restoration was completed in December 1997. This included the 57 foot sign tower on its roof.

The Hollywood Masonic Temple’s address is 6840 Hollywood Blvd.

57 feet is equal to 684 inches.

Much like with The Rocketeer Example, this repeating number is not a coincidence in my opinion.

There is something “hypnotic” about the qualities that this number symbolizes.


684 inches

This is directly related to why the “official” time that the first plane hit the WTC was at 8:46 AM on 9/11/2001.

And how the time marker 8:46 became a unified mantra in the delayed aftermath of the George Floyd incident. This timestamp was given to the amount of time his breathing was restricted. The details of this amount of time were reported much differently in the first few days after the incident.

How 8:46 became the sudden universally recognized timestamp? This remains a mystery.

This number represents a highly hypnotizing aspect of this secret science & it has long been used to control “the narrative” in varied sets of circumstances.

While it’s not immediately evident on its surface, it Is directly related to the 911 symbolism & if properly recognized, can be seen woven into a mind blowing amount of world events stretching back much further than 2001.

The El Capitan has played host to a multitude of movie premieres over the last 25 years and I guarantee we could find these symbolic encodings in each & every one of them.

Perhaps if prompted I will pick back up on the timeline where I am leaving off & do just that, but in the interest of length I will have to put a pin in 1996 for the time being.

There is one more highly interesting tidbit that I believe will present easily connectable dots to those that may be reading this website.

The curious case of Jimmy Kimmel.

I’ve been aware of Jimmy Kimmel for a long time, in fact, I remember watching “Win Ben Stein’s Money” on Comedy Central in the mid 90’s and seeing a very young Kimmel on that show.

However I became much more aware of him through listening to LoveLine when Adam Corolla & Dr.Drew were the co-hosts of the show (‘95-‘05). I highly recommend looking up the shows archives for anyone wanting to learn more about psychology and other related ideas in the best & funniest way possible.

Classic Loveline MP3 streamable Archive

Adam & Jimmy were best friends & thats probably an understatement. Kimmel was a regular guest and occasionally would fill in for either Adam or Drew as a guest host. Later Kimmel did “The Man Show” & “Crank Yankers” with Carolla as well.

Something” happened to Jimmy Kimmel.

He isn’t the same person & while I think publicly, his and Adam’s BFF status is still In tact, I really can’t imagine that they could stand to share company if in fact Kimmel’s public persona is anywhere accurate to his private persona.

It’s a bizarre change recognizable to anyone who has a surface remembrance, of who Jimmy “used to be”.

I think I may have found a clue as to what has happened in this instance & it possibly surpasses the popular snap reaction that he simply “sold out” for his late night talk show. I do believe it may be more sinister than just a standard case of selling out.

The following is a direct quote from the Wikipedia page for “Jimmy Kimmel Live”.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is an American late-night talk show, created and hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, and broadcast on ABC. The nightly hour-long show made its debut on January 26, 2003 at Hollywood Masonic Temple in Hollywood, California as part of ABC’s lead-out programming for Super Bowl XXXVII.

He films his show at the Hollywood Masonic Temple (6840 Hollywood Blvd)

If he is just an instance of “Selling Out” , It would appear he went “All In” compared to most people who’ve chosen this path.

On a related note, pictured below is MTV’s NYC headquarters.

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