The SUPER BOWL LV HALFTIME SHOW was a full & comprehensive symbolic recreation of the Parting of the RED SEA mythology.

It’s been just over a full day since Super Bowl 55 ended & I’ve yet to see any other mention of this specific symbolism, but I also believe that it’s presence is essentially undeniable if you were to rewatch this halftime performance after reading through this article.

WHY? And for WHAT reasons would this mythology be recreated for a Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Additionally, why would this be done in such a covert manner? In that a lot of detailed touches are included throughout the performance & at no point is there ever even a whisper about what it is we are visually witnessing.

I have some potential reason(s) that I’ll share at the end of this post, but of course my thoughts on this will be subjective & open to additional interpretation.

First, I’ll walk you through the performance & this should illustrate that this wasn’t a case of a few serendipitous coincidences, but rather a persistent underlying theme throughout the entirety of the performance.

We OPEN with a shot of The Weeknd sitting in a car in front of a City background.

Our first clue of a potential intended location shows up in the form of a GLOBE in the upper left hand side of the opening frame.

The Red lines on the globe would be included to show the outlines of continents & other land masses.

The only visible Red outline that bears any resemblance to a known location is the one that is most prominently placed.

AFRICA is shown & EGYPT is in Africa. There very well may be additional interpretation to be made regarding the design displayed above Africa on the neon globe as it has both interesting placement & design.

This is not the only visual nod to a potential geographical starting point for The Weeknd’s parking spot.

The Weeknd exits the car and the camera pulls back to show a Casino flanked by Palm trees & also a PYRAMID only lightly hidden in the shadows.

The LUXOR Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas is the very specific symbolism encoded into this scene.

The hotel is named for the city of Luxor (ancient Thebes) in Egypt.

It’s important to consider this on a slightly deeper level than just “Is it really supposed to be the Luxor”?

Assuming that you can accept this being the intended visual representation , now ask yourself “Why would they do something so oddly specific when there is a complete absence of any intention to draw the viewers attention to this detail”?

Las Vegas isn’t in Egypt of course, but the underlying symbolism is all about Egypt & this in concert with Africa being prominently displayed on the globe right next to it, this shows me solidly that this is the intended symbolism being subliminally offered to the viewer.

It wasn’t meant to be recognized by the viewer on a conscious level, but instead its intended to interact purely with their subconscious mind.


At least 100 million people watched this surreptitious retelling of this mythology that appears not only in the Bible, but also in the Quran & rabbinical literature.

More importantly this is a story that is known of by people who have never opened up any of those books & in many cases they have no interest in this type of subject matter.

Certain mythology of seemingly purely religious classification is in fact already very much ingrained into the collective consciousness & the basic underlying elements are of a familiar nature to people, no matter their religious affiliation or lack thereof.

Noah’s Ark, David & Goliath, The Parting of the Red Sea, and probably at least a half dozen more fit into this category.

Keep this all encompassing subconscious recognition in mind when considering why “they” would choose this mythology to repurpose for the years most viewed piece of visual entertainment.

The performance begins with a “Fallen Angel” with glowing RED Eyes. I think it’s natural to see this & immediately think of “Lucifer the Fallen Angel” & this may well be a very valid takeaway.

However, I think it’s tempting for some to make that initial strong visual connection & then move along without any attempt at deeper understanding.

There are always valuable deeper potential meanings to consider & past that there is always more than one “right” answer to these types of symbolism translations.

This can be a hard concept to wrap your head around initially, but keep this in mind & maybe this will be a decent example of this concept.

While I could definitely “see” the LuciferFallen Angel symbolism & did also take note on my end of this same potential connection.

There is another ANGEL mentioned in Exodus immediately prior to MOSES stretching out his hands over the sea & the waters parting.

I do believe this is what we see here …

After the Angel drifted down to its seat or “removed & went behind them“. The Weeknd emerges from the parting stage design. This is the “parting of the Red Sea“.

The choreography calls for him to stretch out his own hands while the stage parts down the middle. A microphone is substituted for the traditional staff.

I need to mention that it was my Daughter who immediately told me “It’s the Parting of the Red Sea” in a very matter-of-fact way upon the beginning of the performance & thus the wheels were set in motion for the writing of this article.

We had recently discussed this story in how it is (imo) also a metaphor for meditation & the perfect balance of the left & right brain while in this state. This will come back up when The Weeknd parts the Red Sea for a 2nd time in the latter stages of his performance.

I’d like to think I may have caught this myself , but it probably would have occurred to me about a week after next years Super Bowl rather than 30 seconds into this initial live performance.

I sometimes have a hard time with “Seeing the Forest for the Trees” and luckily she seems to have no struggles in this same way.

I was very impressed by her quick recognition & also very happy that she has not only this similar interest in symbolism, but also a strong & natural talent for reading this “divine language”.

Being that she’s 12 now & that I didn’t even know it was something that existed until I was almost 37 …. this tells me she is going to far surpass me at some point in the not too distant future.

Her notes on our initial & follow up viewing have made their way into many parts of this post.

The lighting is set up very specifically to prominently display this dominant theme of RED including set up in such a way to wash over The Weeknd himself with a pronounced red tint.

RED is symbolism for certain specific types of emotions such as passion, anger, inflammation, lust, & strength.

Red can also be used for magical energy to create black magic (good for the strengthening of themselves before performing black magic) and inducing intensity.

The red can be used to incite war, anarchy and cruelty. Mars rules the red. Red is the element of fire.

The Weeknd continues to be awash in RED , but surrounded by BLUE to symbolize the Water or Sea. Very straightforward visual representation of RED (blue) SEA.

A moment later the colors reverse & the background becomes predominantly RED & Blue light is projected onto the singer.

The sponsor PEPSI employs a logo that fits perfectly into the symbolism. Red, Blue, & a Whitesplit” down middle (balance). The color White symbolism hasn’t entered the performance yet, but soon will.

The PEPSI logo/sponsorship does fit perfectly into the overall feel, but I just “notice” this & do realize it may only be a “happy accident“.

The Smoke effects amp up here & this is seemingly to represent the stormy conditions within the mythology.

The camera pulls back to reveal additional visual effects that really drive the symbolism home.

Initially we are shown what appears to be red clouds.

Soon these clouds take the form of what can much more accurately be described as RED Crashing WAVES.

This comes across pretty well in these still pictures, but is of course much more visually striking when looking at the video.

This is when The Weeknd walks into the “Water” and is soon joined by the Israelites that he is leading out of “bondage” (Egypt) and to their freedom.

Like what happened with the “Falling Angel – Lucifer” symbolism earlier in the performance, I am sure many people took notice of this masked group of dancers & made an immediate & correct correlation between these masks & the ongoing COVID-19 mask requirements spanning back nearly a year.

Or actually … exactly 333 days.

3/11/2020 was the beginning of the Quarantine & 333 days later was this Super Bowl Halftime Performance bought to you by Pepsi-Cola.

A slightly more contemplative look at these masked dancers & you can connect the bigger “story” being told here.

The Weeknd is being used to symbolize MOSES in this “performance” & these dancers are playing the part of the Israelites being led out of slavery/bondage.

Being made to wear masks & social distancing etc. is & has been the equivalent of being enslaved.

In the BIBLE story, many of the Slaves being led to freedom were very reluctant to the idea of being freed. This was due to fear of potential consequence along with simply being “used to slavery” or to have “normalized” their lot in life.

And it was also because they felt comfort in having their basic needs met by their captors.

This is obviously similar to current events in how many people are not only ok with the “New Normal” of masks & distancing, but actually embrace the controls & often fight to keep them in place?

How many of those same people are perfectly fine with being fully compliant to the Bigger authority’s “New Normal” guidelines in exchange for the promise of being “taken care of“, whether it be via Stimulus payouts, Student Loan forgiveness, & other government assistance.

Not only readily complying, but also being the “eyes & ears” for the Authority Figure(s) in regards to the people whom they may encounter that are not as compliant as they are willing to be?

When you realize that many of us are already playing our part in this mythology that is being played to us in a fashion that purposefully bypasses our direct awareness. It begins to become evident just how much many of us can be controlled or hypnotized via our subconscious mind.

This is the seemingly inexplicable reason that many people you & I know made it all of the way through 2020 still hanging onto the news reported by Main Stream Media as if it was gospel.

Future Proves Past.

Moses (The Weeknd) & the Israelites wander around within the walls of water for a few more moments.

And then they reach the other side of the Red Sea & step out onto dry ground.

And then we see a rapidly rising MOON.

The MOON has to do with MANNA. This is a subject I had just recently done a lot of research on & so I was primed in a very serendipitous way when this Halftime Show happened to show up right when it did.

The MANNA is visually falling in all of these backdrops & I also noticed it is actually falling “upwards” in this representation.

This would be the WHITE seen in the always present PEPSI logo as well , but I do have that classified as likely a simple coincidence.

MANNA (MOON) fell at night and was ready to be collected in the morning.

RED was the dominant color and “feel” prior to The Weeknd walking through the “waters” (indoor hallway performance) & now things are BLUE and decidedly more “Tranquil“.



In the BIBLE story after exiting the RED SEA, Moses & the Israelites travel for 3 days without finding water.

When they finally found water they could not drink it as it was too BITTER.

MOSES communicated this to God & very quickly God made it so that the water was fit to drink. Bitter to Sweet – BitterSweet.

This is the RED to BLUE seen above.

A quick aside …

This entire story is about WATER in various representations.

WATER is symbolism for EMOTION(S) it’s also the Subconscious Mind as this is where our own unique emotional tunings are stored.

The MOON effects the Tides of the OCEANS & it effects peoples emotions in the same way. Every Police Department, Emergency Room, & Fire Station knows to schedule extra staff & expect increased activity during the night of a Full Moon & this scheduling strategy & expectation are universal in nature.

Contained within the BIBLE story is a metaphor for balancing the mind and achieving a certain kind of divine meditative state resulting in enlightenment.

Moses is the representative of the AGE of ARIES & Aries is the RAM. This is why he is often shown to have horns.

Moses is the “Head” and so it makes sense he would be central to the art of meditation.

When you “Cross the Red Sea” those old bitter waters (emotions) lose their destructive powers and thus become fit to drink (lose toxicity)

Also notice that upon leaving the RED SEA , Moses & the Israelites wander for 3 days before finding water.

Compare to the …

3 days of Jesus prior to resurrection.

3 days Jonah spent in the belly of the fish.

3 days of blindness for Saul/Paul

3 visitors of JOB

This is another metaphor for this same process (IMO).

Taking this into consideration, What are the “people” in charge of the Super Bowl Halftime Show attempting to do here? They’re telling us a story that we are all somewhat “familiar” with, but they are being very careful to not tell us that they’re doing anything of the sort.

This story is within us all.

Someone might not be too aware of the finer details regarding the Moses version, but certainly one of the other similar examples is one that does ring more familiar.

The way this archetypal story works is that if you touch on one of the versions, you are interacting with many or all of the others as well.

This is also not exclusive to religion based literature.

Rather than the offered biblical examples, perhaps a more favorable representation would be …

Ebenezer Scrooge (Scrooge McDuck is acceptable too) and the 3 ghosts that visited him on Christmas Eve.

3 ghosts symbolism in lieu of 3 days

Or maybe SLEEPING BEAUTY and the 3 FAIRIES who assist her in her adventure? Again 3 Fairies in place of the 3 days.

This list of examples is very extensive & highly fascinating. This is one of my favorite areas of study, which is why I will not let myself get any more carried away in offering examples here & get back to The Weeknd & the RITUAL/HYPNOSIS that he was likely largely unwittingly spearheading.

Something interesting happens at the 10:00 mark of the Halftime Show.

The Show moves from the stage to the actual field & the Parting of the RED SEA is re-enacted once AGAIN.

This one is very obvious if you now know what you are looking at.

This is very bold in how thinly veiled it is now presented. It’s important to know & take note that “they” have no desire to communicate this story to you consciously. They want to only communicate with your subconscious mind. If this matriculates to your conscious mind, “they” lose all of the intended benefit that they put this whole thing together for as you cannot be hypnotized while you are AWAKE & AWARE of what it is you are seeing.

The Weeknd (Moses) is very deliberate in his exact location as he walks the path of the split sea.

The middle goal post bar that he is perfectly in line with IS the EXACT middle of the field that they are performing this specific instance of symbolism.

He stays perfectly in step with this “Perfect Balance“.

This is about that perfect balance between LEFT & RIGHT Brain.

This representation explains why MANNA is considered Medicine for the EYE.

The final RED SEA symbolism was only allotted about 4 minutes & so before too long The Weeknd has gotten to the “Other Side” and his dancers release the symbolic path & the RED backdrop & lighting again becomes BLUE.

Why repeat the same show of symbolism?

I have a pretty decent hunch it has something to do with this …

WHAT about the needed 3rd occurrence of SPLITTING of the RED SEA required to satisfy the Law of Three Requests?

I believe it was the one on the field.

The Kansas City Chiefs were heavily favored by most in the Super Bowl & while that may be debatable to plenty of people. There is something not too debatable at all & that’s that they’d lose in the fashion that they did.

If you would have bet 100$ that the Chiefs would score no touchdown in the Super Bowl on Sunday, you would have taken home around 3000$.

In the first half there was a lot of questionable or at least poor refereeing that gave Tampa Bay a nice (suspicious?) boost, but the Game was nowhere near over.

At halftime (IMO) a ritual was done on the field involving the splitting of the RED SEA.

Then in the 2nd half the KC Chiefs no longer hamstrung by the referees began doing things like having touchdown passes bounce off of their face (more than once) and all other sort of bizarre calamities.

It almost looked like they had “something” out of their control working against them?

The performance ends soon after & now I will share with you what I am thinking as to “WHY” & WHAT is the hoped for result?

I’ve established that I believe there is very coordinated attempt of Mass Hypnosis at play here.

This was especially strong last year as well in my estimation & in a very connected manner.

I wrote about that HERE.

By presenting this classic archetypal mythology to 100+ million people’s subconscious minds in a way that is both exquisitely detailed & at the same time never even hinted towards as to the source content, it is clear to me that this is being done in order to basically “hack into” the minds of the approximately 80-85% of the population still highly susceptible to this kind of manipulation.

To what end?

In my opinion, it is to plant the very faulty idea that the new administration (Biden-Harris) are the MOSES figure(s) that will lead “us” out of the “slavery” of the previous leadership.

RED was the symbolism for all of the NEGATIVE & dangerous emotions in the presented visual symbolism.

And BLUE was used to show the POSITIVE & Tranquil emotions.

Q even made a very auspicious appearance on the NEGATIVESlaveryBondage side of The Weeknd’s RED SEA.

In the very beginning of the show, disguised as a very sloppy faulty graphics error in an otherwise immaculately produced spectacle.

What begins as a frame for the PEPSI logo, as it pulls away a glaring graphic design mistake reveals itself.

This is simply a good example of an often used strategic maneuver in the practice of ManipulationPLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY .

The rest of the show was flawless in its graphics presentation, as far as I was able to discern. This lone “mistake” somehow eluding all quality control measures seems highly unlikely, to me at least.

Returning to the “Big Picture” goal IMO …

Planting the concept of the new leadership being a heroicMOSES-Likefigure in the subconscious minds of people isn’t only to artificially create or advancewarm & fuzzy” feelings in the minds of people in relation to their new leaders.

That is only half of the intended effect.

The other related aspect is much more sinister in nature, in how it also establishes a very strong level of control in many people that bypasses their Free Will via a very disingenuous LOOPHOLE.

Running this symbolism into peoples subconscious minds is a very profound experience for the person who is unknowingly being exposed to a much deeper & powerful story than they have any idea about.

When we have an experience of “SUDDEN AWAKENING” (This is something I can speak from direct experience about) The first year you enter a state that can be described as MANIA ( The MANNA ) but it’s constructive & not destructive like you’d see in a Bi-Polar Manic Episode.

It does involve the same source Brain Chemistry & it is even addressed in the religious texts how this can be both a divine energy & also a very destructive energy, depending on where you are in your progress when this chemistry is accessed.

And …

One of the things that happens in this approximate year long period of time is you learn a lot of divine knowledge that wasn’t previously within the range of your prior ability to “understand“.

Except you don’t quite “Learn” a significant percentage of the most important knowledge. Instead you “Rememberit & this process has its own quite distinct sensation involved as it happens.

This REMEMBERING comes directly from your Subconscious Mind.

Everyone’s individual subconscious mind is fluent in the language of symbolism.

This includes the people who you might currently consider brilliant & also the people who you wonder how they manage to cross the street without getting lost and/or seriously hurt on a daily basis.

Everyone’s subconscious mind knows all about these archetypes that exist in the mythology that appears within a wide range of works of art in our conscious world (including but not even remotely limited to our religious texts & literature) . The Moses – Red Sea mythology is one of the BIG ones & we all “know” all about it at that deeper level.

When “THEY” put the mythology out there subliminally and connect it to “THEIRnarratives , they are grabbing the undivided attention of all of our subconscious minds & for the people “Still Sleeping” this connection can greatly sway their opinions & beliefs in very profound ways.

It’s a violation of the spirit of the Universal Law of Free Will , but by working multiple loopholes the “Bad Guys” largely avoid karmic consequences as they don’t directly tell anyone that they have to do or believe anything directly.

What they are doing is actually much more effective than direct demands, because it is reconciled by the manipulated person as their OWN organically arrived to set of opinions & beliefs.

As consciously they have no idea that they were influenced in the aggressive manner that they were.

In the interest of length I will leave the explanation at that level of description as I am sure I could get (even more) carried away in providing my own opinions & analysis. I will mention here again that this is all just my opinion & I always attend to not speak in certainties, but I do worry that sometimes I may occasionally communicate in that tone unintentionally.

I’m going to bring back up this one graphic that I posted above.

Hypothetically, pretending momentarily that I am a person who (still) cannot conceive of the idea that an MSM journalist would even begin to consider betraying their journalistic OATH and believe that they do all they can in a completely genuine fashion to uphold their journalistic integrity at ALL times.

I may have watched the HALFTIME SHOW & completely unbeknownst to me, my subconscious mind would have taken in that underlying symbolism in a very focused fashion.

A. My subconscious mind would have marked that as “VERY IMPORTANT” as it is powerful mythology. In fact i may have very well felt as if it was brought to my awareness from a divine source as it is a divine story, but it has been cleverly repurposed to apply to external people rather than an inner principle as actually intended.

B. The EXTERNAL people I’d apply it to would be the new Leadership, in particular Joe Biden & Kamala Harris as this is exactly where all of the breadcrumbs lead to.

C. I would be artificially influenced towards looking at this leadership as a true leader & hero trying to “SAVE” me.

But ALSO , I’d have a strong sense that GOD somehow supported or in fact CHOSE these people to fulfill this role for me.

This hypnosis exceeds simply making me see Joe Biden as a harmless “Grandpa” figure & suddenly becoming enthralled by Kamala’s ability to dance with an Umbrella.

It installs a FALSE suggestion of these politicians being somehow divinely hand picked.


It also would remind me that GOD is to be FEARED as this is the OLD TESTAMENT god who is the vengeful type & this reinforces my motivation to support these 2 supposedhand picked” politicians as it’s going to piss off GOD if I were to not do just that.

A large % of the population is still “Asleep” at varying levels of slumber & the deeper they still are , the more open they are for control & this IS the HIDDEN Science being exploited here and as far back as history is recorded.

I’ve never asked or even suggested for a post of mine to be shared around, but I will here as I am of the belief that this “hypnosis” is largely ineffectual once an intended target is consciously aware of what is actually being attempted.

It is my hope that a few people who read this may completely negate any kind of varying level of persuasion that may have sunk in when taking in this seemingly benign halftime spectacle.

Thank You.

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