I recently noticed some startling synchronicities between the Tragic events that took place in Jennifer Hudson’s life and the death of Kobe Bryant. To my initial takeaway, this was a case of 2 people only connected by the fact that they’d both attained “celebrity” & also both can be said to have possessed a great deal of natural talent.

Past this, there wasn’t initially much obvious connection to explain the very specific date synchronicities I found when examining their cases as if they were connected events.

Jumping right into the measures of it all, perhaps I can start there and then work my way backwards.

Jennifer Hudson’s Mother and Brother were killed on October 24 2008. Initially it was simply all of the “Eights” that jumped out at me.

October is currently the 10th month of the year, but it was originally the 8th month and this fact is very plain to see in its naming. OCTO is a base for 8, as in an Octagon being an 8 sided shape or an Octopus being named this due to having 8 tentacles. In the way of Symbolism, October is a “strong” instance of 8.

OCT (8) 24th ( 8+8+8 ) and also ‘08

This could be easily seen as 8/888/8 and to my initial takeaway, I felt that this was likely the intended symbolism encoded within this events date. When I say “encoded”, this could be by way of “man-made” manipulation of details or it could be by the naturally occurring rhythm of Synchronicity. In my opinion, the man-made encodings are simply attempts to replicate that same natural rhythm. I will mention that due to the nature of these events, I do lean towards the possibility of an artificial manipulation.

My first inkling that this could be connected to Kobe Bryant and his tragic helicopter crash, was the similar “8” symbolism. Kobe Bryant very famously wore the numbers [and is strongly identified with] 8 and 24 during his HOF basketball career.

On one hand we have [Symbolism] for 8/888/8 regarding the Hudson tragedy. Which also included another family member being “missing” from the scene of the crime and later found dead 3 days later. I’ll touch on the potential importance of this 3 day aspect in a bit.

On the other hand, we have a world famous athlete who is highly associated with the number 8 & 24 or 8/888 dying in a helicopter crash along with 8 other people. 8/888/8

Where I really began to see these events as being “tethered” together, that was in this next detail. The time elapsed between the Hudson murders and the Kobe helicopter accident was exactly 4112 days.

4112 is a number very important to know in itself, but it may be more recognized if I break it down an additional level of measure. 4112 days is equal to 11 yrs and 93 days.

This is the same exact separation of time between the events of 9/11/2001 and the Sandy Hook School shooting.

To my view this alone very solidly brings forth the possibility that there is a specifically intended connection between these separate events. This becomes further solidified when you consider the additional 8/24 correspondences.

The 11 yr 93 days difference brings forth a flood of symbolism that has largely been of the “man made manipulation” description. This symbolism has then seemingly been inserted almost exclusively into events that involve death and/or fear.

When this symbolism shows up naturally, the emotions involved are actually quite the opposite [example 9/11/3 B.C.] This fact would probably be a good indicator of why this particular symbolism seems to be a popular one to reappropriate.

The 11 & 93 symbolism has largely to do with the events of 9/11/1. Which brings up this additional correspondence that is very hard to ignore when considered along with these other established synchronicities.

The difference in age between Kobe Bryant born 8/23/1978 and Jennifer Hudson born on 9/12/1981 is 1116 days.

1116 mirrored is 9111

Or 9/11/1

Earlier I mentioned how tragically, Hudson’s nephew “KING” was originally a missing person before being eventually discovered deceased 3 days later.

Operating under the assumption that we may be involved in a man made series of events intended to be a “ritual” or some other preferred description of event, we should consider this aspect as if it’s part of this particular “screenplay”.

In a screenplay, symbolism is added with purpose to better engage the mind of the potential viewers. Symbolism interacts with our subconscious minds at a deep and impactful level.

In the Bible [and many other places] there are mythologies about 3 day long periods of time. The most well known being the Jesus story and how 3 days after dying, he subsequently “resurrected” and all kinds of wonderful things happened from there. In this Hudson “screenplay” it seems someone has possibly re-written this ending in a wholly different way and not one that could be considered a “happy ending”.

3 days later in this case , much to everyone following this cases dismay … the child “KING” [consider that names symbolism] isn’t resurrected at all [found alive] instead he has met the same grim finality of the other 2 victims in this case.

The number 3 is very important. Death comes in Threes it is commonly said and whomever wrote this screenplay seemingly added that same bit of symbolism here as King’s death made this a triple murder in the end.

This “3 days” isn’t just a bit of symbolism floating there all by itself for dramatic effect, it is also connected to the other aspects of this comparison.

When we see all of the “Eights” involved in both cases, it is symbolism for the Christ archetype as well. The number of Christ is 888 & that can be compared directly to the date of the Hudson murders (24th) or the number that Kobe wore to close out his career (24).

When we see the 11 yrs and 93 days time difference, this draws forth the symbolism of 9/11/3 BC and the potential true birthdate of Jesus.

While all of these moving parts may be something only a small % of people put together consciously, it is something that we “all” put to together “subconsciously” and this has a profound effect on our takeaway of impact of what are seemingly “unrelated” events to the conscious mind.

While it may seem like “Chaos”, this is one way you can make “Order out of Chaos”.

I have yet to find a ton of personal connections between Bryant and Hudson and I think my comment section may be a great thing with this post as I’m betting some readers can maybe point something(s) out that I missed and could potentially make further strong connections between these 2 people in a more personal way.

I did however find one very important personal connection and due to its nature it could be seen as something that fits into the overall picture rather eerily. It also can be seen as something that effectively “ties it all together” in the end, just as a screenplay would attempt to do.

Jennifer Hudson was the featured performer for the Kobe Bryant Tribute at the 2020 NBA All Star Game. When you consider all of the other connections that are hidden just outside of plain sight, this seems like a fitting ending for a Hollywood production. It’s probably how I would have written it too.