Anyone who has followed my work knows that I tend to find 911 symbolism in many events and not just the singular enormous event that it is most often associated with.

I believe that this is an underlying code that exists in all manner of important areas and this stretches to any category imaginable. One of these classifications is most definitely the world of Sports.

There has been a huge uptick in interest regarding professional sports and it’s many potential occult connection(s) over the last few years & while I don’t tend to post too much about this myself, I do find connections whenever I do happen to look.

In my opinion, the 911 symbolism is all about ALCHEMY and not too long ago I did look into this aspect with regards to Joe Montana and his impact on the San Francisco 49’ers Here. Additionally I did a deeper dive into some of the strange coincidences involving the NBA, this interest was sparked due mainly to the untimely death of Kobe Bryant

One example of a very direct instance of 911 symbolism and the world of sports exists in a simple measure between 2 players who seem to bring out the best in each other and have done so in multiple locations. The birthdays of NFL players Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are separated by 11 yrs 9 months and 11 days.

Connected by Time.

With that in mind, In this article I’ll look at the Curse that allegedly followed the Chicago Cubs from 1945 to 2016.

Most would say that the idea of a Curse on a baseball team is just simple superstition. However when you consider all of the symbolism involving the different moving parts of it all, this may open you up to the idea that it was an actual curse or something similar of supernatural origin(s).


OCTOBER 7 1945

My preferred measuring point for the beginning of the curse is October 7 1945. This is when the incident was introduced to the larger public consciousness by way of a write-up in the Chicago Sun.

The END of the Curse seemingly came 71 years later on the evening of November 2nd 2016. This is the night that the Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians to finally claim a World Series title.

The Curse ended on 11/2/16

When we look at the 911 date without the zeroes included in the year marker 2001 , we are left with 9/11/21. This is key symbolism to be on the lookout for.

Now visually compare 11 2 16 to 9 11 21

The 6 and 9 often mirror as they do in this instance. This could be looked at as a reversal in one perspective , although I often refer to it as being mirrored. It’s not something that is true every time, but I tend to see the 6 in what would be considered the more positive correspondences and the 9 in instances that might be considered of the negative variety. This is just a general feeling at this point though.

On its own the 11 2 16 to 9 11 21 comparison can be seen as a slight coincidence, but this is where I try to show how other correspondences or tethers solidify the initial find. Now would be a good time to bring up another very famous milestone in the Curse of the Chicago Cubs. This is the connection that got the ball rolling, leading me to take the deeper look and writing this post.


From Beginning of Curse to Bartman incident21191 days.

We have an exceptional match here in my opinion. 91121 and 21191 (along with 11216) , additionally this is a perfect match for another bit of symbolism I noticed quite awhile ago.

The Abbreviation for the United States of America is U.S.A. In the English Alphabet U is the 21st letter , S is the 19th letter, and A is the 1st letter. Or 21 19 1, a perfect match for 21191. I am of the firm opinion that all of this is connected and established symbolism of what I classify “911 Symbolism”. I don’t think it’s an accident that USA and 9/11/2001 share these similarities.

I’m going to attempt to continue to make the case and pile up more instances of this 911 symbolism , as to hopefully get across an idea that it is more than just a random series of coincidences.

One of my favorite finds over the last couple of years regarding the WTC incidents is the fact that 3119 days exists between the initial bombing of the WTC on 2/26/93 and its ultimate destruction on 9/11/2001.

3119 days is also the 444th prime number and this connects all sorts of things , up to and including JAY-Z’s occult connections. Below are a few points of interest to do with the number/symbolism regarding the number 3119.

The Number 3119

I bring this up because I also found another 3119 involving the Chicago Cubs and one of the most iconic aspects about the team and their history. That is their home field WRIGLEY FIELD.

The Devil is always in the Details.

Ground was broken for the construction of Wrigley Field on March 4th 1911. (the 63rd day of 1911 btw – 63 1911 is awful close to 9/11/1 and 93).

The Field eventually opened to the public on April 23rd 1914.

This was 3 yrs 1 month 19 days after groundbreaking , or 3119.

Another reason that the Chicago Cubs are so ingrained in our country’s consciousness is that they were one of the few teams to be attached to a basic cable network. Cubs games were a big part of the offering for the WGN channel, this is a channel that was attached to just about all basic cable packages as the TV landscape changed in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

WGN’s first date on air was April 5 1948. This was exactly 911 days after the Billy Goat Curse began.

WGN first went national on 11/9/1978. In addition to being another 911 11/9, this also produced an interesting result when compared to the curses beginning. This date was 33 years and 33 days after the beginning of the Billy Goat Curse.

33 years 33 days.

MR. CUB Ernie Banks

The most famous CUB in team history was Ernie Banks and he was even known as Mr. Cub. He was also considered to be the biggest victim of the curse as it was widely believed that if anyone deserved to have a World Series title for his resume, it was Ernie Banks as he was a 2 time MVP and 11 time all-star all while with the team.

Ernie Banks passed away on 1/23/2015

The time elapsed between the aforementioned Steve Bartman incident and the death of Mr. Cub was 11 years 3 months and 9 days.

There are countless correspondences to do with 9/11 and 11 & 93. Some are in the 3119 graphic , but that’s not even to mention flights 11 and 93 or how flight 11 made most direct impact at the 93rd floor or how flight 175 struck the 2nd tower at 9:03 AM.

Another iconic member of the Chicago Cubs was announcer Harry Caray. He was notable enough that he transcended being just a local baseball announcer and in fact bled into pop culture, for example regularly being parodied on SNL by Will Ferrel.

Harry Caray passed away on February 18 1998, this was 16 years 11 months and 6 days prior to the passing of Ernie Banks.

Finally , using the date that Banks passed away and comparing it to the day that the Billy Goat Curse was finally shed, another eye opening result presents itself.

The CUBS finally won the World Series 1 year 9 months and 11 days after Mr. Cub Ernie Banks passed away. 1 9 11 is a direct correspondence to 9/11/1. It would appear to me that within all of this symbolism , Ernie Banks was definitely an important part of the overall story.

I found many more correspondences than presented here, and I am sure there are many more to be discovered that I have yet to research. However I do like to keep these posts from going too deep into the rabbit hole as to not lose the reader’s attention when possible.

One question I try to consider as I look into different subjects to do with this symbolism, is if it’s a man made instance or something that is due to intelligent design. With this case, while I think some of the details have that man made “feel” (for example: the timing involved with Wrigley or maybe the WGN dates) but overall I see a lot of things happening here that maybe are more reminiscent of divine origin. I think is fascinating to try to figure out how all of it may work, in particular when it seems too poetic to be solely of the man made variety.

I do know from reading a preview of it this week, that my regular collaborator LadyOfTheLake is writing a post about just this subject. I’ll be sharing it on my Twitter @ZenOfTupac when it is available.