There are currently a lot of people looking into Symbolism and the underlying measures of comparable subjects. This is great progress as the amount of people noticing and investigating these synchronicities has increased exponentially since I began doing the same in 2015.

One of the very few negative aspects to the groundswell of interest is this field is the imo wrongful assignment of “credit” as to how this symbolism all gets encoded into the places that it is found.

Many times I see the opinion that the found symbolism is proof that the Jesuits, Freemasons, Govt agency, or other similar “all powerful” group has put their fingerprints on these assorted courses of events.

While I do believe that these groups both exist and do know and apply this secret science(s) into all manner of places in order to benefit from how it all interacts with our subconscious minds, I do not believe that they are responsible for nearly as much of it as is often credited to them.

I also don’t believe that “they” mind getting this unearned credit as it builds up the illusion of their reach and power. Not only that , but the “real thing” is always much more intricate than the man-made attempts of mimicry. This would be like a decent local Beatles cover band getting the credit for the songs they perform as if they were the source of their initial creation. I don’t think the cover band would mind that at all.

This “unearned credit” issue is often at the forefront of my mind. I don’t think it’s good for these diff groups to get this credit and additionally I also think that the researcher misses out on the true magic of what they’re unwinding when they label it another Jesuit or FreeMason creation.

These groups do have access to this knowledge, at least at the highest levels … but they didn’t “invent” it.

Below is a pretty random example I stumbled across today. One that is imo an eye opening Twins symbolism-Synchromysticism at play, and is also something that the Jesuits, Freemasons, CIA, or Vatican would likely have no interest in creating or even have the ability to do so. It’s just “naturally occurring” and once you exclude the boogeyman group from its inception, the question of “what does it all mean?” Becomes easier to focus on and begin figuring out.

Many of us are at least peripherally aware of these 2 guys, especially those of us who had access to a Guinness Book of World Records as a kid. These are the McGuire Twins, the heaviest set of identical twins in recorded history. They have even made the pop culture rounds after appearing on The Simpsons and Family Guy amongst other places.

This is important as it shows how big of a part of the collective conscious that they are. While we don’t think about them directly on any kind of regular basis, their image still stirs the subconscious mind.

This is how memes work. The word “meme” is from “memory” because it interacts with our subconscious mind and thus “meme magic” occurs. This is why the worst memes include a lot of text as the creator is soundly defeating the purpose of a meme by instead communicating to the conscious mind with the included wall of text. This is also how Symbolism works in its ability to grab our attention and sway it certain ways via the subconscious mind.

Now, let’s compare this set of well known TWINS to another set of very famous TWINS.

The McGuire Twins were originally named the McCrary twins, but adopted the surname McGuire as a stage name for their pro wrestling careers. They were born on 12/7/46, the 5th anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor. This in itself connects to 9/11 but I’m not going to go down any of the more abstract rabbit holes as the connections I’ve isolated here are very concrete and stay away from too much further interpretation being needed.

Billy McGuire died in a motorcycle accident near Niagara Falls NY while on his way to an event at the Ripleys Believe it or Not museum. His untimely death occurred on July 14 1979.

Benny McGuire lived much longer, but did pass away himself on March 26 2001.

As for our other set of TWINS, I’m going to put a spotlight on their “Birthdate” for comparison. The Original WTC construction began on 8/6/68

I try to think outside the box when I’m figuring out what events to tether together. Sometimes the obvious ones that first pop to mind aren’t the strongest instances of symbolism. Many times they are “something” though and this can lead to an unintended consequence of “calling off the search” early and missing out on the bigger treasure buried just a few more steps away.

There were strong correspondences when comparing the McGuire twins pertinent dates to the day of 9/11/01 but they weren’t the most impactful ones in my opinion. I prefer connections that leave little doubt and I found them here when comparing the WTC begin of construction date to the McGuire twins. I mention this to encourage others to examine these things from multiple angles and to beware of settling for a lesser connection too early into it.

Billy McGuire died on 7/14/79 at 11908 days old. This is important Imo as 911 is about infinity but that’s not the comparison that I want to highlight here. My attention is more drawn to the time elapsed between day 1 of the WTC and Billy’s last day.

This was a time separation of 10 years 11 months 9 days.

10 y 11 m 9 d or 10/11/9 if you mirror this result you are left with 9/11/01

That would be a pretty good one on its own, but I wouldn’t have decided to write this post based on just that one result. An equal part of this equation is Benny McGuire who lived much longer than Billy. In fact he lived 21 yrs 8 mos 12 days longer and 218 is the number of the alchemist, but I’ll leave that one alone too as it’s another one of those more abstract results.

Benny McGuire died on March 26 2001, just a few months before the events of 9/11/2001. When comparing the initial day of construction for the WTC versus his final day, it bears a very similar result to that of his long deceased TWIN brother.

Benny died 11921 days after construction began on the WTC.

11921 is a straightforward anagram for 9/11/21 or 2001.

I think it’s almost impossible for these 2 perfect fit 9/11 anagrams to show up in a way driven purely by standard coincidence.

I also do not believe that the Jesuits, FreeMasons, or Rockefeller’s had any hand in arranging it to be so … rather I just think it naturally worked out this way.

Disregarding those groups and thinking purely in the way of intelligent design, this opens to the door to much deeper consideration as to how and why?

For anyone interested in making more connections to this seemingly unrelated sets of twins , they are there. Ones I found and I’m sure many I didn’t. There are probably interesting connections involved with the episode dates of the Simpsons and Family Guy they were depicted on as well, but I thought for the purpose of this post and in the interest of a clarity that I’d highlight the 2 major tethers that I included.

Thank you for reading & I can be found on twitter @ZenofTupac or Truth Social @ZenofMakaveli.