I’ve recently been looking into some of the more enduring moments in sports history as they offer a ready made opportunity for the reverse engineering of important symbolism.

One of the most iconic examples being Super Bowl 3. This was the game in which the New York Jets beat the heavily favored Baltimore Colts 16-7, three days after Joe Namath famously guaranteed victory.

It was a natural choice as it had strong correspondences to a potential 9/11 connection, due to it being a New York team and of course their nickname being the JETS. As an extra bonus there was the 3 Day period between guarantee and ultimate victory.

Within a few minutes of doing my normal checks and measures, the connections were strong enough that I knew I’d have to find time to write about it.

I also feel that this is a great example to explore as it fits the category of a likely “naturally occurring” story of symbolism. There are a few aspects that to my view, could conceivably be correspondences planned and orchestrated by man-made origin to happen “just so” for whatever reason(s).

However, much of it in my opinion largely fits into the intelligent design origin category.

The very first measure that I did was comparing the two base events. The Super Bowl 3 game itself on January 12 1969 & and 9/11/2001. When this result showed in the dials, I knew I was probably onto something.

11930 days elapsed between Super Bowl 3 and 9/11/2001.

11 and 93 are two numbers that are encoded over and over into the events of 9/11. There are obvious correspondences such as the intimate involvement of Flight 11 and Flight 93, but it cascades out from there as well.

Such as how Flight 11 made most direct impact at the 93rd floor of WTC 1 , Or that WTC 2 was struck shortly thereafter at 9:03 AM.

I try to point out distinctions between “man-made” utilizations of this symbolism versus the much more intricate and impressive naturally occurring version to do with Intelligent Design. In my opinion 9/11 is the most ambitious example of the artificial variety & in the process of trying to replicate the real thing, 11 and 93 were encoded extensively. In places that are obvious and some that are a little harder to spot consciously (although we all spot them subconsciously).

A few more examples along with perhaps one of the more important original instances of symbolism.

So far , I’ve just pinpointed this 11930 day separation. This was a key correspondence and it led me down this rabbit hole, but it’s not why I decided to write this post. There is another measure that resigned me to that eventuality and I’ll work to it soon.

First though, let’s examine some more of the traditional tangible metaphor. Especially to do with the TWINS symbolism. The JETS or Planes from 9/11 is already strongly represented, but there are also strong correspondences that can be seen to represent the actual twins.

The JETS beat the Colts in the game and the Colts had been favored 19 1/2 pts by the odds makers. Most people think of those old Colts teams and immediately think of JOHNNY UNITAS as he was the face of that franchise.

That year however, Unitas was hurt early in the year and EARL MORRALL was the starter. He had such a great year that he was left to be the starter even when Unitas was ready to play again. Morrall started Super Bowl 3 , but was replaced by Unitas later in the game as they had fallen down 16-0 to the underdog Jets.

2 Quarterbacks: One of them an all time great in Unitas and the other one being that years MVP award winner in the NFL. In my estimation they represented the TWINS that the JETS toppled.

Johnny Unitas would have much more staying power with the Colts and in the annals of NFL History. To add another interesting tether, Johnny U later passed away on 9/11/2002, the 1 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Unitas and Morrall. The Twins

JOE NAMATH had the guarantee and delivered the win. He is ultimately the Alchemist in this whole instance of living Symbolism.

Two of the JETS on that team are considered “all time greats” the kind of players that not only were inducted into the Hall of Fame, but also popped up on the NFL’s all Decade teams and 100 greatest players list.

Joe Namath and WR DON MAYNARD

Just as 2 JETS hit the World Trade Center on 9/11 (I know it’s a seemingly absurd comparison on its surface, but somehow it “fits” poetically) 2 JETS are most remembered from that Super Bowl team and they are Namath and Maynard. Fittingly a QB and his WR1.

The first Jet hit the WTC on 9/11 at 8:46 AM

Don Maynard was exactly 8 years 4 months 6 days older than Joe Namath. Maybe just a fortunate coincidence for the writing of this post? Or something more? In my opinion it’s the latter and this is the type of scripting that is too advanced for man made origins. All of the synchronicity involved in this group of 4 main players coming together in January of 1969.

I have no doubt I could find more similar connections by going up and down the rosters of these 2 teams, but I will cut to the chase and end this post on the one measure I found that convinced me I’d have to write it in the first place.

It involves Joe Namath, seemingly the magician or alchemist at the center of this event.

It involves 2 basic measures that you’ll be familiar with if you follow my work, and even if you don’t … it’s an easy explanation to get you up to speed.

212 degrees. This is the temperature at which water boils (watch the water) creating steam. A basic yet monumental chemical reaction. Chemistry and Alchemy are related to each other. Steam is an important metaphor, such as in The Wizard of OZ when the witch “melts” and you see the steam rise. Or even in Back To The Future 3 when the Steam Engine is used to achieve 88 mph and travel into the future.

88 MPH

The 88 mph example is imo directly related to the 212 degree example. I have long believed the act of time travel in BTTF and also other media, that this is representative of achieving an Alchemical reaction. The Back to the Future 3 instance is a perfect connection as it is in Locomotive 131 that just barely makes it to 88 mph before the track runs out. It attains that “extra degree” right in time.

Locomotive 131

Why 131? 131 minutes is equal to 2:11 and this is just 1 minute short of 2:12 needed for Time Travel or 88 mph. The Extra Degree:

  • At 211° water is hot. 
  • At 212°, it boils. 
  • And with boiling water, comes steam. 
  • And with steam, you can power a train.

Alchemy equals Time Travel and 212 degrees is what getting up to 88 mph is all about.

All that said, when I compared Joe Namath’s birthdate to 9/11/2001 … the result was a perfect reflection of both of the faces of this one magical equation.

And that is when I knew I’d be up late writing all of this out – ZEN

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