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I was born in Denver CO in 1978. In my early years i lived with my sister & mother in a very chaotic & challenging environment due my mom having pretty severe mental health issues that were very much in line with this ….

I had taught myself to read by the time i was 3 years old. What i have come to find out now is that to teach ones self to read involves cryptology in that i had to decrypt the letters in order to make sense of them.

When my mom found out i could read she became frightened about this and in fact the books i had previously had access to, disappeared out of the house for the most part.

With no books around i began to wake up at 5 AM to head out into the neighborhood to steal a newspaper off of someones lawn. When i got back home i had a newspaper and also an hour long early morning block of Sanford & Son reruns on Channel 2 to dig into. I stole newspapers on most mornings during the time i was 4 & 5 years old.

Towards the end of this time i figured out how to open the boxes that sold the Rocky Mountain News with a perfectly timed palm slap to the coin acceptor while simultaneously pulling open on the door of the machine. After this i didnt have to wake up so early any more.

I would read the Newspaper from start to finish at first, but soon i would get in the habit of starting with the Sports section and Comics before reading all of the local and world news.

I was immediately drawn to sports and around this time Denver as a whole was obsessed with football due to the recent acquisition of John Elway. I was soon an avid sports fan too. The Denver Broncos, Denver Nuggets, and the NY Mets were the teams i liked most, but i followed all of it & naturally i gravitated towards the numbers & stats.

Around the time i got into Kindergarten i was a knowledgable sports fan in the way of knowing most of the rules & finer points of the game(s).

I would watch games or read box scores and automatically keep the stats in my head, stuff like Yards per carry/catch in football and batting averages in baseball.

It is important to note that i never really thought much of any of these skills until much later in life. My mom refused to acknowledge the stuff she did know about & due to her reaction when she found out i wasn’t just pretending to read books when i was 3, i didn’t advertise.

In the end i never stopped to consider the implications of this early learning.

I should mention here that my mom did bring me home one book when i was in 1st grade or so, it was about figuring out clues to find some treasure. I didnt get too far and it turns out the treasure was gone by the time i had it, but it was an interesting book.

Later on, i also figured out what had been so attractive to me about sports as well. I had been drawn to all of the exact measurements and rules for seemingly every aspect. My house was chaotic and my moms behavior terrifyingly inconsistent from day to day & even minute to minute. Sports was a system i could figure out, unlike my home life.

I had enough of my moms house by the end of 3rd grade and under the guise of a weeklong trip to my grandmas house out of state, i instead sought asylum rather than come back home.

My mom recaptured me 2 years later, but only briefly as i ran away again, this time to live with an Uncle after being back home for a month. I was very lucky to have such an accommodating Uncle and Grandma, and i often reflect on my good fortune there.

As i got older the math skills served me well to an extent in school. The downside was that i did everything in my head and struggled to show the work.

Other than stats/sports, the greatest practical use i got from the calculator in my head until i was just shy of 37 yrs old, was keeping a running tab including tax at the grocery store. As for reading, i was a college level reader by the first time i was tested in 4th grade & this served me well always.

A month shy of my 37th Birthday i had a significant emotional event that lasted 3 days time. I came to a lot of understanding in issues to do with my childhood and for the first time began to actually identify the mental illness i grew up amongst & how it really effected me then and going forward.

When those 3 days were over everything was different & new. The early talents i had developed during a time in which my brain was like a sponge re-emerged and i began decypting “everything” around me. I began to see in NUMBERS , and now 2.5 years later i still feel as brand new as i did then & i still have this same sight with me now.

Many days its very similar to this ..

Although it doesnt look quite like that. The way it does “look” is just as remarkable but it eludes description, except perhaps to someone else who also ‘sees’ this way.

During my teenage years i became a huge fan of Tupac Shakur along with that era and type of music as a whole. I think that a lot of the die hard fans like myself who never found a new favorite(s) after 2Pac was gone, may have had similar challenges to the ones i did growing up with an emotionally abusive caretaker(s). His music seems to be especially therapeutic for different issues that arise from this kind of upbringing.

After the active 3 day moment of clarity had lifted , i began to immediately see the numbers in his work. I initially attributed these numbers to the enigma that is The Seven Day Theory & while some of what ive found was consciously placed there in the interest of being solved, soon the complex nature of what i was seeing got to a point that it would be impossible to be so perfectly lined up taking into consideration the presence of human error and time needed vs time available to precisely match all of the correspondences.

And then i began to notice certain numbers being present in all works of art across different platforms and eras of creation.

This site will eventually begin to focus on a wide array of different subject material to reflect that as well.

Much of what i see is what i believe to be best described as proof of intelligent design. These number and symbology correspondences are strongest and easiest for me to see in great art & historical events.

At times i will cross correspond and touch on certain aspects of religions, kabbalah, freemasonry, the occult, and other similar type subjects as i do know im not the first one to ever see what i do , as it is part of the advanced learning in those types of places as well.

Please comment if you feel so inclined and i am always open to suggestions and feedback either on the site, on twitter at @ZenOfTupac, or at my email zenoftupac@gmail.com

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